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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2001-02-27Bump version to 2.5.1p2 so I can generate new test RPMsDamien Miller
2001-02-19 - OpenBSD CVS Sync:Damien Miller
2001-02-16OpenSSH 2.5.0 went gold in the OpenBSD tree.Ben Lindstrom
2001-02-08 - (stevesk) OpenBSD sync:Kevin Steves
2001-01-09 - (bal) OpenBSD SyncBen Lindstrom
2000-11-13 - (djm) Change to interim versionDamien Miller
2000-11-06 - (djm) Manually fix up missed diff hunks (mainly RCS idents)Damien Miller
2000-10-16 - (djm) Sync with OpenBSD:Damien Miller
2000-09-29 - (djm) Clean up. Strip some unnecessary differences with OpenBSD's code,Damien Miller
2000-08-31 - (djm) Pick up new version (2.2.0) from OpenBSD CVSDamien Miller
2000-08-23 - (djm) Add local version to version.hDamien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Fix rsh path in RPMs. Report from Jason L Tibbitts IIIDamien Miller
2000-05-09 - OpenBSD CVS updateDamien Miller
2000-04-29 - Merge big update to OpenSSH-2.0 from OpenBSD CVSDamien Miller
2000-03-09 - OpenBSD CVS updates to v1.2.3Damien Miller
2000-01-24 - Pick up version 1.2.2 from OpenBSD CVS (no changes, just version numberV_1_2_2_PRE28Damien Miller
1999-12-14 - OpenBSD CVS ChangesDamien Miller
1999-10-27Initial revisionDamien Miller