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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupstream: Rename PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes keyword
6 daysupstream: Minor grammatical
14 daysupstream: add a comma to previous;
14 daysupstream: Add PerSourceMaxStartups and
2021-01-08upstream: mention that DisableForwarding is valid in a
2020-12-29upstream: Update/replace the experimental post-quantim hybrid
2020-10-17upstream: add space between macro arg and punctuation;
2020-10-17upstream: LogVerbose keyword for ssh and
2020-10-03upstream: prefer ed25519 signature algorithm variants to ECDSA;
2020-08-31upstream: sentence fix; from pedro
2020-08-27upstream: tweak previous;
2020-08-27upstream: support for requiring user verified FIDO keys in
2020-05-29upstream: mention that wildcards are processed in lexical order;
2020-04-17upstream: add space beteen macro arg and punctuation;
2020-04-17upstream: auth2-pubkey r1.89 changed the order of operations
2020-04-17upstream: make IgnoreRhosts a tri-state option: "yes"
2020-04-17upstream: allow the IgnoreRhosts directive to appear anywhere in
2020-02-07upstream: Add ssh -Q key-sig for all key and signature
2020-02-07upstream: Add Include to the list of permitted keywords after
2020-02-02upstream: tweak previous;
2020-02-01upstream: Add a sshd_config "Include" directive to allow
2020-01-28upstream: make IPTOS_DSCP_LE available via IPQoS directive; bz2986,
2020-01-26upstream: make sshd_config:ClientAliveCountMax=0 disable
2020-01-26upstream: clarify order of AllowUsers/DenyUsers
2020-01-25upstream: group14-sha1 is no longer a default
2020-01-25upstream: mention that permitopen=/PermitOpen do no name to
2020-01-21upstream: Document
2019-12-30upstream: Replace the term "security key" with "(FIDO)
2019-12-20upstream: Document that security key-hosted keys can act as
2019-12-11upstream: tweak the Nd lines for a bit of consistency; ok
2019-11-27upstream: tweak previous;
2019-11-25upstream: Add a sshd_config PubkeyAuthOptions
2019-11-18upstream: mention ed25519-sk key/cert types here too; prompted
2019-11-08upstream: Fill in missing man page bits for U2F security key
2019-09-08upstream: Allow prepending a list of algorithms to the default
2019-09-05upstream: Call comma-separated lists as such to clarify
2019-08-09upstream: Change description of TCPKeepAlive from "inactive"
2019-07-30upstream: Fix typo in CASignatureAlgorithms wherein what should
2019-06-14upstream: deraadt noticed some inconsistency in the way we
2019-05-17upstream: Delete some .Sx macros that were used in a wrong
2019-03-26upstream: full stop in the wrong place;
2019-01-24upstream: Remove duplicate word. bz#2958, patch from jjelen
2018-09-20upstream: Add sshd_config CASignatureAlgorithms option to
2018-07-31Remove support for S/KeyDamien Miller
2018-07-20upstream: slightly-clearer description for AuthenticationMethods -
2018-07-04upstream: repair PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes (and friends) after
2018-07-03upstream: Improve strictness and control over RSA-SHA2
2018-07-03upstream: allow sshd_config PermitUserEnvironment to accept
2018-06-26upstream: spelling;
2018-06-19upstream: allow bare port numbers to appear in PermitListen directives,