path: root/sshd.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-20upstream: additional missing stdarg.h includes when built
2019-11-15upstream: When clients get denied by MaxStartups, send
2019-11-01upstream: Refactor signing - use sshkey_sign for everything,
2019-10-29upstream: Signal handler cleanup: remove leftover support
2019-07-05upstream: When system calls indicate an error they return -1,
2019-06-21upstream: Add protection for private keys at rest in RAM
2019-06-08upstream: Replace calls to ssh_malloc_init() by a static init
2019-05-08upstream: When running sshd -T, assume any attibute not provided
2019-03-01upstream: Fix two race conditions in sshd relating to
2019-01-21upstream: rename kex->kem_client_pub -> kex->client_pub now
2019-01-21upstream: use KEM API for vanilla
2019-01-21upstream: use KEM API for vanilla DH
2019-01-21upstream: use KEM API for vanilla c25519
2019-01-21upstream: Add support for a PQC KEX/
2019-01-20last bits of old packet API / active_state globalDamien Miller
2019-01-20upstream: remove last references to
2019-01-20upstream: convert monitor.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: convert sshd.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: convert auth2.c to new packet APIDamien Miller
2019-01-20upstream: convert servconf.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: begin landing remaining refactoring of packet
2019-01-17upstream: many of the global variables in this file can be made static;
2018-12-27upstream: move client/server SSH-* banners to buffers
2018-11-23refactor libcrypto initialisationDamien Miller
2018-11-19upstream: silence (to log level debug2) failure messages
2018-11-16upstream: use path_absolute() for pathname checks; from Manoj
2018-10-23upstream: refer to OpenSSL not SSLeay;
2018-09-21upstream: when compiled with GSSAPI support, cache supported
2018-09-13upstream: hold our collective noses and use the openssl-1.1.x API
2018-08-13upstream: revert compat.[ch] section of the following change.
2018-07-31upstream: fix some memory leaks spotted by Coverity via Jakub
2018-07-12upstream: remove legacy key emulation layer; ok
2018-07-10Adapt portable to legacy buffer API removalDamien Miller
2018-07-10upstream: sshd: switch config to sshbuf API; ok
2018-07-10upstream: sshd: switch loginmsg to sshbuf API; ok
2018-07-03upstream: Improve strictness and control over RSA-SHA2
2018-04-13upstream: Defend against user enumeration timing attacks.
2018-04-10upstream: lots of typos in comments/docs. Patch from Karsten
2018-03-03upstream: switch over to the new authorized_keys options API
2018-02-26upstream: Add experimental support for PQC XMSS keys (
2018-02-15Remove UNICOS support.Darren Tucker
2018-02-13upstream Don't reset signal handlers inside
2017-10-25provide hooks and fallbacks for rdomain supportDamien Miller