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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-23upstream: note successful authentication method in final "
2021-07-03Sync remaining ChallengeResponse removal.Darren Tucker
2021-06-07upstream: fix debug message when finding a private key to match
2021-06-06upstream: Client-side workaround for a bug in OpenSSH 7.4: this
2021-04-03upstream: highly polished whitespace, mostly fixing
2021-01-27upstream: make ssh->kex->session_id a sshbuf instead of u_char*/
2021-01-27upstream: remove global variable used to stash compat flags and use
2021-01-26upstream: Rename HostbasedKeyTypes (ssh)
2021-01-25upstream: make ssh hostbased authentication send the
2021-01-22upstream: Rename PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes keyword
2021-01-08upstream: If a signature operation on a FIDO key fails with
2020-12-29upstream: Update/replace the experimental post-quantim hybrid
2020-12-22upstream: add a ssh_config KnownHostsCommand that allows the
2020-12-21upstream: plumb ssh_conn_info through to sshconnect.c; feedback/
2020-12-21upstream: load_hostkeys()/hostkeys_foreach() variants for FILE*
2020-11-13upstream: scrub keyboard-interactive authentication prompts
2020-11-13upstream: prefix keyboard interactive prompts with (user@host)
2020-11-09upstream: when requesting a security key touch on stderr, inform
2020-11-04upstream: print reason in fatal error message
2020-10-29upstream: whitespace; no code
2020-10-18upstream: use the new variant log macros instead of
2020-10-17upstream: use do_log2 instead of function pointers to different
2020-10-07upstream: revert kex->flags cert hostkey downgrade back to a
2020-10-07upstream: when ordering host key algorithms in the client,
2020-10-03upstream: record when the host key checking code downgrades
2020-09-18upstream: tweak the client hostkey preference ordering algorithm
2020-08-27upstream: support for user-verified FIDO
2020-07-03upstream: Replace TAILQ concatenation loops with
2020-06-05upstream: wrap long
2020-05-27upstream: when ordering the hostkey algorithms to request from
2020-04-17upstream: fix reversed test that caused IdentitiesOnly=yes to
2020-02-07upstream: When using HostkeyAlgorithms to merely append or
2020-02-07upstream: Replace "security key" with "authenticator" in
2020-01-23upstream: Make zlib optional. This adds a "ZLIB" build time
2020-01-23upstream: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper
2020-01-23upstream: Remove unsupported algorithms from list of defaults at
2020-01-21upstream: a little more verbosity in sign_and_send_pubkey()
2019-11-15upstream: close the "touch your security key" notifier on the
2019-11-15upstream: stdarg.h required more broadly; ok
2019-11-13upstream: security keys typically need to be tapped/touched
2019-11-13upstream: enable ed25519 support; ok
2019-11-01upstream: Refactor signing - use sshkey_sign for everything,
2019-11-01upstream: ssh client support for U2F/FIDO
2019-08-08upstream: Remove now-redundant perm_ok arg
2019-07-08upstream: Remove some set but never used variables. ok
2019-07-05upstream: When system calls indicate an error they return -1,
2019-06-08upstream: fix ssh-keysign fd handling problem introduced in
2019-05-17upstream: When doing the fork+exec'ing for ssh-keysign,
2019-02-13upstream: fix regression in r1.302 reported by naddy@ - only the
2019-02-11upstream: cleanup GSSAPI authentication context after completion of