path: root/ssh_config.5
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-06upstream: remove stray inserts; from matthias
2021-04-06upstream: missing comma; from kawashima
2021-04-03upstream: sync CASignatureAlgorithms lists with reality. GHPR#174
2021-03-01upstream: Add %k to list of keywords.
2021-02-24upstream: lots more s/key types/signature algorithms/ mostly
2021-02-17upstream: ssh: add PermitRemoteOpen for remote dynamic
2021-02-17upstream: ProxyJump takes "none" to disable processing
2021-01-27upstream: move HostbasedAcceptedAlgorithms to the right place
2021-01-26upstream: Rename HostbasedKeyTypes (ssh)
2021-01-22upstream: Rename PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes keyword
2021-01-18upstream: Minor grammatical
2021-01-08upstream: make CheckHostIP default to 'no'. It doesn't provide
2020-12-29upstream: tweak the description of KnownHostsCommand in ssh_conf.5,
2020-12-22upstream: add a ssh_config KnownHostsCommand that allows the
2020-10-17upstream: add space between macro arg and punctuation;
2020-10-17upstream: LogVerbose keyword for ssh and
2020-10-08upstream: clarify conditions for
2020-10-07upstream: disable UpdateHostkeys by default if VerifyHostKeyDNS
2020-10-03upstream: enable UpdateHostkeys by default when the
2020-10-03upstream: prefer ed25519 signature algorithm variants to ECDSA;
2020-08-27upstream: let ssh_config(5)'s AddKeysToAgent keyword accept a
2020-07-17upstream: fix macro slip in previous;
2020-07-17upstream: Add a '%k' TOKEN that expands to the effective HostKey
2020-07-17upstream: Add %-TOKEN, environment variable and tilde expansion
2020-05-29upstream: remove a stray .El;
2020-05-29upstream: mention that wildcards are processed in lexical order;
2020-05-29upstream: Allow some keywords to expand shell-style ${ENV}
2020-04-17upstream: add space between macro arg and punctuation;
2020-04-10upstream: Add TOKEN percent expansion to LocalFoward and
2020-04-03upstream: Make with config keywords support
2020-02-07upstream: Add ssh -Q key-sig for all key and signature
2020-02-01upstream: spelling fix;
2020-01-31upstream: document changed default for
2020-01-28upstream: make IPTOS_DSCP_LE available via IPQoS directive; bz2986,
2020-01-26upstream: clarify that BatchMode applies to all interactive
2020-01-25upstream: group14-sha1 is no longer a default
2020-01-25upstream: reword HashKnownHosts description a little more;
2020-01-25upstream: weaken the language for what HashKnownHosts provides
2020-01-22upstream: document the default value of the ControlPersist option;
2019-12-30upstream: Replace the term "security key" with "(FIDO)
2019-12-21upstream: Allow forwarding a different agent socket to the
2019-12-20upstream: Document that security key-hosted keys can act as
2019-12-11upstream: tweak the Nd lines for a bit of consistency; ok
2019-11-20upstream: document '$' environment variable expansion
2019-11-20upstream: more missing mentions of ed25519-sk; ok
2019-11-18upstream: mention ed25519-sk key/cert types here too; prompted
2019-11-15upstream: directly support U2F/FIDO2 security keys in OpenSSH
2019-11-08upstream: Fill in missing man page bits for U2F security key
2019-09-13upstream: clarify that IdentitiesOnly also applies to the