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2003-02-24 - 2003/02/16 17:09:57Damien Miller
[kex.c kexdh.c kexgex.c kex.h sshconnect2.c sshd.c ssh-keyscan.c] split kex into client and server code, no need to link server code into the client; ok provos@
2002-09-12 - (djm) Sync sys/tree.h with OpenBSD -current. Rename tree.h andDamien Miller
fake-queue.h to sys-tree.h and sys-queue.h
2002-07-07 - (bal) Minor KNF on ssh-keyscan.cBen Lindstrom
This is really from Theo's patch. I missed it by looking at the wrong function call.
2002-07-07 - 2002/07/06 17:47:58Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] unused variable
2002-07-07 - 2002/07/06 01:01:26Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] KNF, realloc fix, and clean usage
2002-07-04 - 2002/06/27 19:49:08Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] use convtime(); ok markus@
2002-07-04 - 2002/06/27 08:49:44Ben Lindstrom
[dh.c ssh-keyscan.c sshconnect.c] more checks for NULL pointers; from; ok deraadt@
2002-06-21 - 2002/06/16 21:30:58Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] use TAILQ_xx macro. from lukem@netbsd. markus ok
2002-04-05 - (bal) Too many <sys/queue.h> issues. Remove all workarounds andBen Lindstrom
using internal version only.
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/04 18:30:23Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] handle connection close during read of protocol version string. fixes erroneous "bad greeting". ok markus@
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/22 12:20:34Ben Lindstrom
[log.c log.h ssh-keyscan.c] overwrite fatal() in ssh-keyscan.c; fixes pr 2354; ok provos@
2001-12-21 - 2001/12/10 20:34:31Damien Miller
[ssh-keyscan.c] check that server supports v1 for -t rsa1, report from
2001-12-06 - 2001/11/22 05:27:29Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] don't use "\n" in fatal()
2001-12-06 - 2001/11/16 12:46:13Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] handle empty lines instead of dumping core; report from
2001-11-15 - (djm) Fix IPv4 default in ssh-keyscan. Spotted by Dan AstoorianDamien Miller
<> Fix from markus@
2001-10-10 - (bal) seed_init() and seed_rng() required in ssh-keyscan.cBen Lindstrom
2001-10-10 - 2001/10/09 10:12:08Damien Miller
[session.c] chdir $HOME after krb_afslog(); from
2001-09-20whitespace syncKevin Steves
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/30 22:22:32Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] do not pass pointers to longjmp; fix from
2001-09-12 - 2001/08/27 22:02:13Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] fix memory fault if non-existent filename is given to the -f option ok markus@
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/05 23:29:58Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] make -t dsa work with commercial servers, too
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/05 23:18:20Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.1 ssh-keyscan.c] ssh 2 support; from
2001-08-06 - 2001/08/03 10:31:30Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-keyscan.c] improve usage(). ok markus@
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 15:12:20Ben Lindstrom
[auth1.c auth2.c auth2-chall.c authfd.c authfile.c auth-rhosts.c canohost.c channels.c cipher.c clientloop.c deattack.c dh.c hostfile.c kex.c kexdh.c kexgex.c key.c nchan.c packet.c radix.c readpass.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c session.c sftp.c sftp-client.c sftp-glob.c sftp-int.c sftp-server.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshconnect.c sshd.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] more strict prototypes. raise warning level in markus ok'ed TODO; cleanup headers
2001-06-09 - 2001/06/05 05:05:39Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.1 ssh-keyscan.c] License clarification from David Mazieres, ok deraadt@
2001-03-14 - (stevesk) ssh-keyscan.c: specify "openbsd-compat/fake-queue.h"Kevin Steves
2001-03-07 - 2001/03/06 06:11:18Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] appease gcc
2001-03-06 - 2001/03/06 01:06:03Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] Don't assume we wil get the version string all in one read(). deraadt@ OK'd
2001-03-05 - (stevesk) OpenBSD sync:Kevin Steves
- 2001/03/05 08:37:27 [ssh-keyscan.c] skip inlining, why bother
2001-03-05 - 2001/03/03 21:19:41Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] Dynamically allocate read_wait and its copies. Since maxfd is based on resource limits it is often (usually?) larger than FD_SETSIZE.
2001-03-05 - 2001/03/03 06:53:12Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] standard theo sweep
2001-03-05 - 2001/02/21 07:37:04Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] inline -> __inline__, and some indent
2001-02-15 - 2001/02/12 22:56:09Ben Lindstrom
[clientloop.c packet.c ssh-keyscan.c] deal with EAGAIN/EINTR selects which were skipped
2001-02-10 - 2001/02/07 18:04:50Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] fix size_t -> int cast (use u_long). markus ok - 2001/02/07 22:43:16 [ssh-keyscan.c] s/getline/Linebuf_getline/; from - 2001/02/09 9:04:59 [ssh-keyscan.c] do not assume malloc() returns zero-filled region. found by malloc.conf=AJ.
2001-02-05RCSID; whitespaceKevin Steves
2001-02-05 - 2001/02/04 08:32:27Kevin Steves
[many files; did this manually to our top-level source dir] unexpand and remove end-of-line whitespace; ok markus@
2001-02-02 - (bal) renamed queue.h to fake-queue.h (even if it's an OpenBSDBen Lindstrom
based file) to ensure #include space does not get confused.
2001-01-22Hopefully things did not get mixed around too much. It compiles underBen Lindstrom
Linux and works. So that is at least a good sign. =) 20010122 - (bal) OpenBSD Resync - 2001/01/19 12:45:26 GMT 2001 by markus [servconf.c ssh.h sshd.c] only auth-chall.c needs #ifdef SKEY - 2001/01/19 15:55:10 GMT 2001 by markus [auth-krb4.c auth-options.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth1.c auth2.c channels.c clientloop.c dh.c dispatch.c nchan.c packet.c pathname.h readconf.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c session.c ssh-add.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c ssh.h ssh1.h sshconnect1.c sshd.c ttymodes.c] move ssh1 definitions to ssh1.h, pathnames to pathnames.h - 2001/01/19 16:48:14 [sshd.8] fix typo; from stevesk@ - 2001/01/19 16:50:58 [ssh-dss.c] clear and free digest, make consistent with other code (use dlen); from stevesk@ - 2001/01/20 15:55:20 GMT 2001 by markus [auth-options.c auth-options.h auth-rsa.c auth2.c] pass the filename to auth_parse_options() - 2001/01/20 17:59:40 GMT 2001 [readconf.c] fix SIGSEGV from -o ""; problem noted by - 2001/01/20 18:20:29 [sshconnect2.c] dh_new_group() does not return NULL. ok markus@ - 2001/01/20 21:33:42 [ssh-add.c] do not loop forever if askpass does not exist; from - 2001/01/20 23:00:56 [servconf.c] Check for NULL return from strdelim; ok markus - 2001/01/20 23:02:07 [readconf.c] KNF; ok markus - 2001/01/21 9:00:33 [ssh-keygen.1] remove -R flag; ok markus@ - 2001/01/21 19:05:40 [atomicio.c automicio.h auth-chall.c auth-krb4.c auth-options.c auth-options.h auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth.c auth.h auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2.c authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c bufaux.h buffer.c canahost.c canahost.h channels.c cipher.c cli.c clientloop.c clientloop.h compat.c compress.c deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c groupaccess.c hmac.c hostfile.c kex.c key.c key.h log-client.c log-server.c log.c log.h login.c login.h match.c misc.c misc.h nchan.c packet.c pty.c radix.h readconf.c readpass.c readpass.h rsa.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c serverloop.h session.c sftp-server.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c ssh.h sshconnect.c sshconnect.h sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c tildexpand.c tildexpand.h ttysmodes.c uidswap.c xmalloc.c] split ssh.h and try to cleanup the #include mess. remove unnecessary #includes. rename util.[ch] -> misc.[ch] - (bal) renamed 'PIDDIR' to '_PATH_SSH_PIDDIR' to match OpenBSD tree - (bal) Moved #ifdef KRB4 in auth-krb4.c above the #include to resolve conflict when compiling for non-kerb install - (bal) removed the #ifdef SKEY in auth1.c to match Markus' changes on 1/19.
2001-01-18NOTE: This update changes the RSA key generation. *NEW RSA KEYSBen Lindstrom
NEED TO BE GENERATED* =) Refer to to entry "2001/01/16 19:20:06" for more details. 20010118 - (bal) Super Sized OpenBSD Resync - 2001/01/11 22:14:20 GMT 2001 by markus [sshd.c] maxfd+1 - 2001/01/13 17:59:18 [ssh-keygen.1] small ssh-keygen manpage cleanup; - 2001/01/13 18:03:07 [scp.c ssh-keygen.c sshd.c] getopt() returns -1 not EOF; - 2001/01/13 18:06:54 [ssh-keyscan.c] use SSH_DEFAULT_PORT; from - 2001/01/13 18:12:47 [ssh-keyscan.c] free() -> xfree(); fix memory leak; from - 2001/01/13 18:14:13 [ssh-add.c] typo, from - 2001/01/13 18:32:50 [packet.c session.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshd.c] split out keepalive from packet_interactive (from set IPTOS_LOWDELAY TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_THROUGHPUT for ssh2, too. - 2001/01/13 18:36:45 [packet.c packet.h] reorder, typo - 2001/01/13 18:38:00 [auth-options.c] fix comment - 2001/01/13 18:43:31 [session.c] Wall - 2001/01/13 19:14:08 [clientloop.h clientloop.c ssh.c] move callback to headerfile - 2001/01/15 21:40:10 [ssh.c] use log() instead of stderr - 2001/01/15 21:43:51 [dh.c] use error() not stderr! - 2001/01/15 21:45:29 [sftp-server.c] rename must fail if newpath exists, debug off by default - 2001/01/15 21:46:38 [sftp-server.c] readable long listing for sftp-server, ok deraadt@ - 2001/01/16 19:20:06 [key.c ssh-rsa.c] make "ssh-rsa" key format for ssh2 confirm to the ietf-drafts; from note that you have to delete older ssh2-rsa keys, since they are in the wrong format, too. they must be removed from .ssh/authorized_keys2 and .ssh/known_hosts2, etc. (cd; grep -v ssh-rsa .ssh/authorized_keys2 > TMP && mv TMP .ssh/authorized_keys2) additionally, we now check that BN_num_bits(rsa->n) >= 768. - 2001/01/16 20:54:27 [sftp-server.c] remove some statics. simpler handles; idea from - 2001/01/16 23:58:08 [bufaux.c radix.c sshconnect.h sshconnect1.c] indent - (bal) Added bsd-strmode.[ch] since some non-OpenBSD platforms may be missing such feature.
2001-01-09 - (bal) OpenBSD SyncBen Lindstrom
- 2001/01/08 22:29:05 [auth2.c compat.c compat.h servconf.c servconf.h sshd.8 sshd_config version.h] implement option 'Banner /etc/' for ssh2, move version to 2.3.1 (needed for bugcompat detection, 2.3.0 would fail if Banner is enabled). - 2001/01/08 22:03:23 [channels.c ssh-keyscan.c] O_NDELAY -> O_NONBLOCK; thanks - 2001/01/08 21:55:41 [sshconnect1.c] more cleanups and fixes from 1) try_agent_authentication() for loop will overwrite key just allocated with key_new(); don't alloc 2) call ssh_close_authentication_connection() before exit try_agent_authentication() 3) free mem on bad passphrase in try_rsa_authentication() - 2001/01/08 21:48:17 [kex.c] missing free; thanks
2000-12-2820001229Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) Fixed spelling of 'authorized_keys' in ssh-copy-id.1 by Christian Kurz <> 20001228 - (bal) SCO patch to not include <sys/queue.h> since it's unrelated header. Patch by Tim Rice <> - Updated TODO w/ known HP/UX issue - (bal) removed extra <netdb.h> noticed by Kevin Steves and removed the bad reference to 'NeXT including it else were' on the #ifdef version.
2000-12-27This should bring NeXTStep back into the family of supported operatingBen Lindstrom
systems. - (bal) Fixed NeXT's lack of CPPFLAGS honoring. - (bal) ssh-keyscan.c: NeXT (and older BSDs) don't support getrlimit() w/ 'RLIMIT_NOFILE'
2000-12-2720001227Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) Typo in entut?ent should be endut?ent. Suggested by Takumi Yamane <> - (bal) Checks for getrlimit(), sysconf(), and setdtablesize(). Patch by Corinna Vinschen <>
2000-12-22One way to massive patch. <sigh> It compiles and works under Linux..Ben Lindstrom
And I think I have all the bits right from the OpenBSD tree. 20001222 - Updated RCSID for pty.c - (bal) OpenBSD CVS Updates: - 2000/12/21 15:10:16 [auth-rh-rsa.c hostfile.c hostfile.h sshconnect.c] print keyfile:line for changed hostkeys, for deraadt@, ok deraadt@ - 2000/12/20 19:26:56 [authfile.c] allow ssh -i userkey for root - 2000/12/20 19:37:21 [authfd.c authfd.h kex.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c uidswap.c uidswap.h] fix prototypes; from - 2000/12/20 19:32:08 [sshd.c] init pointer to NULL; report from - 2000/12/19 23:17:54 [auth-krb4.c auth-options.c auth-options.h auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth1.c auth2-skey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfd.h authfile.c bufaux.c bufaux.h buffer.c canohost.c channels.c clientloop.c compress.c crc32.c deattack.c getput.h hmac.c hmac.h hostfile.c kex.c kex.h key.c key.h log.c login.c match.c match.h mpaux.c mpaux.h packet.c packet.h radix.c readconf.c rsa.c scp.c servconf.c servconf.h serverloop.c session.c sftp-server.c ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-dss.h ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-rsa.c ssh-rsa.h ssh.c ssh.h uuencode.c uuencode.h sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c tildexpand.c] replace 'unsigned bla' with 'u_bla' everywhere. also replace 'char unsigned' with u_char.
2000-12-21 - (stevesk) OpenBSD CVS updates:Kevin Steves
- 2000/12/19 15:43:45 [authfile.c channels.c sftp-server.c ssh-agent.c] remove() -> unlink() for consistency - 2000/12/19 15:48:09 [ssh-keyscan.c] replace <ssl/x.h> with <openssl/x.h> - 2000/12/17 02:33:40 [uidswap.c] typo; from
2000-12-15update RCSIDKevin Steves
2000-12-15 - (stevesk) OpenBSD CVS updates:Kevin Steves
- 2000/12/13 16:26:53 [ssh-keyscan.c] fatal already adds \n; from - 2000/12/13 16:25:44 [ssh-agent.c] remove redundant spaces; from - 2000/12/12 15:50:21 [pty.c] When failing to set tty owner and mode on a read-only filesystem, don't abort if the tty already has correct owner and reasonably sane modes. Example; permit 'root' to login to a firewall with read-only root fs. (markus@ ok) - 2000/12/13 06:36:05 [pty.c] KNF
2000-12-13 - (stevesk) OpenSSH CVS update:Kevin Steves
- 2000/12/12 15:30:02 [ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c sshd.c] consistently use __progname; from
2000-12-06 - (stevesk) OpenSSH CVS update:Kevin Steves
- 2000/12/06 19:57:48 [ssh-keyscan.c] err(3) -> internal error(), from
2000-12-06 - (stevesk) Import <sys/queue.h> from OpenBSD for systems that don'tKevin Steves
have it (used in ssh-keyscan).