path: root/ssh-keygen.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-03upstream: give ssh-keygen the ability to dump the contents of
2020-03-14upstream: spelling errors in comments; no code change
2020-03-14upstream: when downloading FIDO2 resident keys from a token, don'
2020-03-13upstream: fix use-after-free in do_download_sk; ok
2020-03-13upstream: exit if ssh_krl_revoke_key_sha256 fails; ok
2020-02-28upstream: no-touch-required certificate option should be
2020-02-28upstream: change explicit_bzero();free() to freezero()
2020-02-07upstream: fix two PIN entry bugs on FIDO keygen: 1) it would allow
2020-02-07upstream: Replace "security key" with "authenticator" in
2020-02-04upstream: require FIDO application strings to start with "ssh:";
2020-01-29upstream: changes to support FIDO
2020-01-26upstream: improve the error message for u2f enrollment errors
2020-01-26upstream: factor out reading/writing sshbufs to
2020-01-25Put EC key export inside OPENSSL_HAS_ECC.Darren Tucker
2020-01-25upstream: expose PKCS#11 key labels/X.509 subjects as
2020-01-25upstream: minor tweaks to ssh-keygen -Y
2020-01-25upstream: when signing a certificate with an RSA key, default
2020-01-25upstream: allow PEM export of DSA and ECDSA keys; bz3091,
2020-01-25upstream: ssh-keygen -Y find-principals fixes based on
2020-01-23upstream: remove trailing period characters from pub/priv
2020-01-23upstream: add a new signature operations "find-principal" to
2020-01-22upstream: For ssh-keygen -lF only add a space after key
2020-01-21upstream: don't #ifdef out the KRL code when compiling
2020-01-21upstream: sync ssh-keygen.1 and ssh-keygen's usage() with
2020-01-06upstream: Extends the SK API to accept a set of key/value
2020-01-03upstream: ability to download FIDO2 resident keys from a token
2019-12-30upstream: Remove the -x option currently used
2019-12-30upstream: translate and return error codes; retry on bad
2019-12-30upstream: SK API and sk-helper error/PIN
2019-12-30upstream: basic support for generating FIDO2 resident
2019-12-30upstream: remove single-letter flags for moduli
2019-12-30upstream: prepare for use of ssh-keygen -O flag beyond
2019-12-14remove a bunch of ENABLE_SK #ifdefsDamien Miller
2019-12-11upstream: when acting as a CA and using a security key as the
2019-11-25upstream: Print a key touch reminder when generating a
2019-11-25upstream: allow "ssh-keygen -x no-touch-required" when generating
2019-11-25upstream: add a "no-touch-required" option for authorized_keys
2019-11-25upstream: Add new structure for signature
2019-11-20upstream: more missing mentions of ed25519-sk; ok
2019-11-20upstream: additional missing stdarg.h includes when built
2019-11-18upstream: Fix incorrect error message when key certification
2019-11-18upstream: allow *-sk key types to be turned into
2019-11-18upstream: missing break in getopt switch; spotted by Sebastian
2019-11-15upstream: directly support U2F/FIDO2 security keys in OpenSSH
2019-11-13upstream: security keys typically need to be tapped/touched
2019-11-13Remove leftover if statement from sync.Darren Tucker
2019-11-13upstream: enable ed25519 support; ok
2019-11-11upstream: duplicate 'x' character in getopt(3)
2019-11-08upstream: Fill in missing man page bits for U2F security key
2019-11-01autoconf pieces for U2F supportDamien Miller