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2003-03-10- (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/03/05 22:33:43 [channels.c monitor.c scp.c session.c sftp-client.c sftp-int.c] [sftp-server.c ssh-add.c sshconnect2.c] fix memory leaks; from dlheine@suif.Stanford.EDU/CLOUSEAU; ok djm@
2003-01-1620030116Damien Miller
- (djm) OpenBSD CVS Sync - 2003/01/16 03:41:55 [sftp-int.c] explicitly use first glob result
2003-01-14 - 2003/01/14 10:58:00Damien Miller
[sftp-client.c sftp-int.c] Don't try to upload or download non-regular files. Report from; ok markus@
2003-01-14 - 2003/01/13 11:04:04Damien Miller
[sftp-int.c] make cmds[] array static to avoid conflict with BSDI libc.
2003-01-14 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/01/10 23:23:24 [sftp-int.c] typo; from Nils Nordman <nino at nforced dot com>.
2003-01-10 - 2003/01/10 08:19:07Damien Miller
[scp.c sftp.1 sftp.c sftp-client.c sftp-int.c] sftp progress meter support. original diffs by Nils Nordman <nino at nforced dot com> via markus@, merged to -current by me, djm@ ok.
2003-01-10 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/01/08 23:53:26 [sftp.1 sftp.c sftp-int.c sftp-int.h] Cleanup error handling for batchmode Allow blank lines and comments in input Ability to suppress abort on error in batchmode ("-put blah") Fixes mindrot bug #452; markus@ ok
2002-12-23 - 2002/11/21 23:03:51Ben Lindstrom
[auth-krb5.c auth1.c hostfile.h monitor_wrap.c sftp-client.c sftp-int.c ssh-add.c ssh-rsa.c sshconnect.c] KNF
2002-09-12 - 2002/09/12 00:13:06Damien Miller
[sftp-int.c] zap unused var introduced in last commit
2002-09-12 - 2002/09/11 22:41:50Damien Miller
[sftp.1 sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-common.c sftp-common.h] [sftp-glob.c sftp-glob.h sftp-int.c sftp-server.c] support for short/long listings and globbing in "ls"; ok markus@
2002-06-23 - 2002/06/23 09:30:14Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-common.c sftp-int.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] bunch of u_int vs int stuff
2002-04-02 - 2002/03/30 18:51:15Ben Lindstrom
[monitor.c serverloop.c sftp-int.c sftp.c sshd.c] check waitpid for EINTR; based on patch from
2002-03-22 - 2002/03/19 06:32:56Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] use xfree() after xstrdup(). markus@ ok
2002-02-13 - 2002/02/13 00:59:23Damien Miller
[sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-glob.c sftp-glob.h sftp.h] [sftp-int.c sftp-int.h] API cleanup and backwards compat for filexfer v.0 servers; ok markus@
2002-02-13 - 2002/02/12 12:32:27Damien Miller
[sftp.1 sftp.c sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-int.c] Perform multiple overlapping read/write requests in file transfer. Mostly done by Tobias Ringstrom <>; ok markus@
2002-02-08 - 2002/02/05 00:00:46Damien Miller
[sftp.1 sftp.c sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-int.c] Add "-B" option to specify copy buffer length (default 32k); ok markus@
2001-12-21 - 2001/12/19 07:18:56Damien Miller
[auth1.c auth2.c auth2-chall.c auth-bsdauth.c auth.c authfile.c auth.h] [auth-krb4.c auth-rhosts.c auth-skey.c bufaux.c canohost.c channels.c] [cipher.c clientloop.c compat.c compress.c deattack.c key.c log.c mac.c] [match.c misc.c nchan.c packet.c readconf.c rijndael.c rijndael.h scard.c] [servconf.c servconf.h serverloop.c session.c sftp.c sftp-client.c] [sftp-glob.c sftp-int.c sftp-server.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh.c] [sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshconnect.c sshd.8 sshd.c sshd_config] [ssh-keygen.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c sshtty.c ttymodes.c uidswap.c] basic KNF done while i was looking for something else
2001-08-15 - 2001/08/14 09:23:02Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1 sftp-int.c] "bye";
2001-08-06 - 2001/07/31 12:42:50Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c sftp-server.c] avoid paths beginning with "//"; <> ok markus@
2001-07-14 - 2001/07/09 07:04:53Damien Miller
[session.c sftp-int.c] correct type on last arg to execl();
2001-06-25 - 2001/06/23 15:12:20Ben Lindstrom
[auth1.c auth2.c auth2-chall.c authfd.c authfile.c auth-rhosts.c canohost.c channels.c cipher.c clientloop.c deattack.c dh.c hostfile.c kex.c kexdh.c kexgex.c key.c nchan.c packet.c radix.c readpass.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c session.c sftp.c sftp-client.c sftp-glob.c sftp-int.c sftp-server.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshconnect.c sshd.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] more strict prototypes. raise warning level in markus ok'ed TODO; cleanup headers
2001-05-09 - (bal) Updates from the Sony NEWS-OS platform by NAKAJI HiroyukiBen Lindstrom
2001-04-15 - 2001/04/15 08:43:47Ben Lindstrom
[dh.c sftp-glob.c sftp-glob.h sftp-int.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c] some unused variable and typos; from
2001-04-13 - 2001/04/12 23:17:54Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c sftp-int.h sftp.1 sftp.c] Add support for: sftp [user@]host[:file [file]] - Fetch remote file(s) sftp [user@]host[:dir[/]] - Start in remote dir/ OK deraadt@
2001-04-11 - 2001/04/11 07:06:22Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] 'mget' and 'mput' aliases; ok markus@
2001-04-05 - 2001/04/05 10:42:57Ben Lindstrom
[auth-chall.c authfd.c channels.c clientloop.c kex.c kexgex.c key.c mac.c packet.c serverloop.c sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-glob.c sftp-glob.h sftp-int.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-keygen.c sshconnect.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c] fix whitespace: unexpand + trailing spaces.
2001-03-24 - 2001/03/23 13:10:57Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] fix put, upload to _absolute_ path, ok djm@
2001-03-17 - 2001/03/16 13:44:24Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] discourage strcat/strcpy
2001-03-17 - 2001/03/16 09:55:53Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] fix memset and whitespace
2001-03-17 - 2001/03/16 08:16:18Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-glob.c sftp-int.c] Revise globbing for get/put to be more shell-like. In particular, "get/put file* directory/" now works. ok markus@
2001-03-14 - 2001/03/14 15:15:58Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] add version command
2001-03-14 - (djm) Add replacement glob() from OpenBSD libc if the system glob isDamien Miller
missing or lacks the GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC extension - (djm) Remove -I$(srcdir)/openbsd-compat from CFLAGS, refer to headers relatively. Avoids conflict between glob.h and /usr/include/glob.h
2001-03-14 - 2001/03/13 22:42:54Damien Miller
[sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-glob.c sftp-glob.h sftp-int.c] sftp client filename globbing for get, put, ch{mod,grp,own}. ok markus@
2001-03-08 - OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2001/03/07 10:11:23 [sftp-client.c sftp-client.h sftp-int.c sftp-server.c sftp.1 sftp.c sftp.h] Support for new draft (draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-01). New symlink handling functions and small protocol change.
2001-03-07 - 2001/03/06 06:11:44Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c sftp.1 sftp.c] sftp -b batchfile;
2001-03-05 - 2001/03/04 17:42:28Ben Lindstrom
[authfd.c channels.c dh.c log.c readconf.c servconf.c sftp-int.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshd.c] log functions should not be passed strings that end in newline as they get passed on to syslog() and when logging to stderr, do_log() appends its own newline.
2001-03-05 - (bal) CVS ID touch up on sftp-int.cBen Lindstrom
2001-02-15 - replaced PATH_MAX in sftp-int.c w/ MAXPATHLEN.Ben Lindstrom
2001-02-15 - 2001/02/14 9:46:03Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-client.c sftp-int.c sftp.1] Fix and document 'preserve modes & times' option ('-p' flag in sftp); ok markus@
2001-02-15 - 2001/02/12 20:53:33Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-int.c] lumask now works with 1 numeric arg; ok markus@, djm@
2001-02-10CVS ID Sync w/ OpenBSDBen Lindstrom
2001-02-10 - (djm) Sync sftp and scp stuff from OpenBSD:Damien Miller
- 2001/02/07 03:55:13 [sftp-client.c] Don't free handles before we are done with them. Based on work from Corinna Vinschen <>. ok markus@ - 2001/02/06 22:32:53 [sftp.1] Punctuation fix from Pekka Savola <> - 2001/02/07 04:07:29 [sftp.1] pretty up significantly - 2001/02/07 06:49:42 [sftp.1] .Bl-.El mismatch. markus ok - 2001/02/07 06:12:30 [sftp-int.c] Check that target is a directory before doing ls; ok markus@ - 2001/02/07 11:01:18 [scp.c sftp-client.c sftp-server.c] unsigned long long -> %llu, not %qu. markus ok - 2001/02/07 11:10:39 [sftp.1 sftp-int.c] more man page cleanup and sync of help text with man page; ok markus@ - 2001/02/07 14:58:34 [sftp-client.c] older servers reply with SSH2_FXP_NAME + count==0 instead of EOF - 2001/02/07 15:27:19 [sftp.c] Don't forward agent and X11 in sftp. Suggestion from Roumen Petrov <> - 2001/02/07 15:36:04 [sftp-int.c] portable; ok markus@ - 2001/02/07 15:55:47 [sftp-int.c] lowercase cmds[].c also; ok markus@ - 2001/02/07 17:04:52 [pathnames.h sftp.c] allow sftp over ssh protocol 1; ok djm@ - 2001/02/08 07:38:55 [scp.c] memory leak fix, and snprintf throughout - 2001/02/08 08:02:02 [sftp-int.c] plug a memory leak - 2001/02/08 10:11:23 [session.c sftp-client.c] %i -> %d - 2001/02/08 10:57:59 [sftp-int.c] typo - 2001/02/08 15:28:07 [sftp-int.c pathnames.h] _PATH_LS; ok markus@ - 2001/02/09 04:46:25 [sftp-int.c] Check for NULL attribs for chown, chmod & chgrp operations, only send relevant attribs back to server; ok markus@ - (djm) Update for _PATH_SFTP_SERVER
2001-02-05 - 2001/02/04 17:02:32Kevin Steves
[sftp-int.c] ? == help - 2001/02/04 16:47:46 [sftp-int.c] sort commands, so that abbreviations work as expected - 2001/02/04 15:17:52 [sftp-int.c] debugging sftp: precedence and missing break. chmod, chown, chgrp seem to be working now. - 2001/02/04 14:41:21 [sftp-int.c] use base 8 for umask/chmod - 2001/02/04 11:11:54 [sftp-int.c] fix LCD
2001-02-05 - 2001/02/04 08:32:27Kevin Steves
[many files; did this manually to our top-level source dir] unexpand and remove end-of-line whitespace; ok markus@
2001-02-05 - (djm) Use setvbuf() instead of setlinebuf(). Suggest from stevek@Damien Miller
2001-02-04NB: big update - may break stuff. Please test!Damien Miller
- (djm) OpenBSD CVS sync: - 2001/02/03 03:08:38 [auth-options.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth.c canohost.c] [canohost.h servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshconnect1.c sshd.8] [sshd_config] make ReverseMappingCheck optional in sshd_config; ok djm@,dugsong@ - 2001/02/03 03:19:51 [ssh.1 sshd.8 sshd_config] Skey is now called ChallengeResponse - 2001/02/03 03:43:09 [sshd.8] use no-pty option in .ssh/authorized_keys* if you need a 8-bit clean channel. note from (pr/1659) - 2001/02/03 10:03:06 [ssh.1] typos; ok markus@ - 2001/02/04 04:11:56 [scp.1 sftp-server.c ssh.1 sshd.8 sftp-client.c sftp-client.h] [sftp-common.c sftp-common.h sftp-int.c sftp-int.h sftp.1 sftp.c] Basic interactive sftp client; ok theo@ - (djm) Update RPM specs for new sftp binary - (djm) Update several bits for new optional reverse lookup stuff. I think I got them all.