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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2000-09-05 - (djm) Merge cygwin support from Corinna Vinschen <>Damien Miller
2000-09-0520000905Damien Miller
2000-08-30 - (djm) Compile warning fixes from Mark Miller <>Damien Miller
2000-08-29 - More OpenBSD updates:Damien Miller
2000-08-23 - (djm) Pick up LOGIN_PROGRAM from environment or PATH if not set by headersDamien Miller
2000-08-18 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS changes:Damien Miller
2000-08-15 - (djm) Fix AIX limits from Alexandre Oliva <>Damien Miller
2000-08-15 - (djm) More SunOS 4.1.x fixes from Nate Itkin <>Damien Miller
2000-08-09 - (djm) Define AIX hard limits if headers don't. Report fromDamien Miller
2000-07-12 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS Updates:Damien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) Fix problem with debug mode and MaxStartupsDamien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS updates:Damien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) Fixup for AIX getuserattr() support from Tom BertelsonDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) AIX getuserattr() session initialisation from Tom BertelsonDamien Miller
2000-07-01 - (djm) Replace "/bin/sh" with _PATH_BSHELLDamien Miller
2000-06-28 - (djm) Added patch from Chris Adams <> to add OSF SIADamien Miller
2000-06-28 - (djm) Patch from Michael Stone <> to add support forDamien Miller
2000-06-26error -> fatalDamien Miller
2000-06-22 - (djm) Automatically generate host key during "make install". SuggestedDamien Miller
2000-06-18 - OpenBSD CVS updates:Damien Miller
2000-06-07Missed some bits of the OpenBSD patch somewhere (?!)Damien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Fix rsh path in RPMs. Report from Jason L Tibbitts IIIDamien Miller
2000-05-30 - OpenBSD CVS updates:Damien Miller
2000-05-20 - Xauth fix from Markus Friedl <>Damien Miller
2000-05-17 - Avoid WCOREDUMP complation errors for systems that lack itDamien Miller
2000-05-17 - Applied Tom Bertelson's <> AIX authentication fixDamien Miller
2000-05-07 - Remove references to SSLeay.Damien Miller
2000-05-01 - Fixed __progname symbol collisions reported by Andre LucasDamien Miller
2000-04-30sync missed changesV_2_0_0_TEST1Damien Miller
2000-04-30 - More OpenBSD updates:Damien Miller
2000-04-29 - Merge big update to OpenSSH-2.0 from OpenBSD CVSDamien Miller
2000-04-21 - Define __progname in session.c if libc doesn'tDamien Miller
2000-04-20 - Sync with OpenBSD CVS:Damien Miller
2000-04-16 - Reduce diff against OpenBSD sourceDamien Miller
2000-04-16 - OpenBSD CVS updates.Damien Miller
2000-04-12 - More large OpenBSD CVS updates:Damien Miller
2000-04-01 - Big OpenBSD CVS update (mainly beginnings of SSH2 infrastructure)Damien Miller