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2003-03-21 - (bal) Disable Privsep for Tru64 after pre-authentication due to issuesBen Lindstrom
with SIA. Also, clean up of tru64 support patch by Chris Adams <>
2003-03-10- (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/03/05 22:33:43 [channels.c monitor.c scp.c session.c sftp-client.c sftp-int.c] [sftp-server.c ssh-add.c sshconnect2.c] fix memory leaks; from dlheine@suif.Stanford.EDU/CLOUSEAU; ok djm@
2003-02-24 - (djm) Bug #494: Allow multiple accounts on Windows 9x/Me;Damien Miller
2003-02-24 - 2003/02/06 09:26:23Damien Miller
[session.c] missing call to setproctitle() after authentication; ok provos@
2003-01-10 - (djm) Enable new setproctitle emulation for Linux, AIX and HP/UX. MoreDamien Miller
systems may be added later.
2003-01-07 - (djm) Bug #178: On AIX /etc/nologin wasnt't shown to users. Fix fromDamien Miller and
2003-01-03 - (djm) Bug #446: Set LOGIN env var to pw_name on AIX. Patch fromDamien Miller
2003-01-01 - (stevesk) [session.c sshlogin.c sshlogin.h] complete portableKevin Steves
parts of pass addrlen with sockaddr * fix. from Hajimu UMEMOTO <>
2002-12-23 - 2002/12/10 08:56:00Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] Make sure $SHELL points to the shell from the password file, even if shell is overridden from login.conf; bug#453; semen at; ok millert@
2002-12-23 - 2002/12/04 04:36:47Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] remove xauth entries before add; PR 2994 from ok markus@
2002-09-25Cray fixes (bug 367) based on patch from Wendy Palm @ cray.Tim Rice
This does not include the deattack.c fixes.
2002-09-25l) Fix issue where successfull login does not clear failure countsBen Lindstrom
in AIX. Patch by ok by djm
2002-09-19 - 2002/09/16 19:55:33Damien Miller
[session.c] log when _PATH_NOLOGIN exists; ok markus@
2002-09-19 - 2002/09/12 19:50:36Damien Miller
[session.c ssh.1] add SSH_CONNECTION and deprecate SSH_CLIENT; bug #384. ok markus@
2002-09-10 - (djm) Bug #365: Read /.ssh/environment properly under CygWin.Damien Miller
Patch from Mark Bradshaw <>
2002-09-04 - 2002/08/29 15:57:25Damien Miller
[monitor.c session.c sshlogin.c sshlogin.h] pass addrlen with sockaddr *; from Hajimu UMEMOTO <> NOTE: there are also p-specific parts to this patch. ok markus@
2002-09-04 - 2002/08/22 21:45:41Damien Miller
[session.c] send signal name (not signal number) in "exit-signal" message; noticed by
2002-08-01 - 2002/07/30 17:03:55Ben Lindstrom
[auth-options.c servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshd_config sshd_config.5] add PermitUserEnvironment (off by default!); from; ok provos, deraadt
2002-07-23 - 2002/07/22 11:03:06Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] fallback to _PATH_STDPATH on setusercontext+LOGIN_SETPATH errors;
2002-07-23 - 2002/07/19 15:43:33Ben Lindstrom
[log.c log.h session.c sshd.c] remove fatal cleanups after fork; based on discussions with and code from solar.
2002-07-23 - (stevesk) [auth-pam.[ch] session.c] pam_getenvlist() must beKevin Steves
freed by the caller; add free_pam_environment() and use it.
2002-07-15 - (bal) Remove unused tty defined in do_setusercontext() pointed out byBen Lindstrom plus a a more KNF since I am near it.
2002-07-04 - (bal) Clean up aix_usrinfo(). Ignore TTY= period I guess.Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-04 - 2002/06/30 21:54:16Ben Lindstrom
[auth2.c session.c sshd.c] lint asks that we use names that do not overlap
2002-06-26 - 2002/06/26 13:49:26Damien Miller
[session.c] disclose less information from environment files; based on input from djm, and dschultz@uclink.Berkeley.EDU
2002-06-26 - 2002/06/26 08:58:26Damien Miller
[session.c] limit # of env vars to 1000; ok deraadt/djm
2002-06-26 - (djm) setlogin needs pgid==pid on BSD/OS; from itojun@Damien Miller
2002-06-2520020626Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) moved aix_usrinfo() and noted not setting real TTY. Patch by
2002-06-23 - 2002/06/23 21:06:41Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c channels.h session.c session.h] display, screen, row, col, xpixel, ypixel are u_int; markus ok - (bal) Also fixed IPADDR_IN_DISPLAY case where display, screen, row, col, xpixel are u_int.
2002-06-23 - 2002/06/23 20:39:45Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] compression_level is u_int
2002-06-21 - 2002/06/20 23:05:56Ben Lindstrom
[servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshd.c] allow Compression=yes/no in sshd_config
2002-06-21 - (bal) Fixed AIX environment handling, use setpcred() instead of existingBen Lindstrom
code. (Bugzilla Bug 261)
2002-06-11 - 2002/06/11 05:46:20Ben Lindstrom
[auth-krb4.c monitor.h serverloop.c session.c ssh-agent.c sshd.c] pid_t cleanup. Markus need this now to keep hacking. markus@, millert@ ok
2002-06-11 - 2002/06/10 22:28:41Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c channels.h session.c] move creation of agent socket to session.c; no need for uidswapping in channel.c.
2002-06-09unexpandBen Lindstrom
2002-06-07 - (bal) use 'LOGIN_PROGRAM' not '/usr/bin/login' in session.c patch byBen Lindstrom
2002-06-06 - 2002/05/16 22:09:59Ben Lindstrom
[session.c ssh.c] don't limit xauth pathlen on client side and longer print length on server when debug; ok markus@
2002-05-13 - (djm) Add --with-superuser-path=xxx configure option to specify what $PATHDamien Miller
the superuser receives.
2002-04-23 - (stevesk) [acconfig.h session.c] LOGIN_NO_ENDOPT for HP-UXKevin Steves
2002-04-02 - 2002/03/29 18:59:32Ben Lindstrom
[session.c session.h] retrieve last login time before the pty is allocated, store per session
2002-04-02 - 2002/03/28 15:34:51Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] do not call record_login twice (for use_privsep)
2002-03-24 - (stevesk) [session.c] disable LOGIN_NEEDS_TERM until we are sureKevin Steves
it can be removed. only used on solaris. will no longer compile with privsep shuffling.
2002-03-22 - 2002/03/19 10:49:35Ben Lindstrom
[auth-krb5.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth.c cipher.c key.c misc.h packet.c session.c sftp-client.c sftp-glob.h sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c ttymodes.c] KNF whitespace
2002-03-22 - 2002/03/19 10:35:39Ben Lindstrom
[auth-options.c auth.h session.c session.h sshd.c] clean up prototypes
2002-03-22 - 2002/03/18 17:50:31Ben Lindstrom
[auth-bsdauth.c auth-options.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rsa.c auth-skey.c auth.h auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2.c kex.c kex.h kexdh.c kexgex.c servconf.c session.h servconf.h serverloop.c session.c sshd.c] integrate privilege separated openssh; its turned off by default for now. work done by me and markus@ applied, but outside of ensure that smaller code bits migrated with their owners.. no work was tried to 'fix' it to work. =) Later project!
2002-03-22 - 2002/03/18 03:41:08Ben Lindstrom
[auth.c session.c] move auth_approval into getpwnamallow with help from millert@
2002-03-13Stupid djm commits experimental code to head instead of branchDamien Miller
2002-03-13Import of Niels Provos' 20020312 ssh-complete.diffDamien Miller
PAM, Cygwin and OSF SIA will not work for sure
2002-02-25 - (bal) Last AIX patch. Moved aix_usrinfo() outside of do_setuserconext()Ben Lindstrom
since we need more session information than provided by that function.
2002-02-24[loginrec.c session.c sshlogin.c sshlogin.h] Bug 84Tim Rice
patch by (William Knox). [sshlogin.h] declare record_utmp_only for session.c