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2021-09-21upstream: fix missing -s in SYNOPSYS and usage() as well as
2021-09-20upstream: Switch scp back to use the old protocol by default, ahead
2021-09-19upstream: better error message for ~user failures when
2021-09-19upstream: make some more scp-in-SFTP mode better match Unix
2021-09-19upstream: allow log_stderr==2 to prefix log messages with argv[0]
2021-09-11upstream: when using SFTP protocol, continue transferring files after
2021-09-09upstream: Use the SFTP protocol by default. The original scp/
2021-08-12upstream: scp: tweak man page and error message for -3 by
2021-08-12upstream: scp: do not spawn ssh with two -s flags
2021-08-10upstream: Prepare for a future where scp(1) uses the SFTP protocol
2021-08-10upstream: make scp -3 the default for remote-to-remote copies.
2021-08-10upstream: make scp in SFTP mode try to use relative paths as
2021-08-10upstream: SFTP protocol extension to allow the server to
2021-08-10upstream: when scp is in SFTP mode, try to deal better with
2021-08-10upstream: on fatal errors, make scp wait for ssh connection
2021-08-10upstream: rever r1.223 - I accidentally committed unrelated
2021-08-10upstream: on fatal errors, make scp wait for ssh connection
2021-08-07upstream: Fix prototype mismatch for do_cmd. ok
2021-08-07upstream: make scp(1) in SFTP mode follow symlinks
2021-08-07upstream: make scp(1) in SFTP mode output better match
2021-08-07upstream: use sftp_client crossloading to implement scp
2021-08-07upstream: prepare for scp -3 implemented via
2021-08-04upstream: Allow for different (but POSIX compliant) behaviour
2021-08-04use openbsd-compat glob.h is requiredDamien Miller
2021-08-03upstream: support for using the SFTP protocol for file transfers
2021-07-05upstream: allow spaces to appear in usernames for local to remote,
2021-04-03upstream: highly polished whitespace, mostly fixing
2020-10-18upstream: use the new variant log macros instead of
2020-08-03upstream: allow -A to explicitly enable agent forwarding in scp
2020-05-30upstream: Fix error message on close(2) and add printf
2020-05-07upstream: another case where a utimes() failure could make scp
2020-05-01upstream: when receving a file in sink(), be careful to send
2020-05-01upstream: run the 2nd ssh with BatchMode for scp
2020-01-23upstream: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper
2019-11-01Hook up fnmatch for platforms that don't have it.Darren Tucker
2019-10-09wrap stdint.h include in HAVE_STDINT_HDamien Miller
2019-09-13upstream: Fix potential truncation warning. ok
2019-07-05upstream: When system calls indicate an error they return -1,
2019-02-10upstream: when checking that filenames sent by the server
2019-02-01upstream: add -T to usage();
2019-01-27upstream: check in scp client that filenames sent
2019-01-25upstream: Have progressmeter force an update at the beginning
2019-01-24upstream: Sanitize scp filenames via snmprintf. To do this we
2019-01-22upstream: Add a -J option as a shortcut for -o Proxyjump= to scp(1)
2018-11-23refactor libcrypto initialisationDamien Miller
2018-11-16upstream: disallow empty incoming filename or ones that refer to
2018-06-04upstream: Apply umask to all incoming files and directories
2018-04-10upstream: lots of typos in comments/docs. Patch from Karsten