path: root/sandbox-seccomp-filter.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-15Add sys/syscall.h for syscall numbers.Darren Tucker
2020-02-03add clock_gettime64(2) to sandbox allowed syscallsDamien Miller
2020-01-08Deny (non-fatal) ipc in preauth privsep child.Jeremy Drake
2020-01-08seccomp: Allow clock_gettime64() in sandbox.Khem Raj
2019-12-16Allow clock_nanosleep_time64 in seccomp sandbox.Darren Tucker
2019-11-13Remove duplicate __NR_clock_nanosleepDarren Tucker
2019-11-13seccomp: Allow clock_nanosleep() in sandbox.Darren Tucker
2019-10-05Enable specific ioctl call for EP11 crypto card (s390)Eduardo Barretto
2019-10-02Deny (non-fatal) shmget/shmat/shmdt in preauth privsep child.Lonnie Abelbeck
2019-08-23use SC_ALLOW_ARG_MASK to limit mmap protectionsDamien Miller
2019-08-23allow mprotect(2) with PROT_(READ|WRITE|NONE) onlyDamien Miller
2019-06-05allow s390 specific ioctl for ecc hardware supportHarald Freudenberger
2018-09-15add futex(2) syscall to seccomp sandboxDamien Miller
2018-05-25Permit getuid()/geteuid() syscalls.Damien Miller
2018-04-13Allow nanosleep in preauth privsep child.Darren Tucker
2017-04-25Fix typo in "socketcall".Darren Tucker
2017-04-24Deny socketcall in seccomp filter on ppc64le.Darren Tucker
2017-03-22Missing header on Linux/s390Damien Miller
2017-03-21Fix syntax error on Linux/X32Damien Miller
2017-03-14Make seccomp-bpf sandbox work on Linux/X32Damien Miller
2017-03-14Remove macro trickery; no binary changeDamien Miller
2017-03-14support ioctls for ICA crypto card on Linux/s390Damien Miller
2017-03-14Fix weakness in seccomp-bpf sandbox arg inspectionDamien Miller
2016-05-20Deny lstat syscalls in seccomp sandboxDamien Miller
2015-09-10allow getrandom syscall; from Felix von LeitnerDamien Miller
2015-06-25add missing pselect6Damien Miller
2015-06-17trivial optimisation for seccomp-bpfDamien Miller
2015-06-17aarch64 support for seccomp-bpf sandboxDamien Miller
2014-09-10 - (djm) [sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] Allow mremap and exit for DietLibc;Damien Miller
2014-03-17 - (djm) [sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] Soft-fail stat() syscalls. Add XXX toDamien Miller
2014-02-06 - (djm) [sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] Not all Linux architectures defineDamien Miller
2014-01-31 - (djm) [sandbox-seccomp-filter.c sandbox-systrace.c] Allow shutdown(2)Damien Miller
2014-01-17 - (djm) [ sandbox-capsicum.c sandbox-darwin.c]Damien Miller
2013-06-02 - (dtucker) [sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] Allow clock_gettimeofday.Darren Tucker
2013-02-22 - (djm) [ sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] Support for LinuxDamien Miller
2012-07-06 - (djm) [sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] fallback to rlimit if seccomp filter isDamien Miller
2012-04-04 - (djm) [ sandbox-seccomp-filter.c] Add sandboxDamien Miller