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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-15really add source for authopt_fuzz this timeDamien Miller
2018-09-15remove accidentally checked-in authopt_fuzz binaryDamien Miller
2018-09-14fuzzer harness for authorized_keys option parsingDamien Miller
2018-09-14allow SIGUSR1 as synonym for SIGINFODamien Miller
2018-09-13add compat headerDamien Miller
2018-09-13upstream: missed a bit of openssl-1.0.x API in this
2018-09-13upstream: use only openssl-1.1.x API here
2018-09-13forgot to stage these test files in commit d70d061Damien Miller
2018-09-12upstream: Include certs with multiple RSA signature variants
2018-09-12upstream: test revocation by explicit hash and by
2018-09-12upstream: s/sshkey_demote/sshkey_from_private/
2018-08-27document some more regress control env variablesDamien Miller
2018-08-23shorten temporary SSH_REGRESS_TMP pathV_7_8_P1V_7_8Damien Miller
2018-08-20Missing unistd.h for regress/mkdtemp.cDamien Miller
2018-08-10upstream: The script that cooks up PuTTY format host keys does
2018-07-27Include stdarg.h in mkdtemp for va_list.Darren Tucker
2018-07-20Create control sockets in clean temp directoriesDamien Miller
2018-07-16upstream: memleak in unittest; found by
2018-07-13upstream: make this use ssh_proxy rather than starting/stopping
2018-07-13upstream: fix leaks in unit test; with this, all unit tests
2018-07-13Enable leak checks for unit tests with valgrindDamien Miller
2018-07-13increase timeout to match cfgmatch.shDamien Miller
2018-07-11VALGRIND_CHECK_LEAKS logic was backwards :(Damien Miller
2018-07-11disable valgrind memleak checking by defaultDamien Miller
2018-07-10Adapt portable to legacy buffer API removalDamien Miller
2018-07-04upstream: deal with API rename: match_filter_list() =>
2018-07-04upstream: exercise new expansion behaviour
2018-07-04upstream: add a comment that could have saved me 45 minutes of
2018-07-04upstream: some magic for RSA-SHA2
2018-07-03upstream: One ampersand is enough to backgroud an process.
2018-06-19upstream: test PermitListen with bare port
2018-06-08upstream: test the correct configuration option
2018-06-07upstream: permitlisten/PermitListen unit test from
2018-06-07upstream: regress test for
2018-06-01upstream: Adapt to extra default verboisity from ssh-keygen
2018-06-01upstream: Add TEST_SSH_FAIL_FATAL variable, to force all
2018-06-01upstream: Clean up
2018-05-11fix on platforms without openpty(3)Damien Miller
2018-04-10upstream: more typos spotted by Karsten Weiss using
2018-04-10upstream: make this a bit more
2018-04-06upstream: Add test for username options parsing order, prompted
2018-03-26Remove test dependency on printenvDamien Miller
2018-03-25Replace /dev/stdin with "-".Darren Tucker
2018-03-23Provide $OBJ to paths in PuTTY interop tests.Darren Tucker
2018-03-23upstream: Tell puttygen to use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.
2018-03-22Save $? before case statement.Darren Tucker
2018-03-14upstream: rename recently-added "valid-before" key restriction
2018-03-14upstream: check valid-before option in
2018-03-14upstream: explicitly specify RSA/SHA-2 keytype here
2018-03-14upstream: exlicitly include RSA/SHA-2 keytypes