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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-06upstream: adapt sk-dummy to SK API
2020-01-04upstream: what bozo decided to use 2020 as a future date in a
2020-01-03upstream: implement recent SK API change to support resident
2020-01-03upstream: Update keygen moduli screen test to match recent needs extern "C" {}Damien Miller
2020-01-02add dummy ssh-sk API for linking with fuzzersDamien Miller
2019-12-21upstream: unit tests for ForwardAgent=/path; from Eric
2019-12-21upstream: test security key host keys in addition to user
2019-12-16upstream: adapt to ssh-sk-client
2019-12-16upstream: it's no longer possible to disable privilege
2019-12-06Wrap ECC specific bits in ifdef.Darren Tucker
2019-11-29includes.h for sk-dummy.c, dummyDamien Miller
2019-11-29another attempt at working x-platformDamien Miller
2019-11-29upstream: lots of dependencies go away here with ed25519 no
2019-11-27upstream: test FIDO2/U2F key types; ok
2019-11-27upstream: add dummy security key middleware based on work
2019-11-25unbreak fuzzers for recent security key changesDamien Miller
2019-11-25upstream: unbreak tests for recent security key
2019-11-25upstream: unbreak after security key support
2019-11-25upstream: Remove workaround for broken 'openssl rsa -text'
2019-11-18upstream: LibreSSL change the format for openssl rsa -text output
2019-11-01Check if IP_TOS is defined before using.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01upstream: more additional source
2019-11-01upstream: additional source files here
2019-11-01upstream: additional source files here
2019-11-01upstream: adapt to extra sshkey_sign() argument and
2019-11-01upstream: skip security-key key types for tests until we have
2019-11-01Missing unit test filesDamien Miller
2019-10-09add a fuzzer for private key parsingDamien Miller
2019-10-07upstream: Instead of running sed over the whole log to remove CRs,
2019-10-04upstream: more sshsig regress tests: check key revocation,
2019-09-30Add SKIP_LTESTS for skipping specific tests.Darren Tucker
2019-09-27upstream: Test for empty result in expected bits. Remove CRs from
2019-09-27Re-enable dhgex test.Darren Tucker
2019-09-08make unittests pass for no-openssl caseDamien Miller
2019-09-06upstream: Check for RSA support before using it for the user key,
2019-09-05update fuzzing makefile to more recent clangDamien Miller
2019-09-05fuzzer for sshsig allowed_signers option parsingDamien Miller
2019-09-05Fuzzer harness for sshsigDamien Miller
2019-09-03oops; missed including the actual fileDamien Miller
2019-09-03upstream: regress test for sshsig; feedback and ok
2019-09-03upstream: only add plain keys to prevent any certs laying
2019-08-30upstream: Use ed25519 for most hostkey rotation tests since it'
2019-08-02upstream: fix some memleaks in test_helper
2019-07-26upstream: Restrict limit-keytype to types supported by build.
2019-07-25Remove override disabling DH-GEX.Darren Tucker
2019-07-25upstream: Only use supported key types during KRL test,
2019-07-25upstream: Switch keys-command test from rsa to ed25519 since it'
2019-07-25upstream: Make certificate tests work with the supported
2019-07-24upstream: Construct list of key types to test based on the