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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-17Put stdint.h inside HAVE_STDINT_H.Darren Tucker
2021-07-24upstream: test for first-match-wins in authorized_keys
2021-06-08upstream: test argv_split() optional termination on
2021-06-01upstream: fix memleak in
2021-06-01upstream: also check contents of remaining
2021-06-01upstream: unit test for misc.c:strdelim() that mostly servces
2021-05-07upstream: dump out a usable private key string too; inspired by
2021-04-29Wrap sntrup761x25519 inside ifdef.Darren Tucker
2021-04-06upstream: Don't check return value of unsetenv(). It's part of
2021-04-03enable authopt and misc unit testsDamien Miller
2021-04-03missing bits from 259d648eDamien Miller
2021-04-01upstream: add a test for misc.c:argv_split(), currently
2021-01-22upstream: Fix long->int for convtime tests here too. Spotted
2021-01-18upstream: Change types in convtime() unit test to int to match
2021-01-11upstream: Update unittests for addr.c/addrmatch.c
2020-12-29upstream: Adapt to replacement
2020-12-21upstream: adapt to API change in hostkeys_foreach()/load_hostkeys()
2020-12-21upstream: few more things needs match.c and addrmatch.c now
2020-12-21Pull in missing rev 1.2.Darren Tucker
2020-08-27upstream: adapt to API
2020-07-20Skip ECDSA-SK webauthn test when built w/out ECCDarren Tucker
2020-07-15upstream: Fix previous by calling the correct
2020-07-15upstream: Update test to match recent change in
2020-07-04Wrap stdint.h in ifdef HAVE_STDINT_H.Darren Tucker
2020-06-22missing files for webauthn/sshsig unit testDamien Miller
2020-06-22upstream: add support for verification of webauthn sshsig signature,
2020-06-19Add includes.h to new test.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Skip OpenSSL specific tests w/out OpenSSL.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Hook sshsig tests up to Portable Makefiles.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19upstream: run sshsig unit
2020-06-19upstream: basic unit test for sshsig.[ch], including FIDO
2020-06-19upstream: basic unit test for FIDO kep
2020-05-29upstream: Add regression and unit tests for ${ENV}
2020-05-29upstream: Unit test for convtime. ok
2020-05-04upstream: sure enough, some of the test data that we though were
2020-05-04upstream: make generate old/new format keys that
2020-05-04upstream: portability fix for sed that always emil a newline
2020-05-04upstream: remove obsolete RSA1 test keys; spotted by Michael
2020-04-10upstream: Add utf8.c for asmprintf used by
2020-01-28upstream: unbreak unittests for recent API / source file
2020-01-26upstream: unbreak unittests for recent API / source file
2019-11-25upstream: unbreak tests for recent security key
2019-11-01upstream: more additional source
2019-11-01upstream: additional source files here
2019-11-01upstream: additional source files here
2019-11-01upstream: adapt to extra sshkey_sign() argument and
2019-11-01Missing unit test filesDamien Miller
2019-09-08make unittests pass for no-openssl caseDamien Miller
2019-08-02upstream: fix some memleaks in test_helper