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2017-10-20Fix missed RCSID mergesDamien Miller
2015-02-26valgrind supportDamien Miller
2013-05-17 - 2013/04/07 02:16:03Darren Tucker
[regress/Makefile regress/ regress/ regress/ regress/ regress/] use -E option for ssh and sshd to write debuging logs to ssh{,d}.log and save the output from any failing tests. If a test fails the debug output from ssh and sshd for the failing tests (and only the failing tests) should be available in failed-ssh{,d}.log.
2005-03-07 - 2005/02/27 11:33:30Darren Tucker
[] Add optional capability to log output from regress commands; ok markus@ Use with: make TEST_SSH_LOGFILE=/tmp/regress.log