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2011-01-17 - (djm) [ regress/ regress/]Damien Miller
[regress/ regress/] Rework how feature tests are disabled on platforms that do not support them; add a "config_defined()" shell function that greps for defines in config.h and use them to decide on feature tests. Convert a couple of existing grep's over config.h to use the new function Add a define "FILESYSTEM_NO_BACKSLASH" for filesystem that can't represent backslash characters in filenames, enable it for Cygwin and use it to turn of tests for quotes backslashes in based on discussion with vinschen AT and dtucker@; ok dtucker@
2009-10-07 - 2009/08/13 01:11:55Darren Tucker
[] date: 2009/08/13 01:11:19; author: djm; state: Exp; lines: +10 -7 Swizzle options: "-P sftp_server_path" moves to "-D sftp_server_path", add "-P port" to match scp(1). Fortunately, the -P option is only really used by our regression scripts. part of larger patch from for his Google Summer of Code work; ok deraadt markus
2008-03-07 - (tim) [regress/] Shell portability fix.Tim Rice
2007-10-26 - 2007/10/26 05:30:01Damien Miller
[regress/ regress/] remove "echo -E" crap that I added in last commit and use printf(1) for cases where we strictly require echo not to reprocess escape characters.
2007-10-26 - 2007/10/24 03:32:35Damien Miller
[regress/ regress/ regress/] comprehensive tests for sftp escaping its interaction with globbing; ok dtucker@
2005-03-07 - 2004/12/10 01:31:30Darren Tucker
[Makefile] some globbing regress; prompted and ok djm@