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UsePrivilegeSeparation is gone, stop trying to test it. Upstream-Regress-ID: 796a5057cfd79456a20ea935cc53f6eb80ace191
eliminate explicit specification of protocol in tests and loops over protocol. We only support SSHv2 now. Upstream-Regress-ID: 0082838a9b8a382b7ee9cbf0c1b9db727784fadd
include bad $SSH_CONNECTION in failure output Upstream-Regress-ID: b22d72edfde78c403aaec2b9c9753ef633cc0529
make it possible to run tests w/o ssh1 support; ok djm@
2014-05-15 - 2014/05/03 18:46:14Damien Miller
[] Add tests for with and without compression, with and without privsep.
2013-05-17 - 2013/03/07 00:20:34Darren Tucker
[regress/] repeat test with a style appended to the username
2003-01-22 - (djm) Sync regress with OpenBSD -currentDamien Miller
2002-05-01 - (djm) Import OpenBSD regression tests. Requires BSD make to runDamien Miller