path: root/regress/netcat.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-01fix reversed testDamien Miller
2020-05-01Include sys/byteorder.h for htons and friends.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Check if IP_TOS is defined before using.Darren Tucker
2018-02-08Set SO_REUSEADDR in regression test netcat.Darren Tucker
2016-07-14fix missing include for systems with err.hDamien Miller
2016-07-13Move err.h replacements into compat lib.Darren Tucker
2015-04-16remove dependency on arpa/telnet.hDamien Miller
2015-03-04netcat needs poll.h portability goopDamien Miller
2015-03-04avoid warningDamien Miller
2015-02-28portability fixes for regress/netcat.cDamien Miller
2015-02-26make regress/netcat.c fd passing (more) portableDamien Miller
2015-02-24Original portability patch from djm@ for platforms missing err.h.Tim Rice
2015-01-27compile on systems without TCP_MD5SIG (e.g. OSX)Damien Miller
2015-01-15some systems lack SO_REUSEPORTDamien Miller
2014-12-23include and use OpenBSD netcat in regress/Damien Miller