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2017-10-20Fix missed RCSID mergesDamien Miller
Allow to run ssh regression tests as root. If the user is already root, the test should not expect that SUDO is set. If ssh needs another user, use sudo or doas to switch from root if necessary. OK dtucker@ Upstream-Regress-ID: b464e55185ac4303529e3e6927db41683aaeace2
2016-02-23Disable tests where fs perms are incorrectDamien Miller
Some tests have strict requirements on the filesystem permissions for certain files and directories. This adds a regress/check-perm tool that copies the relevant logic from sshd to exactly test the paths in question. This lets us skip tests when the local filesystem doesn't conform to our expectations rather than continuing and failing the test run. ok dtucker@
regress test for AuthorizedKeysCommand arguments Upstream-Regress-ID: bbd65c13c6b3be9a442ec115800bff9625898f12
2012-12-07 - 2012/12/06 06:06:54Darren Tucker
[regress/] Fix some problems with the keys-command test: - use string comparison rather than numeric comparison - check for existing KEY_COMMAND file and don't clobber if it exists - clean up KEY_COMMAND file if we do create it. - check that KEY_COMMAND is executable (which it won't be if eg /var/run is mounted noexec). ok djm.
2012-12-03 - 2012/11/22 22:49:30Damien Miller
[regress/Makefile regress/] regress for AuthorizedKeysCommand; hints from markus@