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2020-05-13Actually skip pty tests when needed.Darren Tucker
2018-07-04upstream: add a comment that could have saved me 45 minutes of
goose chasing OpenBSD-Regress-ID: d469b29ffadd3402c090e21b792d627d46fa5297
2018-05-11fix on platforms without openpty(3)Damien Miller
Skip the pty tests if the platform lacks openpty(3) and has to chown(2) the pty device explicitly. This typically requires root permissions that this test lacks. bz#2856 ok dtucker@
2018-03-22Save $? before case statement.Darren Tucker
In some shells (FreeBSD 9, ash) the case statement resets $?, so save for later testing.
2018-03-14upstream: rename recently-added "valid-before" key restriction
"expiry-time" as the former is confusing wrt similar terminology in X.509; pointed out by jsing@ OpenBSD-Regress-ID: ac8b41dbfd90cffd525d58350c327195b0937793
2018-03-14upstream: check valid-before option in
OpenBSD-Regress-ID: 7e1e4a84f7f099a290e5a4cbf4196f90ff2d7e11
2018-03-04upstream: for the pty control tests, just check that the PTY
points to something in /dev (rather than checking the device node itself); makes life easier for portable, where systems with dynamic ptys can delete nodes before we get around to testing their existence. OpenBSD-Regress-ID: b1e455b821e62572bccd98102f8dd9d09bb94994
2018-03-03upstream: fix testing of pty option, include positive test
testing of restrict keyword OpenBSD-Regress-ID: 4268f27c2706a0a95e725d9518c5bcbec9814c6d
eliminate explicit specification of protocol in tests and loops over protocol. We only support SSHv2 now. Upstream-Regress-ID: 0082838a9b8a382b7ee9cbf0c1b9db727784fadd
make it possible to run tests w/o ssh1 support; ok djm@
2008-07-04 - 2008/06/30 08:07:34Darren Tucker
[] shell portability: use "=" instead of "==" in test(1) expressions, double-quote string with backslash escaped /
2008-06-11 - 2008/06/10 23:13:43Darren Tucker
[Makefile regress/] Add regress test for key options. ok djm@