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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-27upstream: test FIDO2/U2F key types; ok
2017-10-20Fix missed RCSID mergesDamien Miller
2014-02-28 - 2014/02/27 21:21:25Damien Miller
2014-01-28 - (tim) [regress/ regress/] Assign $? to a variableTim Rice
2013-12-08 - (djm) [ regress/Makefile regress/]Damien Miller
2011-01-17 - (djm) [regress/] Fix false failure on OS X by addingDamien Miller
2007-03-03 - (dtucker) [regress/] Make ttrace gdb error a little moreDarren Tucker
2005-03-02 - (tim) [regress/] add another possible gdb error.Tim Rice
2004-08-29 - (dtucker) [regress/] Skip ptrace test on OSF1/DUnix/Tru64Darren Tucker
2003-11-15 - (dtucker) [regress/] Test for GDB output from Solaris andDarren Tucker
2003-11-03 - (dtucker) [regress/] Use numeric uid and gid.Darren Tucker
2003-10-21Remove OBJ, shouldn't be thereDarren Tucker
2003-10-21 - (dtucker) [regress/] Skip agent-test unless SUDO is set,Darren Tucker
2003-09-12[regress/] sh doesn't like "if ! shell_function; then".Tim Rice
2003-09-11[regress/ regress/dynamic-forward.shTim Rice
2003-09-07 - (dtucker) [ (all regress/)]Darren Tucker
2003-09-04 - [ regress/agent-ptrace] Fix minor regress issues on Cygwin.Darren Tucker
2003-09-04 - [regress/ regress/]Darren Tucker
2003-09-04 - [regress/] Skip tests if platform doesn't support it orDarren Tucker
2003-01-22 - (djm) Sync regress with OpenBSD -currentDamien Miller