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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysSkip SK unit tests when built without security-keyDarren Tucker
10 daysAdd USE_LIBC_SHA2 for (at least) NetBSD 9.Darren Tucker
10 daysDefine OPENSSL_NO_SHA including OpenSSL from test.Darren Tucker
10 daysupstream: use libc SHA256 functions; make this work when
10 daysupstream: Add test for ssh hashed known_hosts
11 daysfix broken OPENSSL_HAS_ECC testDamien Miller
2021-10-01make work without libcrypto installedDamien Miller
2021-10-01upstream: Fix up whitespace left by
2021-10-01upstream: Remove references to
2021-10-01upstream: Use "skip" instead of "fatal"
2021-09-29Remove TEST_SSH_ECC.Darren Tucker
2021-09-29upstream: Test certificate hostkeys held in ssh-agent too. Would
2021-09-24Move the fgrep replacement to Tucker
2021-09-24Replacement function for buggy fgrep.Darren Tucker
2021-09-03upstream: Add test for client termination status on
2021-09-01upstream: Fix ssh-rsa fallback for old PuTTY interop
2021-09-01upstream: Add a function to skip remaining
2021-09-01upstream: Specify path to PuTTY
2021-08-31upstream: Better compat tests with old
2021-08-31Resync PuTTY interop tests.Darren Tucker
2021-08-31upstream: Specify hostkeyalgorithms in SSHFP
2021-08-30upstream: adapt to RSA/SHA1
2021-08-17Put stdint.h inside HAVE_STDINT_H.Darren Tucker
2021-08-11upstream: test
2021-08-10upstream: adapt to scp -M flag change; make test SFTP mode
2021-08-08upstream: Although it's POSIX, not all shells used in Portable
2021-08-08Move portable specific settings down.Darren Tucker
2021-08-08upstream: Move setting of USER further down the startup In
2021-08-08upstream: Drop -q in to preserve
2021-08-06upstream: Make diff invocation more
2021-08-06upstream: regression test for scp
2021-08-03upstream: regression tests for scp SFTP protocol support; mostly
2021-08-03upstream: Treat doas with arguments as a valid SUDO
2021-07-25upstream: Skip unit and makefile-based key conversion tests
2021-07-25upstream: Replace OPENSSL as the variable that points to
2021-07-24upstream: Skip RFC4716 format import and export tests when
2021-07-24upstream: test for first-match-wins in authorized_keys
2021-07-24upstream: Simplify keygen-convert by using $SSH_KEYTYPES
2021-07-23upstream: Test conversion of ed25519 and ecdsa keys
2021-07-23upstream: Add test for exporting pubkey from a
2021-07-23upstream: regression test for time-limited signature
2021-07-19upstream: Use SUDO when setting up
2021-07-19upstream: Increase time margin for rekey tests. Should
2021-07-19Add file missed in previous.Darren Tucker
2021-07-19upstream: Add test for host key verification via SSHFP records.
2021-07-19upstream: Add ed25519 key and test SSHFP export of it. Only
2021-07-19upstream: Group keygen tests
2021-07-19upstream: Add test for ssh-keygen printing of SSHFP
2021-07-14upstream: fix some broken tests; clean up
2021-06-10upstream: Use $SUDO when reading sshd's pidfile here