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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-09upstream: adapt to SSH_SK_VERSION_MAJOR
2020-09-09upstream: Ensure that address/mask mismatches are flagged
2020-08-27upstream: adapt to API
2020-08-27upstream: dummy firmware needs to match API version numner crank (
2020-07-20Skip ECDSA-SK webauthn test when built w/out ECCDarren Tucker
2020-07-17upstream: Add test for '%k' (HostKeyAlias)
2020-07-17upstream: Add tests for expansions on
2020-07-15upstream: Fix previous by calling the correct
2020-07-15upstream: Update test to match recent change in
2020-07-15upstream: Use $OBJ to find key files. Fixes test when run on an
2020-07-04Wrap stdint.h in ifdef HAVE_STDINT_H.Darren Tucker
2020-06-26upstream: regress test for ssh-add -d; ok
2020-06-26upstream: add test for mux w/-Oproxy; ok
2020-06-22missing files for webauthn/sshsig unit testDamien Miller
2020-06-22upstream: add support for verification of webauthn sshsig signature,
2020-06-19Add includes.h to new test.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Skip OpenSSL specific tests w/out OpenSSL.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19Hook sshsig tests up to Portable Makefiles.Darren Tucker
2020-06-19upstream: Test that ssh-agent exits when running as as
2020-06-19upstream: run sshsig unit
2020-06-19upstream: basic unit test for sshsig.[ch], including FIDO
2020-06-19upstream: basic unit test for FIDO kep
2020-05-29Omit ToS setting if we don't have IPV6_TCLASS too.Darren Tucker
2020-05-29upstream: Add regression and unit tests for ${ENV}
2020-05-29upstream: Unit test for convtime. ok
2020-05-29partial sync of regress/netcat.c with upstreamsobrado
2020-05-29partial sync of regress/netcat.c with upstreamchl
2020-05-29partial sync of regress/netcat.c with upstreamtobias
2020-05-29partial sync of regress/netcat.c with upstreamtobias
2020-05-29partial sync of regress/netcat.c with upstreamjca
2020-05-28upstream: two new tests for Include in sshd_config, checking
2020-05-14prefer ln to cp for temporary copy of sshdDamien Miller
2020-05-13Actually skip pty tests when needed.Darren Tucker
2020-05-05Skip security key tests if ENABLE_SK not set.Darren Tucker
2020-05-04upstream: sure enough, some of the test data that we though were
2020-05-04upstream: make generate old/new format keys that
2020-05-04upstream: portability fix for sed that always emil a newline
2020-05-04upstream: remove obsolete RSA1 test keys; spotted by Michael
2020-05-01fix reversed testDamien Miller
2020-05-01upstream: adapt dummy FIDO middleware to API change; ok
2020-05-01Include sys/byteorder.h for htons and friends.Darren Tucker
2020-04-22Pass configure's egrep through to Tucker
2020-04-22upstream: Backslash '$' at then end of string. Prevents warning
2020-04-20upstream: regression test for printing of private key fingerprints
2020-04-10upstream: Add tests for TOKEN expansion of LocalForward
2020-04-10upstream: Add utf8.c for asmprintf used by
2020-04-05upstream: Indicate if we're using a cached key in trace
2020-04-05Use /usr/bin/xp4g/id if necessary.Darren Tucker
2020-04-05upstream: Some platforms don't have "hostname -s", so use cut to
2020-04-05upstream: Compute hash locally and re-enable %C