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1999-11-23 - Added SuSE package files from Chris Saia <>Damien Miller
1999-11-22prepare for 1.2pre14V_1_2_PRE14Damien Miller
1999-11-19Fix doc filesDamien Miller
1999-11-19Fix askapss filesDamien Miller
1999-11-19Fix doc filesDamien Miller
1999-11-19Prepare for pre13Damien Miller
1999-11-19- Move scp from ${libdir}/ssh to ${libexecdir}/ssh at request ofDamien Miller
1999-11-15- Split subpackages further based on patch from jim knoble <>V_1_2_PRE12Damien Miller
1999-11-15Fixed spelloDamien Miller
1999-11-13Added obseletes lines to specDamien Miller
1999-11-12prepare for pre11Damien Miller
1999-11-11Changed name of directory in tarballDamien Miller
1999-11-11Doc and spec updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-10 - Merged several minor fixed:Damien Miller
1999-11-09Dumb typoDamien Miller
1999-11-091st attempt at RPM subpackagesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Build fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Build fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-09Minor updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-09 - Autodetection of SSL/Crypto library location via autoconfDamien Miller
1999-11-08Fix path typoDamien Miller
1999-11-08Lots of changes:Damien Miller
1999-10-30Renamed READMEV_1_2_PRE7Damien Miller
1999-10-30Updated COPYING file with usage of RC4Damien Miller
1999-10-29 - Remove autoconf generated Makefile from CVSDamien Miller
1999-10-29Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-10-29Renamed open* -> * at request of Theo de Raadt <>Damien Miller
1999-10-28Prepare for 1.2pre5V_1_2_PRE5Damien Miller
1999-10-28Rename PID fileV_1_2_PRE4Damien Miller
1999-10-28Big rename ssh* -> openssh*Damien Miller
1999-10-27Initial revisionDamien Miller