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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-02Define __BSD_VISIBLE in fnmatch.h.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Hook up fnmatch for platforms that don't have it.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Add missing bracket in realpath macro.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Import fnmatch.c from OpenBSD.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Use sftp_realpath if no native realpath.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Add prototype for localtime_r if needed.Darren Tucker
2019-10-29Add implementation of localtime_r.Darren Tucker
2019-10-28Fix ifdefs to not mask needed bits.Darren Tucker
2019-10-28Make sure we have struct statfs before using.Darren Tucker
2019-10-28Move utimensat definition into timespec section.Darren Tucker
2019-10-11Re-add SA_RESTART to mysignal.Darren Tucker
2019-10-10Fix ifdef typo for declaration of memmem.Darren Tucker
2019-10-09Make MAKE_CLONE no-op macro more correct.Darren Tucker
2019-10-08avoid "return (value)" in void-declared functionDamien Miller
2019-09-30Include stdio.h for snprintf.Darren Tucker
2019-09-02fixed test in OSX closefrom() replacementDamien Miller
2019-09-02retain Solaris PRIV_FILE_LINK_ANY in sftp-serverDamien Miller
2019-08-30proc_pidinfo()-based closefrom() for OS XDamien Miller
2019-08-24Fix pasto in fallback code.Darren Tucker
2019-08-05Fix mem leak in unit test.Darren Tucker
2019-07-23upstream rev 1.28: fix comment typo.Darren Tucker
2019-07-23Remove sys/cdefs.h include.Darren Tucker
2019-07-23Re-apply portability changes to current sha2.{c,h}.Darren Tucker
2019-07-23Import current sha2.c and sha2.h from OpenBSD.Darren Tucker
2019-07-19fix SIGWINCH delivery of Solaris for mux sessionsDamien Miller
2019-07-19Fix format string integer type in error message.Darren Tucker
2019-07-16Hook memmem compat code into build.Darren Tucker
2019-07-16Import memmem.c from OpenBSD.Darren Tucker
2019-07-08Move log.h include inside ifdefs.Darren Tucker
2019-07-08Include log.h for debug() and friends.Darren Tucker
2019-07-08remove realpath() compat replacementDamien Miller
2019-07-06Add prototype for strnlen to prevent warnings.Darren Tucker
2019-07-06Cast *ID types to unsigned long when printing.Darren Tucker
2019-07-06Add prototype for compat strndup.(bz#3032).Darren Tucker
2019-06-16Include stdio.h for vsnprintf.Darren Tucker
2019-06-14upstream rev 1.27: fix integer overflow.Darren Tucker
2019-06-14upstream rev 1.25: add DEF_WEAK.Darren Tucker
2019-06-14upstream rev 1.25: add sys/types.hDarren Tucker
2019-06-14upstream: Use explicit_bzero instead of memsetDarren Tucker
2019-06-08Always clean up before and after utimensat test.Darren Tucker
2019-06-07Update utimensat test.Darren Tucker
2019-04-26Don't install duplicate STREAMS modules on SolarisDarren Tucker
2019-04-03Remove "struct ssh" from sys_auth_record_login.Darren Tucker
2019-04-02Adapt custom_failed_login to new prototype.Darren Tucker
2019-03-31Only use O_NOFOLLOW in fchownat and fchmodat if definedTim Rice
2019-03-28Only use O_NOFOLLOW in utimensat if defined.Darren Tucker
2019-03-13Replace alloca with xcalloc.Darren Tucker
2019-03-12Use Cygwin-specific matching only for users+groups.Darren Tucker
2019-02-22Cygwin: implement case-insensitive Unicode user and group name matchingCorinna Vinschen
2019-02-22Revert unintended parts of previous commit.Darren Tucker