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2003-04-01license from sambaDamien Miller
2003-03-25 - (djm) Fix getpeerid support for 64 bit BE systems. FromDamien Miller
2003-03-24 - Fix sshd BindAddress and -b options for systems using fake-getaddrinfo.Damien Miller
2003-03-21 - (bal) Collection of Cray patches (bsd-cray.h fix for CRAYT3E and improvedBen Lindstrom
2003-03-18[ openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.c openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.h]Tim Rice
2003-03-17 - (djm) Fix return value checks for RAND_bytes. Report fromDamien Miller
2003-02-25duhDamien Miller
2003-02-25me <- idiotDamien Miller
2003-02-24 - (djm) Bug #456: Support for NEC SX6 with Unicos; from wendyp@cray.comDamien Miller
2003-02-24 - (djm) Rest of Bug #499: Import a basename() function from OpenBSD libcDamien Miller
2003-02-24 - (djm) Bug #501: gai_strerror should return char*;Damien Miller
2003-02-06 - (djm) Teach fake-getaddrinfo to use getservbyname() when provided aDamien Miller
2003-02-01 - (bal) AIX 4.2.1 lacks nanosleep(). Patch to use nsleep() provided byBen Lindstrom
2003-01-27 - (bal) Bugzilla 477 patch by Define TIOCGPGRP forBen Lindstrom
2003-01-20 - (djm) Fix compilation for NetBSD from Miller
2003-01-17 - (djm) Bug #470: Detect strnvis, not strvis in configure.Damien Miller
2003-01-13 - (djm) Rework openbsd-compat/setproctitle.c a bit: move emulation typeDamien Miller
2003-01-10 - (djm) Enable new setproctitle emulation for Linux, AIX and HP/UX. MoreDamien Miller
2003-01-08 - (djm) Sync openbsd-compat/ with OpenBSD -currentDamien Miller
2003-01-07 - (djm) Bug #111: Run syslog and stderr logging through strnvis to eliminateDamien Miller
2003-01-07 - (djm) Bug #26: Use local mkstemp() rather than glibc's silly one. FixesDamien Miller
2002-11-09 - (bal) Update ssh-host-config and minor rewrite of bsd-cygwin_util.cBen Lindstrom
2002-09-25Cray fixes (bug 367) based on patch from Wendy Palm @ cray.Tim Rice
2002-09-12 - (djm) Sync sys/tree.h with OpenBSD -current. Rename tree.h andDamien Miller
2002-09-12 - (djm) Added getpeereid() replacement. Properly implemented for systemsDamien Miller
2002-09-11 - (djm) Sync openbsd-compat with OpenBSD -currentDamien Miller
2002-07-23 - (bal) [bsd-cray.c bsd-cray.h] Part 2 of Cray merger.Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-23 - (bal) [monitor_mm.c openbsd-compat/xmmap.h] Move xmmap() definesBen Lindstrom
2002-07-22 - (stevesk) [xmmap.c] missing prototype for fatal()Kevin Steves
2002-07-14 (bal/tim) [acconfig.h monitor_mm.c servconf.cTim Rice
2002-07-08 - (bal) Correction to utimes() again.Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-07 - (bal) [realpath.c] Updated with OpenBSD tree.Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-07Added author to ports-aix.[ch].Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-04 - (bal) One too many nulls in ports-aix.cBen Lindstrom
2002-07-04 - (bal) glob.c defines TILDE and AIX also defines it. #undef it first.Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-04 - (bal) Clean up aix_usrinfo(). Ignore TTY= period I guess.Ben Lindstrom
2002-07-03 - (bal) minor correction to utimes() replacement. Patch byBen Lindstrom
2002-06-27 - (bal) s/config.h/includes.h/ in openbsd-compat/ for *.c. Otherwise wiseBen Lindstrom
2002-06-22 - (bal) getopt now can be staticly compiled on those platforms missingBen Lindstrom
2002-06-21 - (bal) Fixed AIX environment handling, use setpcred() instead of existingBen Lindstrom
2002-06-13 - (bal) typo of setgroup for cygwin. Patch by vinschen@redhat.comBen Lindstrom
2002-06-12 - (bal) Build noop setgroups() for cygwin to clean up code (For otherBen Lindstrom
2002-05-15 - (bal) Clarified openbsd-compat/*-cray.* Licence provided by Wendy.Ben Lindstrom
2002-05-08fix logic on when seed_rng() is called.Tim Rice
2002-05-07 Add truncate() emulation to address Bug 208Tim Rice
2002-05-01 - (djm) Fix readpassphase compilation for systems which have itDamien Miller
2002-04-15 - (stevesk) bsd-cygwin_util.[ch] BSD license from Corinna VinschenKevin Steves
2002-04-11[acconfig.h defines.h includes.h] put includes in includes.h andTim Rice
2002-04-06 - (bal) Revered out of runtime IRIX runtime detection of joblimits. Code isBen Lindstrom
2002-04-05 - (bal) Too many <sys/queue.h> issues. Remove all workarounds andBen Lindstrom