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2002-02-26 - (stevesk) openbsd-compat/base64.h: typo in commentKevin Steves
2002-02-25 - (bal) Last AIX patch. Moved aix_usrinfo() outside of do_setuserconext()Ben Lindstrom
2002-02-24 - (bal) Drop Session *s usage in ports-aix.[ch] and pass just what weBen Lindstrom
2002-02-19 - (bal) Migrated AIX getuserattr and usrinfo code toBen Lindstrom
2002-02-19 - (bal) Migrate IRIX jobs/projects/audit/etc code toBen Lindstrom
2002-02-14oops, remove some debugging junk that crept inDamien Miller
2002-02-13unbreakDamien Miller
2002-02-13 - (djm) Sync openbsd-compat with OpenBSD CVS tooDamien Miller
2001-12-29 - (djm) Apply Cygwin pointer deref fix from Corinna VinschenDamien Miller
2001-12-07 - (bal) PCRE no longer required. Banished from the source along withBen Lindstrom
2001-11-26[contrib/cygwin/README, openbsd-compat/bsd-cygwin_util.c,Tim Rice
2001-10-25 - (bal) Use VDISABLE if _POSIX_VDISABLE is set in readpassphrase.c. PatchBen Lindstrom
2001-10-10 - (bal) removed two unsed headers in openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.cBen Lindstrom
2001-09-2920010929Ben Lindstrom
2001-09-25 - (djm) Avoid bad and unportable sprintf usage in compat codeDamien Miller
2001-09-20 - (bal) openbsd-compat/vis.[ch] is dead wood. Removed.Ben Lindstrom
2001-09-18 - (djm) Avoid warning on BSDgetoptDamien Miller
2001-09-17 - (tim) [includes.h openbsd-compat/getopt.c openbsd-compat/getopt.h]Tim Rice
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) bsd-cray.c: more cleanup; ok wendyp@cray.comKevin Steves
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) bsd-cray.c: utmp strings are not C stringsKevin Steves
2001-08-14 - (stevesk) sshpty.c, cray.[ch]: whitespace, formatting and cleanupKevin Steves
2001-08-09 - (bal) Minor correction to inet_ntop.h. _BSD_RRESVPORT_H should beBen Lindstrom
2001-08-07 - (tim) [ sshconnect.c openbsd-compat/Makefile.inTim Rice
2001-08-06 - (bal) Second around of UNICOS patches. A few other things left.Ben Lindstrom
2001-07-22 - (bal) Starting the Unicossmk merger. File merged TODO,,Ben Lindstrom
2001-07-18 - (bal) Allow sshd to switch user context without password for Cygwin.Ben Lindstrom
2001-07-15 - (tim) put openssh/openbsd-compat/inet_aton.[ch] back in.Tim Rice
2001-07-14 - (stevesk) change getopt() declarationKevin Steves
2001-07-14 - (djm) Pull in getopt(3) from OpenBSD libc for the optreset extension.Damien Miller
2001-07-04 - (tim) [openbsd-compat/dirname.h] Remove ^M causing some compilers toTim Rice
2001-06-29 - (bal) Fixed _DISABLE_VPOSIX in readpassphrase.c.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-29 - (bal) Removed net_aton() since we don't use it any moreBen Lindstrom
2001-06-28You know I really should wake up. <sigh> Stop those 3 files from files fromBen Lindstrom
2001-06-28 - (bal) Remove getusershell() since it's no longer useBen Lindstrom
2001-06-28 - (bal) Removed strtok_r and inet_ntop since they are no longer used.Ben Lindstrom
2001-06-2820010628Damien Miller
2001-06-27 - (djm) Fix a few warnings the above turned upDamien Miller
2001-06-27 - (djm) Sync with -current openbsd-compat/readpassphrase.c:Damien Miller
2001-06-25 - (djm) Bring in readpassphrase() from OpenBSD libc. Compiles OK on Linux andDamien Miller
2001-06-10 - (bal) NeXT/MacOS X lack libgen.h and dirname(). Patch by Mark MillerBen Lindstrom
2001-06-09 - (bal) ANSIify strmode()Ben Lindstrom
2001-04-30 - (djm) Add .cvsignore files, suggested by Wayne Davison <>Damien Miller
2001-04-27 - (bal) arpa/nameser.h does not exist on Cygwin. Patch by CorinnaBen Lindstrom
2001-04-14 - Cygwin sftp/sftp-server binary mode patch from Corinna VinschenDamien Miller
2001-04-14 - Sync with OpenBSD glob.c, strlcat.c and vis.c changesDamien Miller
2001-04-12 - (bal) Added openbsd-compat/inet_ntop.[ch] since HP/UX (and others)Ben Lindstrom
2001-04-09 - (stevesk) use setresgid() for setegid() if neededKevin Steves
2001-03-30 - (djm) Another openbsd-compat/glob.c syncDamien Miller
2001-03-28 - (djm) Sync openbsd-compat/glob.cDamien Miller
2001-03-26 - Fix pointer issues in waitpid() and wait() replaces. Patch by LutzBen Lindstrom