path: root/openbsd-compat/inet_ntoa.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-11-10 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/inet_nto.c] Update from OpenBSD 1.4 -> 1.6.Darren Tucker
2005-11-10 - (dtucker) [openbsd-compat/{LOTS}] Move the "OPENBSD ORIGINAL" markers toDarren Tucker
2003-11-24 - (djm) Annotate OpenBSD-derived files in openbsd-compat/ with originalDamien Miller
2003-09-17[openbsd-compat/inet_ntoa.c] 20030917 "Sync with V_3_7 branch" undidTim Rice
2003-09-17 - (djm) Sync with V_3_7 branchDamien Miller
2003-09-16 - (bal) Missed dead header in inet_ntoa.Ben Lindstrom
2003-06-03 - (djm) Sync openbsd-compat with OpenBSD CVS.Damien Miller
2002-09-11 - (djm) Sync openbsd-compat with OpenBSD -currentDamien Miller
2002-06-27 - (bal) s/config.h/includes.h/ in openbsd-compat/ for *.c. Otherwise wiseBen Lindstrom
2001-02-03 - (bal) I think this is the last of the bsd-*.h that don't belong.Ben Lindstrom
2001-01-31 - (bal) Reorder. Move all bsd-*, fake-*, next-*, and cygwin* stuff toBen Lindstrom