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2021-09-19upstream: allow log_stderr==2 to prefix log messages with argv[0]
use this to make scp's SFTP mode error messages more scp-like prompted by and ok deraadt@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 0e821dbde423fc2280e47414bdc22aaa5b4e0733
2021-05-10upstream: include pid in LogVerbose
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: aacb86f96ee90c7cb84ec27452374285f89a7f00
2021-04-16upstream: do not pass file/func to monitor; noted by Ilja van Sprundel;
ok djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 85ae5c063845c410283cbdce685515dcd19479fa
2021-04-03upstream: highly polished whitespace, mostly fixing
and bad indentation on continuation lines. Prompted by GHPR#185 OpenBSD-Commit-ID: e5c81f0cbdcc6144df1ce468ec1bac366d8ad6e9
2020-12-04upstream: make program name be
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: ece25680ec637fdf20502721ccb0276691df5384
2020-10-18upstream: variants of the log methods that append a ssherr.h
from a supplied error code; ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: aed98c4435d48d036ae6740300f6a8357b7cc0bf
2020-10-17upstream: make the log functions that exit (sshlogdie(),
sshfatal(), etc) have identical signatures. Makes things a bit more consistent... OpenBSD-Commit-ID: bd0ae124733389d7c0042e135c71ee9091362eb9
2020-10-17upstream: revised log infrastructure for
log functions receive function, filename and line number of caller. We can use this to selectively enable logging via pattern-lists. ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 51a472610cbe37834ce6ce4a3f0e0b1ccc95a349
2020-07-03upstream: when redirecting sshd's log output to a file, undo
redirection after the session child process is forked(); ok dtucker@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 6df86dd653c91f5bc8ac1916e7680d9d24690865
2018-07-31upstream: avoid expensive channel_open_message() calls; ok
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: aea3b5512ad681cd8710367d743e8a753d4425d9
allow LogLevel in sshd_config Match blocks; ok dtucker bz#2717 Upstream-ID: 662e303be63148f47db1aa78ab81c5c2e732baa8
don't truncate off \r\n from long stderr lines; bz#2688, reported by Brian Dyson; ok dtucker@ Upstream-ID: cdfdc4ba90639af807397ce996153c88af046ca4
Reduce the syslog level of some relatively common protocol events from LOG_CRIT by replacing fatal() calls with logdie(). Part of bz#2585, ok djm@ Upstream-ID: 9005805227c94edf6ac02a160f0e199638d288e5
close ControlPersist background process stderr when not in debug mode or when logging to a file or syslog. bz#1988 ok dtucker Upstream-ID: 4fb726f0fdcb155ad419913cea10dc4afd409d24
xmalloc.h is unused Upstream-ID: afb532355b7fa7135a60d944ca1e644d1d63cb58
2013-05-16 - 2013/05/16 09:08:41Darren Tucker
[log.c scp.c sshd.c serverloop.c schnorr.c sftp.c] Fix some "unused result" warnings found via clang and -portable. ok markus@
2013-04-23 - 2013/04/07 02:10:33Damien Miller
[log.c log.h ssh.1 ssh.c sshd.8 sshd.c] Add -E option to ssh and sshd to append debugging logs to a specified file instead of stderr or syslog. ok markus@, man page help jmc@
2013-03-20 - (djm) [ log.c scp.c sshconnect2.c openbsd-compat/vis.c]Damien Miller
[openbsd-compat/vis.h] FreeBSD's strnvis isn't compatible with OpenBSD's so mark it as broken. Patch from des AT
2012-09-06 - 2012/09/06 04:37:39Darren Tucker
[clientloop.c log.c ssh.1 log.h] Add ~v and ~V escape sequences to raise and lower the logging level respectively. Man page help from jmc, ok deraadt jmc
2011-06-20 - 2011/06/17 21:44:31Damien Miller
[log.c log.h monitor.c monitor.h monitor_wrap.c monitor_wrap.h sshd.c] make the pre-auth privsep slave log via a socketpair shared with the monitor rather than /var/empty/dev/log; ok dtucker@ deraadt@ markus@
2008-06-10 - 2008/06/10 04:50:25Darren Tucker
[sshd.c channels.h channels.c log.c servconf.c log.h servconf.h sshd.8] Add extended test mode (-T) and connection parameters for test mode (-C). -T causes sshd to write its effective configuration to stdout and exit. -C causes any relevant Match rules to be applied before output. The combination allows tesing of the parser and config files. ok deraadt djm
2007-05-20 - 2007/05/17 07:50:31Darren Tucker
[log.c] save and restore errno when logging; ok deraadt@
2006-08-20 - (dtucker) [log.c] Move ifdef to prevent unused variable warning.Darren Tucker
2006-08-19 - (djm) Disable sigdie() for platforms that cannot safely syslog insideDamien Miller
a signal handler (basically all of them, excepting OpenBSD); ok dtucker@
2006-08-19 - 2006/08/18 09:13:26Damien Miller
[log.c log.h sshd.c] make signal handler termination path shorter; risky code pointed out by mark dowd; ok djm markus
2006-08-05 - 2006/08/03 03:34:42Damien Miller
[OVERVIEW atomicio.c atomicio.h auth-bsdauth.c auth-chall.c auth-krb5.c] [auth-options.c auth-options.h auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c] [auth-rsa.c auth-skey.c auth.c auth.h auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2-gss.c] [auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c auth2-passwd.c ] [auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfd.h authfile.c bufaux.c bufbn.c] [buffer.c buffer.h canohost.c channels.c channels.h cipher-3des1.c] [cipher-bf1.c cipher-ctr.c cipher.c cleanup.c clientloop.c compat.c] [compress.c deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c dns.c dns.h fatal.c groupaccess.c] [groupaccess.h gss-genr.c gss-serv-krb5.c gss-serv.c hostfile.c kex.c] [kex.h kexdh.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgex.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c] [key.h log.c log.h mac.c match.c md-sha256.c misc.c misc.h moduli.c] [monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c monitor_mm.c monitor_mm.h monitor_wrap.c] [monitor_wrap.h msg.c nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c] [readconf.h readpass.c rsa.c scard.c scard.h scp.c servconf.c servconf.h] [serverloop.c session.c session.h sftp-client.c sftp-common.c] [sftp-common.h sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c] [ssh-dss.c ssh-gss.h ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c ssh-rsa.c] [ssh.c ssh.h sshconnect.c sshconnect.h sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c] [sshd.c sshlogin.c sshlogin.h sshpty.c sshpty.h sshtty.c ttymodes.c] [uidswap.c uidswap.h uuencode.c uuencode.h xmalloc.c xmalloc.h] [loginrec.c loginrec.h openbsd-compat/port-aix.c openbsd-compat/port-tun.h] almost entirely get rid of the culture of ".h files that include .h files" ok djm, sort of ok stevesk makes the pain stop in one easy step NB. portable commit contains everything *except* removing includes.h, as that will take a fair bit more work as we move headers that are required for portability workarounds to defines.h. (also, this step wasn't "easy")
2006-08-05 - 2006/08/01 23:22:48Damien Miller
[auth-passwd.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth.c auth.h auth1.c] [auth2-chall.c auth2-pubkey.c authfile.c buffer.c canohost.c] [channels.c clientloop.c dh.c dns.c dns.h hostfile.c kex.c kexdhc.c] [kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c key.h log.c misc.c misc.h moduli.c] [monitor_wrap.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c readpass.c scp.c] [servconf.c session.c sftp-client.c sftp-common.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] [ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c sshconnect.c] [sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c sshtty.c uuencode.c] [uuencode.h xmalloc.c] move #include <stdio.h> out of includes.h
2006-08-05 - 2006/07/26 13:57:17Damien Miller
[authfd.c authfile.c dh.c canohost.c channels.c clientloop.c compat.c] [hostfile.c kex.c log.c misc.c moduli.c monitor.c packet.c readpass.c] [scp.c servconf.c session.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c] [ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c ssh.c sshconnect.c] [sshconnect1.c sshd.c xmalloc.c] move #include <stdlib.h> out of includes.h
2006-07-24 - 2006/07/22 20:48:23Damien Miller
[atomicio.c auth-options.c auth-passwd.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c] [auth.c auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2-hostbased.c auth2-passwd.c auth2.c] [authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c bufbn.c buffer.c canohost.c channels.c] [cipher-3des1.c cipher-bf1.c cipher-ctr.c cipher.c clientloop.c] [compat.c deattack.c dh.c dns.c gss-genr.c gss-serv.c hostfile.c] [includes.h kex.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c log.c] [mac.c match.c md-sha256.c misc.c moduli.c monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c] [monitor_mm.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c nchan.c packet.c rsa.c] [progressmeter.c readconf.c readpass.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c] [session.c sftp-client.c sftp-common.c sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] [ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] [ssh-keysign.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c] [sshd.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c ttymodes.c uidswap.c xmalloc.c] move #include <string.h> out of includes.h
2006-07-24 - 2006/07/17 01:31:10Damien Miller
[authfd.c authfile.c channels.c cleanup.c clientloop.c groupaccess.c] [includes.h log.c misc.c msg.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c] [readpass.c scp.c servconf.c sftp-client.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] [ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c ssh.c] [sshconnect.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c uidswap.c] move #include <unistd.h> out of includes.h
2006-07-12 - 2006/07/10 16:37:36Darren Tucker
[readpass.c log.h scp.c fatal.c xmalloc.c includes.h ssh-keyscan.c misc.c auth.c packet.c log.c] move #include <stdarg.h> out of includes.h; ok markus@
2006-07-10 - 2006/07/08 23:30:06Damien Miller
[log.c] move user includes after /usr/include files
2006-03-26 - 2006/03/25 13:17:03Damien Miller
[atomicio.c auth-bsdauth.c auth-chall.c auth-options.c auth-passwd.c] [auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth-skey.c auth.c auth1.c] [auth2-chall.c auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c] [auth2-passwd.c auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c] [buffer.c canohost.c channels.c cipher-3des1.c cipher-bf1.c] [cipher-ctr.c cipher.c cleanup.c clientloop.c compat.c compress.c] [deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c fatal.c groupaccess.c hostfile.c kex.c] [kexdh.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgex.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c log.c] [mac.c match.c md-sha256.c misc.c monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c] [monitor_mm.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c] [readconf.c readpass.c rsa.c scard.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c] [session.c sftp-client.c sftp-common.c sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c] [sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] [ssh-keysign.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c] [sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c sshtty.c ttymodes.c] [uidswap.c uuencode.c xmalloc.c] Put $OpenBSD$ tags back (as comments) to replace the RCSID()s that Theo nuked - our scripts to sync -portable need them in the files
2006-03-26 - 2006/03/19 18:51:18Damien Miller
[atomicio.c auth-bsdauth.c auth-chall.c auth-krb5.c auth-options.c] [auth-pam.c auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c] [auth-shadow.c auth-skey.c auth.c auth1.c auth2-chall.c] [auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c auth2-passwd.c] [auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c buffer.c] [canohost.c channels.c cipher-3des1.c cipher-acss.c cipher-aes.c] [cipher-bf1.c cipher-ctr.c cipher.c cleanup.c clientloop.c compat.c] [compress.c deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c dns.c entropy.c fatal.c] [groupaccess.c hostfile.c includes.h kex.c kexdh.c kexdhc.c] [kexdhs.c kexgex.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c log.c loginrec.c] [loginrec.h logintest.c mac.c match.c md-sha256.c md5crypt.c misc.c] [monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c monitor_mm.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c] [nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c readpass.c rsa.c] [scard.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c session.c sftp-client.c] [sftp-common.c sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-add.c] [ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c] [ssh-rand-helper.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c] [sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c sshtty.c ttymodes.c] [uidswap.c uuencode.c xmalloc.c openbsd-compat/bsd-arc4random.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-closefrom.c openbsd-compat/bsd-cygwin_util.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-getpeereid.c openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-nextstep.c openbsd-compat/bsd-snprintf.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-waitpid.c openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.c] RCSID() can die
2005-03-09 - (djm) [log.c] Fix dumb syntax error; ok dtucker@Darren Tucker
(pulled from 4.0 branch).
2005-02-01 - (dtucker) [log.c] Bug #973: force log_init() to open syslog, since on someDarren Tucker
platforms syslog will revert to its default values. This may result in messages from external libraries (eg libwrap) being sent to a different facility.
2004-07-21 - (djm) [log.c] bz #111: Escape more control characters when sending dataDamien Miller
to syslog; from peak AT
2004-02-18 - (djm) [log.c] Tighten openlog_r testsDamien Miller
2004-02-18 - (djm) [log.c] Correct use of HAVE_OPENLOG_RDamien Miller
2003-10-02 - 2003/09/23 20:17:11Darren Tucker
[ auth1.c auth2.c auth.c auth.h auth-krb5.c canohost.c cleanup.c clientloop.c fatal.c gss-serv.c log.c log.h monitor.c monitor.h monitor_wrap.c monitor_wrap.h packet.c serverloop.c session.c session.h ssh-agent.c sshd.c] replace fatal_cleanup() and linked list of fatal callbacks with static cleanup_exit() function. re-refine cleanup_exit() where appropriate, allocate sshd's authctxt eary to allow simpler cleanup in sshd. tested by many, ok deraadt@
2003-09-23 - (djm) Sync with V_3_7 branch:Damien Miller
- (djm) Fix SSH1 challenge kludge - (djm) Bug #671: Fix builds on OpenBSD - (djm) Bug #676: Fix PAM stack corruption - (djm) Fix bad free() in PAM code - (djm) Don't call pam_end before pam_init - (djm) Enable build with old OpenSSL again - (djm) Trim deprecated options from INSTALL. Mention UsePAM - (djm) Fix quote handling in sftp; Patch from admorten AT
2003-05-25remove #include we don't needDamien Miller
2003-05-25- (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/05/24 09:02:22 [log.c] pass logged data through strnvis; ok markus
2003-05-23 - (djm) Use VIS_SAFE on logged strings rather than default strnvisDamien Miller
encoding (which encodes many more characters)
2003-05-20 - 2003/05/18 23:22:01Damien Miller
[log.c] use syslog_r() in a signal handler called place; markus ok
2003-05-14 - (djm) RCSID sync w/ OpenBSDDamien Miller
2003-04-09*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
2003-01-14 - 2003/01/11 18:29:43Damien Miller
[log.c] set fatal_cleanups to NULL in fatal_remove_all_cleanups();
2003-01-07 - (djm) Bug #111: Run syslog and stderr logging through strnvis to eliminateDamien Miller
nasties. Report from
2002-07-23 - 2002/07/19 15:43:33Ben Lindstrom
[log.c log.h session.c sshd.c] remove fatal cleanups after fork; based on discussions with and code from solar.