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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-12-05 - (djm) PERL-free fixpaths from stuge-openssh-unix-dev@cdy.orgDamien Miller
2001-04-16 - (djm) Convert mandoc manpages to man automatically. Patch from Mark D.Damien Miller
2000-11-08 - (bal) fixpaths fixed to stop it from quitely failing. Patch byBen Lindstrom
2000-04-20 - Make fixpaths work with perl4, patch from Andre LucasDamien Miller
2000-01-20 - Big manpage and config file cleanup from Andre LucasDamien Miller
2000-01-14 - Merged OpenBSD IPv6 patch:Damien Miller
1999-12-27 - Automatically correct paths in manpages and configuration files. PatchDamien Miller