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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2000-06-26Fix fixed egd codeDamien Miller
2000-06-26 - (djm) Make EGD failures non-fatal if OpenSSL's entropy pool is still OKDamien Miller
based on patch from Lutz Jaenicke <Lutz.Jaenicke@aet.TU-Cottbus.DE>
2000-06-18 - (djm) Add summary of configure options to end of ./configure runDamien Miller
- (djm) Not all systems define RUSAGE_SELF & RUSAGE_CHILDREN. Report from Michael Stone <> - (djm) rusage is a privileged operation on some Unices (incl. Solaris 2.5.1). Report from Paul D. Smith <> - (djm) Avoid PAM failures when running without a TTY. Report from Martin Petrak <> - (djm) Include sys/types.h when including netinet/in.h in configure tests. Patch from Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
2000-06-07 - (djm) Cleanup of entropy.c. Reorganised code, removed second pass throughDamien Miller
list of commands (by default). Removed verbose debugging (by default). - (djm) Increased command entropy estimates and default entropy collection timeout
2000-05-31 - Fix EGD read bug by IWAMURO Motonori <>Damien Miller
update credits
2000-05-17 - Avoid WCOREDUMP complation errors for systems that lack itDamien Miller
- Avoid SIGCHLD warnings from entropy commands
2000-05-17 - Fix from Andre Lucas <>Damien Miller
- Fixes command line printing segfaults (spotter: Bladt Norbert) - Fixes erroneous printing of debug messages to syslog - Fixes utmp for MacOS X (spotter: Aristedes Maniatis) - Gives useful error message if PRNG initialisation fails - Reduced ssh startup delay - Measures cumulative command time rather than the time between reads after select() - 'fixprogs' perl script to eliminate non-working entropy commands, and optionally run 'ent' to measure command entropy
2000-05-11 - Fix for prng_seed permissions checking from Lutz JaenickeDamien Miller
2000-05-02 - Add Andre Lucas' <> patch to read entropyV_2_0_0_BETA1Damien Miller
gathering commands from a text file
2000-05-02 - Irix portability fixes - don't include netinet headers more than onceDamien Miller
- Make sure we don't save PRNG seed more than once
2000-04-30 - Integrate Andre Lucas' <> entropy collectionDamien Miller
patch. - Adds timeout to entropy collection - Disables slow entropy sources - Load and save seed file - Changed entropy seed code to user per-user seeds only (server seed is saved in root's .ssh directory) - Use atexit() and fatal cleanups to save seed on exit
2000-04-16 - Reduce diff against OpenBSD sourceDamien Miller
- All OpenSSL includes are now unconditionally referenced as openssl/foo.h - Pick up formatting changes - Other minor changed (typecasts, etc) that I missed
2000-04-08 - Avoid some compiler warnings in fake-get*.cDamien Miller
- Add IPTOS macros for systems which lack them
2000-04-04 - Generate manpages before make install not at the end of make allDamien Miller
- Don't seed the rng quite so often - Always reseed rng when requested
2000-04-03remove debugging junkV_1_2_3_TEST1Damien Miller
2000-04-03 - Wrote entropy collection routines for systems that lack /dev/randomDamien Miller
and EGD