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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-04-28 - (bal) [defines.h progressmeter.c scp.c] Some more culling of non 64bitBen Lindstrom
2003-01-24 - (djm) Add TIMEVAL_TO_TIMESPEC macrosDamien Miller
2002-09-25Cray fixes (bug 367) based on patch from Wendy Palm @ cray.Tim Rice
2002-08-21 - (bal) [defines.h] Some platforms don't have SIZE_T_MAX. So assignBen Lindstrom
2002-07-22 - (bal) [ defines.h loginrec.c sshd.c sshpty.c] Partial syncBen Lindstrom
2002-07-18 [defines.h] Bug 313 patch by dirk.meyer@dinoex.sub.orgTim Rice
2002-06-24 - (stevesk) [INSTALL acconfig.h defines.h] remove --with-rshKevin Steves
2002-06-22 - (bal) getopt now can be staticly compiled on those platforms missingBen Lindstrom
2002-06-07 - (bal) Reverse logic, use __func__ first since it's C99Ben Lindstrom
2002-04-25 - (stevesk) [defines.h] remove USE_TIMEVAL; unusedKevin Steves
2002-04-23 - (djm) Bug #213: Simplify CMSG_ALIGN macros to avoid symbol clashes.Damien Miller
2002-04-23 - (djm) Bug #222: Fix tests for getaddrinfo on OSF/1. Spotted byDamien Miller
2002-04-11[acconfig.h defines.h includes.h] put includes in includes.h andTim Rice
2002-04-06 - (bal) We no longer use atexit()/xatexit()/on_exit()Ben Lindstrom
2002-03-22 - (stevesk) [defines.h] #define MAP_ANON MAP_ANONYMOUS for HP-UX; otherKevin Steves
2002-03-22 - (stevesk) [defines.h] hp-ux 11 has ancillary data style fd passing, butKevin Steves
2002-03-22- (stevesk) configure and cpp __FUNCTION__ gymnastics to handle nielsismsKevin Steves
2002-03-08 - (bal) Add in check for rpc/types.h since it is needed onBen Lindstrom
2002-02-26Bug 12 [] add sys/bitypes.h to int64_t testsTim Rice
2002-02-13Add rpc/rpc.h for INADDR_LOOPBACK on SCO OSR3Tim Rice
2002-01-23 - (bal) reverted out of 5/2001 change to atexit(). I assume IBen Lindstrom
2002-01-08 - (stevesk) defines.h: use "/var/spool/sockets/X11/%u" for HP-UX. doesKevin Steves
2002-01-06 - (stevesk) defines.h: determine _PATH_UNIX_X; currently "/tmp/.X11-unix/X%u"Kevin Steves
2001-11-01 - (djm) Compat define for OpenSSL < 0.9.6 (No OPENSSL_free)Damien Miller
2001-10-29 [TODO defines.h loginrec.c] Change the references to configure.inTim Rice
2001-10-21[] Clean up library testing.Tim Rice
2001-09-20 - (stevesk) sun_len, SUN_LEN() configure stuff no longer requiredKevin Steves
2001-09-15 - (djm) Make sure rijndael.c picks config.hDamien Miller
2001-08-16 - (bal) QNX resync. OK tim@Ben Lindstrom
2001-08-12 - (djm) Fix detection of long long int support. Based on patch fromDamien Miller
2001-06-29 - (stevesk) remove _REENTRANT #defineKevin Steves
2001-06-28 - (stevesk) fix x11 forwarding from _PATH_XAUTH changeKevin Steves
2001-06-10 - (bal) Handle broken krb4 issues on Solaris with multiple defined u_*_tBen Lindstrom
2001-05-17 - (bal) Corrected on_exit() emulation via atexit().Ben Lindstrom
2001-05-12 - 2001/05/11 14:59:56Ben Lindstrom
2001-05-09 - (bal) Updates from the Sony NEWS-OS platform by NAKAJI HiroyukiBen Lindstrom
2001-04-05 - (stevesk) don't use vhangup() if defined(HAVE_DEV_PTMX); also removesKevin Steves
2001-03-19 change S_ISLNK macro to work for UnixWare 2.03Tim Rice
2001-03-19 - (bal) NeXTStep lacks S_ISLNK. Plus split up S_IS*Ben Lindstrom
2001-03-18move HAVE_LONG_LONG_INT where it worksTim Rice
2001-03-19Better fix for long longDamien Miller
2001-03-19 - (djm) Add getusershell() functions from OpenBSD CVSDamien Miller
2001-02-24 - (bal) Generalize lack of UNIX sockets since this also effects CrayBen Lindstrom
2001-02-16 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS:Damien Miller
2001-02-09 - (djm) Define _PATH_TTY for systems that don't. Report from LutzDamien Miller
2001-02-09 - (djm) Add CVS Id's to files that we have missedDamien Miller
2001-02-05 - 2001/02/04 08:32:27Kevin Steves
2001-02-04Oops.. =) mispelt NGROUPS_MAX.Ben Lindstrom
2001-02-0420010105Ben Lindstrom
2001-01-23 - (bal) no 64bit support patch from Tim Rice <>Ben Lindstrom