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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-12Add configure-time detection for SSH_TIME_T_MAX.Darren Tucker
2021-01-26Disable sntrup761 if compiler doesn't support VLAs.Darren Tucker
2020-09-11Remove HAVE_MMAP and BROKEN_MMAPSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2020-05-01Use LONG_LONG_MAX and friends if available.Darren Tucker
2020-02-09Check if UINT32_MAX is defined before redefining.Darren Tucker
2020-01-28compat for missing IPTOS_DSCP_LE in system headersDamien Miller
2020-01-26Move definition of UINT32_MAX.Darren Tucker
2019-11-15Add SSIZE_MAX when we define ssize_t.Darren Tucker
2019-10-28Define UINT32_MAX if needed.Darren Tucker
2019-10-08Make DEF_WEAK more likely to be correct.Darren Tucker
2019-09-24Add more ToS bits, currently only used by netcat.Darren Tucker
2019-07-08remove realpath() compat replacementDamien Miller
2018-07-31Remove support for S/KeyDamien Miller
2018-02-15Remove UNICOS support.Darren Tucker
2017-06-10portability for sftp globbed ls sort by mtimeDamien Miller
2017-05-01Define INT32_MAX and INT64_MAX if needed.Darren Tucker
2016-10-15Move DEF_WEAK into defines.h.Darren Tucker
2016-08-17Remove obsolete CVS $Id from source files.Darren Tucker
2016-07-23Move Cygwin IPPORT_RESERVED overrride to defines.hDarren Tucker
2015-10-29Prevent name collisions with system glob (bz#2463)Darren Tucker
2015-03-04Revert "define __unused to nothing if not already defined"Damien Miller
2015-03-04define __unused to nothing if not already definedDamien Miller
2015-02-25Move definition of _NSIG.Darren Tucker
2015-02-24include netdb.h to look for MAXHOSTNAMELEN; ok timDamien Miller
2015-02-23portability fix: if we can't dind a better define for HOST_NAME_MAX, use 255Tim Rice
2015-02-21More correct checking of HAVE_DECL_AI_NUMERICSERV.Darren Tucker
2015-02-21Add null declaration of AI_NUMERICINFO.Darren Tucker
2015-01-27OSX lacks HOST_NAME_MAX, has _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAXDamien Miller
2014-09-03 - (djm) [defines.h sshbuf.c] Move __predict_true|false to defines.h andDamien Miller
2014-06-16 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Fix undef of _PATH_MAILDIR. From rak at debian viaDarren Tucker
2014-06-12 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Add va_copy if we don't already have it, taken fromDarren Tucker
2014-05-21 - (djm) [commit defines.h sshpty.c] don't attempt to useDamien Miller
2014-05-15 - 2014/05/02 03:27:54Damien Miller
2014-05-01 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Define __GNUC_PREREQ__ macro if we don't alreadyDarren Tucker
2014-04-20 - 2014/03/26 04:55:35Damien Miller
2014-01-18 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Move our definitions of uintXX_t types down to afterDarren Tucker
2014-01-17 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Add typedefs for uintXX_t types for platforms thatDarren Tucker
2013-11-07 - (djm) [ defines.h] Skip arc4random_stir() calls on platformsDamien Miller
2013-11-03 - (dtucker) [ defines.h] Add typedefs for intmax_t and uintmax_tDarren Tucker
2013-06-02 - (dtucker) [ defines.h] Test for fd_mask, howmany and NFDBITSDarren Tucker
2013-03-07 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Remove SIZEOF_CHAR bits since the test for it isDarren Tucker
2012-12-0420121205Tim Rice
2012-02-14 - (tim) [defines.h] move chunk introduced in 1.125 before MAXPATHLEN soTim Rice
2011-09-29 - (djm) [ defines.h] No need to detect sizeof(char); patchDamien Miller
2011-06-02 - (tim) [ defines.h] Run test program to detect system mailTim Rice
2011-05-04 - (tim) [defines.h] Deal with platforms that do not have S_IFSOCK ok djm@Tim Rice
2011-05-05 - (djm) [defines.h] Move up include of netinet/ip.h for IPTOSDamien Miller
2011-01-17- (dtucker) [LICENCE audit-bsm.c audit-linux.c audit.c audit.hDarren Tucker
2010-11-24 - (djm) [defines.h] Add IP DSCP definesDamien Miller
2010-10-25 - (dtucker) [defines.h] Use SIZE_T_MAX for SIZE_MAX for platforms that have aDarren Tucker