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2003-09-17- (djm) Crank RPM spec file versionsDamien Miller
2003-09-17 - (djm) Sync with V_3_7 branchDamien Miller
2003-08-26 - (dtucker) [contrib/aix/] Add public domain notice. ok mouring@Darren Tucker
(the original author)
2003-08-25 - (dtucker) [README] (all in contrib/aix)Darren Tucker
Update package builder: correctly handle config variables, use lsuser rather than /etc/passwd, fix typos, add Id's.
2003-08-22 - (dtucker) [contrib/cygwin/ssh-user-config] Put keys in authorized_keysDarren Tucker
rather that authorized_keys2. Patch from
2003-06-24 - (dtucker) Have configure refer the user to config.log andDarren Tucker
contrib/ for OpenSSL header/library mismatches.
2003-06-02 - (djm) Remove "noip6" option from RedHat spec file. This may now beDamien Miller
set at runtime using AddressFamily option.
2003-05-12 - (djm) Redhat spec: Don't install profile.d scripts when notDamien Miller
building with GNOME/GTK askpass (patch from
2003-04-29 - (djm) Add back radix.o (used by AFS support), after it went missing fromDamien Miller
Makefile many moons ago - (djm) Apply "owl-always-auth" patch from Openwall/Solar Designer - (djm) Fix blibpath specification for AIX/gcc - (djm) Some systems have basename in -lgen. Fix from
2003-04-09 - (djm) Make the spec work with Redhat 9.0 (which renames sharutils)Damien Miller
2003-04-01 - (djm) Crank spec file versionsDamien Miller
2003-03-20[contrib/caldera/openssh.spec] workaround RPM quirk. Fix %files sectionTim Rice
2003-03-20Build gtk2 askpass by default (instead of old GNOME one)Damien Miller
2003-03-20Bump RPM versionsDamien Miller
2003-03-10 - (djm) AIX package builder update from Miller
2003-02-24 - (djm) Tweak gnome-ssh-askpass2:Damien Miller
- Retry kb and mouse grab a couple of times, so passphrase dialog doesn't immediately fail if you are doing something else when it appears (e.g. dragging a window) - Perform server grab after we have the keyboard and/or pointer to avoid races.
2003-01-03 - (djm) Bug #461: ssh-copy-id fails with no arguments. Patch fromDamien Miller
2002-11-13[contrib/solaris/] add umask 022 so is not world writable.Tim Rice
2002-11-09 - (bal) Update ssh-host-config and minor rewrite of bsd-cygwin_util.cBen Lindstrom
ntsec now default if cygwin version beginning w/ version 56. Patch by Corinna Vinschen <>
2002-10-15[contrib/caldera/openssh.spec] make ssh-agent setgid nobodyTim Rice
2002-10-03 - (djm) Install ssh-agent setgid nobody in contrib/redhat/openssh.specDamien Miller
2002-10-03 - (djm) Bump RPM spec version numbersDamien Miller
2002-09-30Avoid unpackages files warning on /usr/share/openssh/Ssh.binDamien Miller
2002-09-30 Use contrib/ Makefile for building askpass programsDamien Miller
2002-09-30grrr, cut n' pasteDamien Miller
2002-09-30 - (djm) Tidy contrib/, add Makefile for GNOME passphrase dialogs, tweak READMEDamien Miller
2002-09-30tidy, fix typos, reorderDamien Miller
2002-09-12 - (djm) Made GNOME askpass programs return non-zero if cancel button isDamien Miller
2002-09-05 - (djm) Add support for building gtk2 password requestor from Redhat betaDamien Miller
2002-09-05 - (djm) Add gnome-ssh-askpass2.c (gtk2) by merge with patch fromDamien Miller
Nalin Dahyabhai <>
2002-09-04 - (djm) Fix Redhat RPM build dependancy testDamien Miller
2002-07-19 [contrib/solaris/] create privsep user/group if needed.Tim Rice
Patch by
2002-07-18 - (bal) aixbff package updated by Lindstrom
2002-07-16 [contrib/solaris/] Only kill sshd if .pid file foundTim Rice
2002-07-15 - (bal) Privsep user creation support in Solaris byBen Lindstrom
2002-07-10[contrib/cygwin/ssh-host-config] explicitely sets the permissionsTim Rice
on /var/empty to 755 Patch by
2002-07-08[openssh/contrib/solaris/] add PKG_INSTALL_ROOT toTim Rice
work in a jumpstart environment. patch by
2002-07-07[contrib/cygwin/ssh-host-config] sshd account creation fixesTim Rice
patch from
2002-07-05[contrib/cygwin/ssh-host-config] double slash corrctionTim Rice
2002-07-03 - (bal) Updated contrib/cygwin/ patch by vinschen@redhat.comBen Lindstrom
2002-06-26[contrib/caldera/openssh.spec] remove 2 configure options I put in by mistakeTim Rice
2002-06-26 - (djm) Update spec files for releaseDamien Miller
2002-06-26 - (djm) Require krb5 devel for RPM build w/ KrbVDamien Miller
2002-06-25 [contrib/caldera/openssh.spec] add support for privsepTim Rice
2002-06-25 - (bal) Updated AIX package build. Patch by Lindstrom
2002-06-25Sync with CalderaTim Rice
2002-06-21unbreakDamien Miller
2002-06-21unbreakDamien Miller
2002-06-21 - (djm) contrib/redhat/openssh.spec hacking:Damien Miller
- Merge in spec changes from (Sebastian Pachuta) - Add new {ssh,sshd}_config.5 manpages - Add new ssh-keysign program and remove setuid from ssh client
2002-05-22crank rpm spec versionsDamien Miller