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2020-10-13add -s flag: to install keys via SFTPPhilip Hands
2020-09-22sync with upstream ssh-copy-id rev f0da1a1b7Damien Miller
2020-01-06Fix typo: 'you' -> 'your'.Darren Tucker
2016-02-16sync ssh-copy-id with upstream 783ef08b0a75Damien Miller
2013-03-22 - (djm) [contrib/ssh-copy-id contrib/ssh-copy-id.1] Updated to PhilDamien Miller
2010-07-19 - (dtucker) [contrib/ssh-copy-ud.1] Bug #1786: update ssh-copy-id.1 with moreDarren Tucker
2009-01-21 - (djm) [contrib/ssh-copy-id.1 contrib/ssh-copy-id] bz#1492: MakeDamien Miller
2000-12-2820001229Ben Lindstrom
2000-03-15 - Created contrib/ subdirectory. Included helpers from Phil Hands'Damien Miller