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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-09-17- (djm) Crank RPM spec file versionsDamien Miller
2003-09-17 - (djm) Sync with V_3_7 branchDamien Miller
2003-06-02 - (djm) Remove "noip6" option from RedHat spec file. This may now beDamien Miller
2003-05-12 - (djm) Redhat spec: Don't install profile.d scripts when notDamien Miller
2003-04-29 - (djm) Add back radix.o (used by AFS support), after it went missing fromDamien Miller
2003-04-09 - (djm) Make the spec work with Redhat 9.0 (which renames sharutils)Damien Miller
2003-04-01 - (djm) Crank spec file versionsDamien Miller
2003-03-20Build gtk2 askpass by default (instead of old GNOME one)Damien Miller
2003-03-20Bump RPM versionsDamien Miller
2002-10-03 - (djm) Install ssh-agent setgid nobody in contrib/redhat/openssh.specDamien Miller
2002-10-03 - (djm) Bump RPM spec version numbersDamien Miller
2002-09-30Avoid unpackages files warning on /usr/share/openssh/Ssh.binDamien Miller
2002-09-30 Use contrib/ Makefile for building askpass programsDamien Miller
2002-09-05 - (djm) Add support for building gtk2 password requestor from Redhat betaDamien Miller
2002-09-04 - (djm) Fix Redhat RPM build dependancy testDamien Miller
2002-06-26 - (djm) Update spec files for releaseDamien Miller
2002-06-26 - (djm) Require krb5 devel for RPM build w/ KrbVDamien Miller
2002-06-21unbreakDamien Miller
2002-06-21unbreakDamien Miller
2002-06-21 - (djm) contrib/redhat/openssh.spec hacking:Damien Miller
2002-05-22crank rpm spec versionsDamien Miller
2002-05-16p1V_3_2_2_P1Damien Miller
2002-05-15 - (bal) OpenBSD CVS SyncBen Lindstrom
2002-05-13unbreakDamien Miller
2002-05-13 - (djm) Update RPM spec file: different superuser path, useDamien Miller
2002-05-10 - (djm) Rework RedHat RPM files. Based on spec from NalinDamien Miller
2002-04-23 - (djm) Redhat spec enables KrbV by defaultDamien Miller
2002-04-23 - (djm) Update RPM spec file versionsDamien Miller
2002-03-07 - (djm) Update RPM spec files with new version numberV_3_1_P1Damien Miller
2002-01-26Fix spec file version numbersDamien Miller
2001-11-14 - (djm) Bump RPM package versionsDamien Miller
2001-10-31 - (djm) Unsmoke drugs: config files should be noreplace.Damien Miller
2001-10-30 - (djm) Redhat RPM spec: remove noreplace from config files, allow IPv6Damien Miller
2001-10-24 - (bal) Should be 3.0p1 not 3.0p2. Corrected version.h already.Ben Lindstrom
2001-10-23[] Fix test for broken dirname. Based on patch fromTim Rice
2001-09-28Sync version numbers with stable branchDamien Miller
2001-09-28 - (djm) Update spec files for new x11-askpassDamien Miller
2001-09-27We are a "SSH protocol implementation" not a "SSH implementation"Damien Miller
2001-09-24 - (bal) Updated all *.specs for 2.9.9p1 and updated version.hBen Lindstrom
2001-09-18double dohDamien Miller
2001-09-18dohDamien Miller
2001-09-18 - (djm) Make smartcard support conditional in Redhat RPM specDamien Miller
2001-09-18oopsDamien Miller
2001-09-18 - (djm) Specify --datadir in RPM spec files so smartcard applet getsDamien Miller
2001-09-17double dohDamien Miller
2001-09-17dohDamien Miller
2001-09-17 - (djm) x11-ssh-askpass-1.2.4 in RPM spec, revert workaroundsDamien Miller
2001-09-16 - (djm) Workaround XFree breakage in RPM spec fileDamien Miller
2001-09-15rewrite descriptionsDamien Miller
2001-09-15 - (djm) Redhat initscript config sanity checking from Pekka SavolaDamien Miller