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2008-11-03 - (djm) [contrib/sshd.pam.generic contrib/caldera/sshd.pam]Damien Miller
[contrib/redhat/sshd.pam] Move pam_nologin to account group from incorrect auth group in example files; patch from imorgan AT
2004-07-21 - (djm) [contrib/redhat/sshd.pam] bz #903: Remove redundant entries; fromDamien Miller
peak AT
2004-02-25 - (djm) Don't specify path to PAM modules in Redhat sshd.pam; from FedoraDamien Miller
2002-05-10 - (djm) Rework RedHat RPM files. Based on spec from NalinDamien Miller
Dahyabhai <> and patches from Pekka Savola <>
2000-03-15Moved package files to contrib/Damien Miller
Added FreeBSD PAM config