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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysPlumb WITH_ZLIB into configure.Darren Tucker
5 fix ldns testRuben Kerkhof
12 daysImprove search for 'struct timespec'.Darren Tucker
12 daysRemove configure test & compat code for ripemd160.Darren Tucker
2019-12-14only link ssh-sk-helper against libfido2Damien Miller
2019-12-11Check if memmem is declared in system headers.Darren Tucker
2019-11-29compile with no-PIE version of LDFLAGSDamien Miller
2019-11-29(yet) another x-platform fix for sk-dummy.soDamien Miller
2019-11-18Enable -Wimplicit-fallthrough if supportedDarren Tucker
2019-11-15Add wrappers for other ultrix headers.Darren Tucker
2019-11-15Remove ultrix realpath hack.Darren Tucker
2019-11-15configure flag to built-in security key supportDamien Miller
2019-11-15don't fatal if libfido2 not foundDamien Miller
2019-11-15upstream: directly support U2F/FIDO2 security keys in OpenSSH
2019-11-03statfs might be defined in sys/mount.h.Darren Tucker
2019-11-02Only enable U2F if OpenSSL supports ECC.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Add flags needed to build and work on Ultrix.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Hook up fnmatch for platforms that don't have it.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Use sftp_realpath if no native realpath.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01Configure flags for haiku from haikuports.Darren Tucker
2019-11-01autoconf pieces for U2F supportDamien Miller
2019-10-29Add implementation of localtime_r.Darren Tucker
2019-10-28Make sure we have struct statfs before using.Darren Tucker
2019-10-28Define UINT32_MAX if needed.Darren Tucker
2019-10-24Add a function call stackprotector tests.Darren Tucker
2019-08-30tweak warning flagsDamien Miller
2019-08-30proc_pidinfo()-based closefrom() for OS XDamien Miller
2019-07-23Re-apply portability changes to current sha2.{c,h}.Darren Tucker
2019-07-16Hook memmem compat code into build.Darren Tucker
2019-07-10fix typo that prevented detection of Linux VRFDamien Miller
2019-07-08remove realpath() compat replacementDamien Miller
2019-05-15Fix typo in man page formatter selector.Darren Tucker
2019-05-10Use "doc" man page format if mandoc present.Darren Tucker
2019-04-30Remove unused variables from RLIMIT_NOFILE test.Darren Tucker
2019-01-22Allow building against OpenSSL dev (3.x) version.Darren Tucker
2019-01-21Make --with-rpath take a flag instead of yes/no.Darren Tucker
2019-01-21conditionalise ECDSA PKCS#11 supportDamien Miller
2019-01-21Check for cc before gcc.Darren Tucker
2019-01-18Add minimal fchownat and fchmodat implementations.Darren Tucker
2019-01-18Add a minimal implementation of utimensat().Darren Tucker
2018-11-25Improve OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms check.Darren Tucker
2018-11-23fix configure test for OpenSSL versionDamien Miller
2018-11-23refactor libcrypto initialisationDamien Miller
2018-11-16Test for OPENSSL_init_crypto before using.Darren Tucker
2018-11-16Remove fallback check for /usr/local/ssl.Darren Tucker
2018-11-10AC_CHECK_SIZEOF() no longer needs a second argument.Dag-Erling Smørgrav
2018-11-08Simplify OpenSSL 1.1 function checks.Darren Tucker
2018-11-05Fix pasto for HAVE_EVP_CIPHER_CTX_SET_IV.Darren Tucker
2018-10-27Check for the existence of openssl version funcs.Darren Tucker
2018-10-26fix builds on OpenSSL <= 1.0.xDamien Miller