path: root/clientloop.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysupstream: UpdateHostkeys: fixed/better detection of host keys
13 daysupstream: use the new variant log macros instead of
2020-10-14upstream: make UpdateHostkeys still more conservative: refuse
2020-10-12upstream: UpdateHostkeys: check for keys under other
2020-10-12upstream: UpdateHostkeys: better CheckHostIP
2020-10-12upstream: UpdateHostkeys: better detect manual host
2020-10-09upstream: don't misdetect comma-separated hostkey names as wildcards;
2020-10-07upstream: revert kex->flags cert hostkey downgrade back to a
2020-10-03upstream: disable UpdateHostkeys when a wildcard hostname
2020-09-16upstream: Remove unused buf, last user was removed when
2020-07-03upstream: Only reset the serveralive check when we receive traffic
2020-04-24upstream: Remove leave_non_blocking() which is now dead
2020-04-03upstream: make failures when establishing "Tunnel" forwarding
2020-02-28upstream: change explicit_bzero();free() to freezero()
2020-02-26upstream: Remove obsolete XXX comment. ok
2020-02-02upstream: Output (none) in debug in the case in the CheckHostIP=no
2020-02-02upstream: Prevent possible null pointer deref of ip_str in
2020-01-30upstream: check the return value of ssh_packet_write_poll()
2020-01-30upstream: markus suggests a simplification to
2020-01-29upstream: give more context to UpdateHostKeys messages,
2020-01-26upstream: for UpdateHostKeys, don't report errors for
2020-01-26upstream: downgrade error() for missing subsequent
2020-01-25upstream: allow UpdateKnownHosts=yes to function when
2020-01-23upstream: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper
2020-01-23upstream: Remove unsupported algorithms from list of defaults at
2019-12-21upstream: Allow forwarding a different agent socket to the
2019-11-25upstream: Add new structure for signature
2019-11-15upstream: stdarg.h required more broadly; ok
2019-07-30upstream: When using a combination of a
2019-07-05upstream: When system calls indicate an error they return -1,
2019-06-27upstream: Remove unneeded unlink of xauthfile
2019-06-14upstream: Hostname->HostName cleanup; from lauri tirkkonen
2019-05-08upstream: Use the LogLevel typdef instead of int where appropriate. Patch
2019-04-03upstream: when logging/fataling on error, include a bit more
2019-01-20upstream: convert the remainder of clientloop.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: convert clientloop.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: begin landing remaining refactoring of packet
2018-09-21upstream: Allow ssh_config ForwardX11Timeout=0 to disable
2018-07-12upstream: remove legacy key emulation layer; ok
2018-07-10upstream: ttymodes: switch to sshbuf API; ok
2018-07-10upstream: client: switch to sshbuf API; ok
2018-06-09upstream: add a SetEnv directive to ssh_config that allows
2018-04-10upstream: lots of typos in comments/docs. Patch from Karsten
2018-02-13upstream Don't reset signal handlers inside