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refactor canohost.c: move functions that cache results closer to the places that use them (authn and session code). After this, no state is cached in canohost.c feedback and ok markus@ Upstream-ID: 5f2e4df88d4803fc8ec59ec53629105e23ce625e
Make sure we only call getnameinfo() for AF_INET or AF_INET6 sockets. getpeername() of a Unix domain socket may return without error on some systems without actually setting ss_family so getnameinfo() was getting called with ss_family set to AF_UNSPEC. OK djm@
2014-07-18 - 2014/07/15 15:54:14Damien Miller
[PROTOCOL auth-options.c auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c] [auth-rsa.c auth.c auth1.c auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c] [auth2-passwd.c auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c canohost.c channels.c channels.h] [clientloop.c misc.c misc.h monitor.c mux.c packet.c readconf.c] [readconf.h servconf.c servconf.h serverloop.c session.c ssh-agent.c] [ssh.c ssh_config.5 sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c] [sshd_config.5 sshlogin.c] Add support for Unix domain socket forwarding. A remote TCP port may be forwarded to a local Unix domain socket and vice versa or both ends may be a Unix domain socket. This is a reimplementation of the streamlocal patches by William Ahern from: OK djm@ markus@
2014-02-04 - 2014/01/31 16:39:19Damien Miller
[auth2-chall.c authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c bufec.c canohost.c] [channels.c cipher-chachapoly.c clientloop.c hostfile.c] [kexc25519.c krl.c monitor.c sandbox-systrace.c session.c] [sftp-client.c ssh-keygen.c ssh.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c] [openbsd-compat/explicit_bzero.c openbsd-compat/openbsd-compat.h] replace most bzero with explicit_bzero, except a few that cna be memset ok djm dtucker
2014-01-19 - 2014/01/19 04:17:29Darren Tucker
[canohost.c addrmatch.c] Cast socklen_t when comparing to size_t and use socklen_t to iterate over the ip options, both to prevent signed/unsigned comparison warnings. Patch from vinschen at redhat via portable openssh, begrudging ok deraadt.
2013-11-21 - 2013/11/20 20:54:10Damien Miller
[canohost.c clientloop.c match.c readconf.c sftp.c] unsigned casts for ctype macros where neccessary ok guenther millert markus
2013-10-15 - 2013/10/14 23:28:23Damien Miller
[canohost.c misc.c misc.h readconf.c sftp-server.c ssh.c] refactor client config code a little: add multistate option partsing to readconf.c, similar to servconf.c's existing code. move checking of options that accept "none" as an argument to readconf.c add a lowercase() function and use it instead of explicit tolower() in loops part of a larger diff that was ok markus@
2013-06-02 - 2013/05/17 00:13:13Darren Tucker
[xmalloc.h cipher.c sftp-glob.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c sftp-common.c ssh-ecdsa.c auth2-chall.c compat.c readconf.c kexgexs.c monitor.c gss-genr.c cipher-3des1.c kex.c monitor_wrap.c ssh-pkcs11-client.c auth-options.c rsa.c auth2-pubkey.c sftp.c hostfile.c auth2.c servconf.c auth.c authfile.c xmalloc.c uuencode.c sftp-client.c auth2-gss.c sftp-server.c bufaux.c mac.c session.c jpake.c kexgexc.c sshconnect.c auth-chall.c auth2-passwd.c sshconnect1.c buffer.c kexecdhs.c kexdhs.c ssh-rsa.c auth1.c ssh-pkcs11.c auth2-kbdint.c kexdhc.c sshd.c umac.c ssh-dss.c auth2-jpake.c bufbn.c clientloop.c monitor_mm.c scp.c roaming_client.c serverloop.c key.c auth-rsa.c ssh-pkcs11-helper.c ssh-keysign.c ssh-keygen.c match.c channels.c sshconnect2.c addrmatch.c mux.c canohost.c kexecdhc.c schnorr.c ssh-add.c misc.c auth2-hostbased.c ssh-agent.c bufec.c groupaccess.c dns.c packet.c readpass.c authfd.c moduli.c] bye, bye xfree(); ok markus@
2010-10-12 - (djm) [canohost.c] Zero a4 instead of addr to better match type.Damien Miller
bz#1825, reported by foo AT
2010-01-13 - 2010/01/13 01:20:20Darren Tucker
[canohost.c ssh-keysign.c sshconnect2.c] Make HostBased authentication work with a ProxyCommand. bz #1569, patch from imorgan at nas nasa gov, ok djm@
2009-06-21 - 2009/05/27 06:33:39Darren Tucker
[clientloop.c] Send SSH2_MSG_DISCONNECT when the client disconnects. From a larger change from Martin Forssen, maf at appgate dot com. ok markus@
2009-02-14 - 2009/02/12 03:00:56Damien Miller
[canohost.c canohost.h channels.c channels.h clientloop.c readconf.c] [readconf.h serverloop.c ssh.c] support remote port forwarding with a zero listen port (-R0:...) to dyamically allocate a listen port at runtime (this is actually specified in rfc4254); bz#1003 ok markus@
2008-06-13 - 2008/06/12 00:03:49Darren Tucker
[dns.c canohost.c sshconnect.c] Do not pass "0" strings as ports to getaddrinfo because the lookups can slow things down and we never use the service info anyway. bz #859, patch from YOSHIFUJI Hideaki and John Devitofranceschi. ok deraadt@ djm@ djm belives that the reason for the "0" strings is to ensure that it's not possible to call getaddrinfo with both host and port being NULL. In the case of canohost.c host is a local array. In the case of sshconnect.c, it's checked for null immediately before use. In dns.c it ultimately comes from ssh.c:main() and is guaranteed to be non-null but it's not obvious, so I added a warning message in case it is ever passed a null.
2007-12-29 - 2007/12/27 14:22:08Darren Tucker
[servconf.c canohost.c misc.c channels.c sshconnect.c misc.h ssh-keyscan.c sshd.c] Add a small helper function to consistently handle the EAI_SYSTEM error code of getaddrinfo. Prompted by vgiffin at apple com via bz #1417. ok markus@ stevesk@
2006-09-22 - (dtucker) [packet.c canohost.c] Include arpa/inet.h for htonl macros onDarren Tucker
some platforms (eg HP-UX 11.00). From santhi.amirta at gmail com.
2006-08-05 - 2006/08/03 03:34:42Damien Miller
[OVERVIEW atomicio.c atomicio.h auth-bsdauth.c auth-chall.c auth-krb5.c] [auth-options.c auth-options.h auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c] [auth-rsa.c auth-skey.c auth.c auth.h auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2-gss.c] [auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c auth2-passwd.c ] [auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfd.h authfile.c bufaux.c bufbn.c] [buffer.c buffer.h canohost.c channels.c channels.h cipher-3des1.c] [cipher-bf1.c cipher-ctr.c cipher.c cleanup.c clientloop.c compat.c] [compress.c deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c dns.c dns.h fatal.c groupaccess.c] [groupaccess.h gss-genr.c gss-serv-krb5.c gss-serv.c hostfile.c kex.c] [kex.h kexdh.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgex.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c] [key.h log.c log.h mac.c match.c md-sha256.c misc.c misc.h moduli.c] [monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c monitor_mm.c monitor_mm.h monitor_wrap.c] [monitor_wrap.h msg.c nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c] [readconf.h readpass.c rsa.c scard.c scard.h scp.c servconf.c servconf.h] [serverloop.c session.c session.h sftp-client.c sftp-common.c] [sftp-common.h sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c] [ssh-dss.c ssh-gss.h ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c ssh-rsa.c] [ssh.c ssh.h sshconnect.c sshconnect.h sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c] [sshd.c sshlogin.c sshlogin.h sshpty.c sshpty.h sshtty.c ttymodes.c] [uidswap.c uidswap.h uuencode.c uuencode.h xmalloc.c xmalloc.h] [loginrec.c loginrec.h openbsd-compat/port-aix.c openbsd-compat/port-tun.h] almost entirely get rid of the culture of ".h files that include .h files" ok djm, sort of ok stevesk makes the pain stop in one easy step NB. portable commit contains everything *except* removing includes.h, as that will take a fair bit more work as we move headers that are required for portability workarounds to defines.h. (also, this step wasn't "easy")
2006-08-05 - 2006/08/01 23:22:48Damien Miller
[auth-passwd.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth.c auth.h auth1.c] [auth2-chall.c auth2-pubkey.c authfile.c buffer.c canohost.c] [channels.c clientloop.c dh.c dns.c dns.h hostfile.c kex.c kexdhc.c] [kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c key.h log.c misc.c misc.h moduli.c] [monitor_wrap.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c readpass.c scp.c] [servconf.c session.c sftp-client.c sftp-common.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] [ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c sshconnect.c] [sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c sshtty.c uuencode.c] [uuencode.h xmalloc.c] move #include <stdio.h> out of includes.h
2006-08-05 - 2006/07/26 13:57:17Damien Miller
[authfd.c authfile.c dh.c canohost.c channels.c clientloop.c compat.c] [hostfile.c kex.c log.c misc.c moduli.c monitor.c packet.c readpass.c] [scp.c servconf.c session.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c] [ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c ssh.c sshconnect.c] [sshconnect1.c sshd.c xmalloc.c] move #include <stdlib.h> out of includes.h
2006-07-24 - (djm) [acss.c auth-krb5.c auth-options.c auth-pam.c auth-shadow.c]Damien Miller
[canohost.c channels.c cipher-acss.c defines.h dns.c gss-genr.c] [gss-serv-krb5.c gss-serv.c log.h loginrec.c logintest.c readconf.c] [servconf.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c ssh-rand-helper.c] [ssh.c sshconnect.c sshd.c openbsd-compat/bindresvport.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-arc4random.c openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.c] [openbsd-compat/getrrsetbyname.c openbsd-compat/glob.c] [openbsd-compat/mktemp.c openbsd-compat/port-linux.c] [openbsd-compat/port-tun.c openbsd-compat/readpassphrase.c] [openbsd-compat/setproctitle.c openbsd-compat/xmmap.c] make the portable tree compile again - sprinkle unistd.h and string.h back in. Don't redefine __unused, as it turned out to be used in headers on Linux, and replace its use in auth-pam.c with ARGSUSED
2006-07-24 - 2006/07/22 20:48:23Damien Miller
[atomicio.c auth-options.c auth-passwd.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c] [auth.c auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2-hostbased.c auth2-passwd.c auth2.c] [authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c bufbn.c buffer.c canohost.c channels.c] [cipher-3des1.c cipher-bf1.c cipher-ctr.c cipher.c clientloop.c] [compat.c deattack.c dh.c dns.c gss-genr.c gss-serv.c hostfile.c] [includes.h kex.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c log.c] [mac.c match.c md-sha256.c misc.c moduli.c monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c] [monitor_mm.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c nchan.c packet.c rsa.c] [progressmeter.c readconf.c readpass.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c] [session.c sftp-client.c sftp-common.c sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] [ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] [ssh-keysign.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c] [sshd.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c ttymodes.c uidswap.c xmalloc.c] move #include <string.h> out of includes.h
2006-07-24 - 2006/07/12 22:28:52Damien Miller
[auth-options.c canohost.c channels.c includes.h readconf.c servconf.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshd.c] move #include <netdb.h> out of includes.h; ok djm@
2006-07-12 - 2006/07/11 20:07:25Darren Tucker
[scp.c auth.c monitor.c serverloop.c sftp-server.c sshpty.c readpass.c sshd.c monitor_wrap.c monitor_fdpass.c ssh-agent.c ttymodes.c atomicio.c includes.h session.c sshlogin.c monitor_mm.c packet.c sshconnect2.c sftp-client.c nchan.c clientloop.c sftp.c misc.c canohost.c channels.c ssh-keygen.c progressmeter.c uidswap.c msg.c readconf.c sshconnect.c] move #include <errno.h> out of includes.h; ok markus@
2006-07-10 - 2006/07/08 21:47:12Damien Miller
[authfd.c canohost.c clientloop.c dns.c dns.h includes.h] [monitor_fdpass.c nchan.c packet.c servconf.c sftp.c ssh-agent.c] [ssh-keyscan.c ssh.c sshconnect.h sshd.c sshlogin.h] move #include <sys/socket.h> out of includes.h
2006-07-10 - 2006/07/05 02:42:09Damien Miller
[canohost.c hostfile.c includes.h misc.c packet.c readconf.c] [serverloop.c sshconnect.c uuencode.c] move #include <netinet/in.h> out of includes.h; ok deraadt@ (also ssh-rand-helper.c logintest.c loginrec.c)
2006-04-18 - (djm) Reorder IP options check so that it isn't broken byDamien Miller
mapped addresses; bz #1179 reported by markw; ok dtucker@
2006-03-26 - 2006/03/25 13:17:03Damien Miller
[atomicio.c auth-bsdauth.c auth-chall.c auth-options.c auth-passwd.c] [auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c auth-skey.c auth.c auth1.c] [auth2-chall.c auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c] [auth2-passwd.c auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c] [buffer.c canohost.c channels.c cipher-3des1.c cipher-bf1.c] [cipher-ctr.c cipher.c cleanup.c clientloop.c compat.c compress.c] [deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c fatal.c groupaccess.c hostfile.c kex.c] [kexdh.c kexdhc.c kexdhs.c kexgex.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c log.c] [mac.c match.c md-sha256.c misc.c monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c] [monitor_mm.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c] [readconf.c readpass.c rsa.c scard.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c] [session.c sftp-client.c sftp-common.c sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c] [sftp.c ssh-add.c ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c] [ssh-keysign.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c] [sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c sshtty.c ttymodes.c] [uidswap.c uuencode.c xmalloc.c] Put $OpenBSD$ tags back (as comments) to replace the RCSID()s that Theo nuked - our scripts to sync -portable need them in the files
2006-03-26 - 2006/03/20 18:42:27Damien Miller
[canohost.c match.c ssh.c sshconnect.c] be strict with tolower() casting
2006-03-26 - 2006/03/19 18:51:18Damien Miller
[atomicio.c auth-bsdauth.c auth-chall.c auth-krb5.c auth-options.c] [auth-pam.c auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rsa.c] [auth-shadow.c auth-skey.c auth.c auth1.c auth2-chall.c] [auth2-hostbased.c auth2-kbdint.c auth2-none.c auth2-passwd.c] [auth2-pubkey.c auth2.c authfd.c authfile.c bufaux.c buffer.c] [canohost.c channels.c cipher-3des1.c cipher-acss.c cipher-aes.c] [cipher-bf1.c cipher-ctr.c cipher.c cleanup.c clientloop.c compat.c] [compress.c deattack.c dh.c dispatch.c dns.c entropy.c fatal.c] [groupaccess.c hostfile.c includes.h kex.c kexdh.c kexdhc.c] [kexdhs.c kexgex.c kexgexc.c kexgexs.c key.c log.c loginrec.c] [loginrec.h logintest.c mac.c match.c md-sha256.c md5crypt.c misc.c] [monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c monitor_mm.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c] [nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c readconf.c readpass.c rsa.c] [scard.c scp.c servconf.c serverloop.c session.c sftp-client.c] [sftp-common.c sftp-glob.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-add.c] [ssh-agent.c ssh-dss.c ssh-keygen.c ssh-keyscan.c ssh-keysign.c] [ssh-rand-helper.c ssh-rsa.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c] [sshconnect2.c sshd.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c sshtty.c ttymodes.c] [uidswap.c uuencode.c xmalloc.c openbsd-compat/bsd-arc4random.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-closefrom.c openbsd-compat/bsd-cygwin_util.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-getpeereid.c openbsd-compat/bsd-misc.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-nextstep.c openbsd-compat/bsd-snprintf.c] [openbsd-compat/bsd-waitpid.c openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.c] RCSID() can die
2006-03-15 - 2006/03/14 00:15:39Damien Miller
[canohost.c] log the originating address and not just the name when a reverse mapping check fails, requested by linux AT
2006-03-15 - 2006/02/22 00:04:45Damien Miller
[canohost.c clientloop.c includes.h match.c readconf.c scp.c ssh.c] [sshconnect.c] move #include <ctype.h> out of includes.h; ok djm@
2005-12-31 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2005/12/28 22:46:06 [canohost.c channels.c clientloop.c] use 'break-in' for consistency; ok deraadt@ ok and input jmc@
2005-11-05 - 2005/11/03 13:38:29Damien Miller
[canohost.c] Cache reverse lookups with and without DNS separately; ok markus@
2005-11-05 - 2005/10/30 08:29:29Damien Miller
[canohost.c sshd.c] Check for connections with IP options earlier and drop silently. ok djm@
2005-10-03 - 2005/10/03 07:44:42Darren Tucker
[canohost.c] Relocate check_ip_options call to prevent logging of garbage for connections with IP options set. bz#1092 from David Leonard, "looks good" deraadt@
2005-07-17 - (djm) [acss.c auth-pam.c auth-shadow.c auth-skey.c auth1.c canohost.c]Damien Miller
[cipher-acss.c loginrec.c ssh-rand-helper.c sshd.c] Fix whitespace at EOL in portable too ("perl -p -i -e 's/\s+$/\n/' *.[ch]")
2005-06-17 - 2005/06/17 02:44:33Damien Miller
[auth-rsa.c auth.c auth1.c auth2-chall.c auth2-gss.c authfd.c authfile.c] [bufaux.c canohost.c channels.c cipher.c clientloop.c dns.c gss-serv.c] [kex.c kex.h key.c mac.c match.c misc.c packet.c packet.h scp.c] [servconf.c session.c session.h sftp-client.c sftp-server.c sftp.c] [ssh-keyscan.c ssh-rsa.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c] make this -Wsign-compare clean; ok avsm@ markus@ NB. auth1.c changes not committed yet (conflicts with uncommitted sync) NB2. more work may be needed to make portable Wsign-compare clean
2005-06-17 - 2005/06/16 08:00:00Damien Miller
[canohost.c channels.c sshd.c] don't exit if getpeername fails for forwarded ports; bugzilla #1054; ok djm
2005-05-03 - (dtucker) [canohost.c] normalise socket addresses returned byDarren Tucker
get_remote_hostname(). This means that IPv4 addresses in log messages on IPv6 enabled machines will no longer be prefixed by "::ffff:" and AllowUsers, DenyUsers, AllowGroups, DenyGroups will match IPv4-style addresses only for 4-in-6 mapped connections, regardless of whether or not the machine is IPv6 enabled. ok djm@
2005-03-01 - 2005/02/18 03:05:53Damien Miller
[canohost.c] better error messages for getnameinfo failures; ok dtucker@
2005-02-02 - (dtucker) [auth.c canohost.c canohost.h defines.h loginrec.c]Darren Tucker
Bug #974: Teach sshd to write failed login records to btmp for failed auth attempts (currently only for password, kbdint and C/R, only on Linux and HP-UX), based on code from login.c from util-linux. With ashok_kovai at, ok djm@
2004-07-21 - 2004/07/21 11:51:29Damien Miller
[canohost.c] bz#902: cache remote port so we don't fatal() in auth_log when remote connection goes away quickly. from peak AT; ok markus@
2004-06-22 - 2004/06/21 17:36:31Darren Tucker
[auth-rsa.c auth2-gss.c auth2-pubkey.c authfile.c canohost.c channels.c cipher.c dns.c kex.c monitor.c monitor_fdpass.c monitor_wrap.c monitor_wrap.h nchan.c packet.c progressmeter.c scp.c sftp-server.c sftp.c ssh-gss.h ssh-keygen.c ssh.c sshconnect.c sshconnect1.c sshlogin.c sshpty.c] make ssh -Wshadow clean, no functional changes markus@ ok There are also some portable-specific -Wshadow warnings to be fixed in monitor.c and montior_wrap.c.
2004-04-19 - 2004/03/31 21:58:47Darren Tucker
[canohost.c] don't skip ip options check when UseDNS=no; ok markus@ (ID sync only)
2004-03-31 - (djm) Bug #825: Fix ip_options_check() for mapped IPv4/IPv6 connection;Damien Miller
with & ok dtucker@
2003-11-24 - (djm) [canohost.c] Move IPv4inV6 mapped address normalisation to its ownDamien Miller
function and call it unconditionally
2003-10-02 - 2003/09/23 20:17:11Darren Tucker
[ auth1.c auth2.c auth.c auth.h auth-krb5.c canohost.c cleanup.c clientloop.c fatal.c gss-serv.c log.c log.h monitor.c monitor.h monitor_wrap.c monitor_wrap.h packet.c serverloop.c session.c session.h ssh-agent.c sshd.c] replace fatal_cleanup() and linked list of fatal callbacks with static cleanup_exit() function. re-refine cleanup_exit() where appropriate, allocate sshd's authctxt eary to allow simpler cleanup in sshd. tested by many, ok deraadt@
2003-08-07 - (dtucker) [canohost.c] Bug #336: Only check ip options if IP_OPTIONS isDarren Tucker
defined (fixes compile error on really old Linuxes).
2003-06-05Put AI_NUMERICHOST back where it belongs.Darren Tucker
2003-06-05Revert recently introduced typo: AI_NUMERICHOST -> NI_NUMERICHOSTDarren Tucker
2003-06-03 - (djm) OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2003/06/02 09:17:34 [auth2-hostbased.c auth.c auth-options.c auth-rhosts.c auth-rh-rsa.c] [canohost.c monitor.c servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshd_config] [sshd_config.5] deprecate VerifyReverseMapping since it's dangerous if combined with IP based access control as noted by Mike Harding; replace with a UseDNS option, UseDNS is on by default and includes the VerifyReverseMapping check; with itojun@, provos@, jakob@ and deraadt@ ok deraadt@, djm@ - (djm) Fix portable-specific uses of verify_reverse_mapping too