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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2000-01-29 - Seed OpenSSL's random number generator before generating RSA keypairsDamien Miller
- Split random collector into seperate file
2000-01-29fix commentDamien Miller
2000-01-23 - AIX patch from Matt Richards <> and David RankinDamien Miller
2000-01-06Doc updatesDamien Miller
2000-01-02 - Added support for directory-based lastlogsDamien Miller
- Really fix typedefs, patch from Ben Taylor <> - Prevent multiple inclusion of config.h and defines.h. Suggested by Andre Lucas <>
1999-12-30 - Removed most of the pam code into its own file auth-pam.[ch]. ThisDamien Miller
cleaned up sshd.c up significantly. - Several other cleanups
1999-12-30 - Rename helper.[ch] to (more appropriate) bsd-misc.[ch]Damien Miller