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2021-07-23upstream: Let allowed signers files used by ssh-keygen(1)
signatures support key lifetimes, and allow the verification mode to specify a signature time to check at. This is intended for use by git to support signing objects using ssh keys. ok dtucker@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 3e2c67b7dcd94f0610194d1e8e4907829a40cf31
2021-06-08upstream: Allow argv_split() to optionally terminate
when it encounters an unquoted comment. Add some additional utility function for working with argument vectors, since we'll be switching to using them to parse ssh/sshd_config shortly. ok markus@ as part of a larger diff; tested in snaps OpenBSD-Commit-ID: fd9c108cef2f713f24e3bc5848861d221bb3a1ac
2021-04-03upstream: highly polished whitespace, mostly fixing
and bad indentation on continuation lines. Prompted by GHPR#185 OpenBSD-Commit-ID: e5c81f0cbdcc6144df1ce468ec1bac366d8ad6e9
2021-01-27upstream: make ssh->kex->session_id a sshbuf instead of u_char*/
and use that instead of global variables containing copies of it. feedback/ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: a4b1b1ca4afd2e37cb9f64f737b30a6a7f96af68
2021-01-26upstream: move check_host_cert() from sshconnect,c to sshkey.c
refactor it to make it more generally usable and testable. ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 536f489f5ff38808c1fa711ba58d4579b636f9e4
2021-01-22upstream: Rename PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes keyword
PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms. While the two were originally equivalent, this actually specifies the signature algorithms that are accepted. Some key types (eg RSA) can be used by multiple algorithms (eg ssh-rsa, rsa-sha2-512) so the old name is becoming increasingly misleading. The old name is retained as an alias. Prompted by bz#3253, help & ok djm@, man page help jmc@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 0346b2f73f54c43d4e001089759d149bfe402ca5
2020-12-22upstream: move subprocess() from auth.c to
make privilege dropping optional but allow it via callbacks (to avoid need to link uidswap.c everywhere) add some other flags (keep environment, disable strict path safety check) that make this more useful for client-side use. feedback & ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: a80ea9fdcc156f1a18e9c166122c759fae1637bf
2020-12-21upstream: fix possible error("%s", NULL) on error
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 0b3833c2cb985453ecca1d76803ebb8f3b736a11
2020-10-18upstream: use the new variant log macros instead of
__func__ and appending ssh_err(r) manually; ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 1f14b80bcfa85414b2a1a6ff714fb5362687ace8
2020-08-27upstream: support for requiring user verified FIDO keys in
This adds a "verify-required" authorized_keys flag and a corresponding sshd_config option that tells sshd to require that FIDO keys verify the user identity before completing the signing/authentication attempt. Whether or not user verification was performed is already baked into the signature made on the FIDO token, so this is just plumbing that flag through and adding ways to require it. feedback and ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 3a2313aae153e043d57763d766bb6d55c4e276e6
2020-02-07upstream: Replace "security key" with "authenticator" in
messages. This replaces "security key" in error/usage/verbose messages and distinguishes between "authenticator" and "authenticator-hosted key". ok djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 7c63800e9c340c59440a054cde9790a78f18592e
2020-01-23upstream: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper
sigaction(2). This wrapper blocks all other signals during the handler preventing races between handlers, and sets SA_RESTART which should reduce the potential for short read/write operations. OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 5e047663fd77a40d7b07bdabe68529df51fd2519
2019-11-25upstream: add a "no-touch-required" option for authorized_keys
a similar extension for certificates. This option disables the default requirement that security key signatures attest that the user touched their key to authorize them. feedback deraadt, ok markus OpenBSD-Commit-ID: f1fb56151ba68d55d554d0f6d3d4dba0cf1a452e
2019-11-25upstream: Add a sshd_config PubkeyAuthOptions
This directive has a single valid option "no-touch-required" that causes sshd to skip checking whether user presence was tested before a security key signature was made (usually by the user touching the key). ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 46e434a49802d4ed82bc0aa38cb985c198c407de
2019-11-25upstream: Add new structure for signature
This is populated during signature verification with additional fields that are present in and covered by the signature. At the moment, it is only used to record security key-specific options, especially the flags field. with and ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 338a1f0e04904008836130bedb9ece4faafd4e49
2019-09-06upstream: lots of things were relying on libcrypto headers
transitively include various system headers (mostly stdlib.h); include them explicitly OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 5b522f4f2d844f78bf1cc4f3f4cc392e177b2080
2019-09-03upstream: move advance_past_options to authfile.c and make
public; ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: edda2fbba2c5b1f48e60f857a2010479e80c5f3c
2019-09-03upstream: move skip_space() to misc.c and make it public;
markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: caa77e8a3b210948e29ad3e28c5db00852961eae
2019-07-16upstream: remove mostly vestigal uuencode.[ch]; moving the only
functionality there (wrapping of base64-encoded data) to sshbuf functions; feedback and ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 4dba6735d88c57232f6fccec8a08bdcfea44ac4c
2019-06-21upstream: print the correct AuthorizedPrincipalsCommand rather
an uninitialised variable; spotted by dtucker@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 02802018784250f68202f01c8561de82e17b0638
2019-06-14upstream: for public key authentication, check
files before consulting AuthorizedKeysCommand; ok dtucker markus OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 13652998bea5cb93668999c39c3c48e8429db8b3
2019-05-20upstream: embiggen format buffer size for certificate serial number
that it will fit a full 64 bit integer. bz#3012 from Manoel Domingues Junior OpenBSD-Commit-ID: a51f3013056d05b976e5af6b978dcb9e27bbc12b
2019-01-22upstream: print the full pubkey being attempted at loglevel >
debug2; bz2939 OpenBSD-Commit-ID: ac0fe5ca1429ebf4d460bad602adc96de0d7e290
2018-09-20upstream: Add sshd_config CASignatureAlgorithms option to
control over which signature algorithms a CA may use when signing certificates. In particular, this allows a sshd to ban certificates signed with RSA/SHA1. ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: b05c86ef8b52b913ed48d54a9b9c1a7714d96bac
2018-09-09upstream: fix misplaced parenthesis inside if-clause. it's
and the only issue is showing an unknown error (since it's not defined) during fatal(), if it ever an error occurs inside that condition. OK deraadt@ markus@ djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: acb0a8e6936bfbe590504752d01d1d251a7101d8
2018-08-23upstream: memleak introduced in r1.83; from Colin
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 5c019104c280cbd549a264a7217b67665e5732dc
2018-07-31upstream: delay bailout for invalid
=?UTF-8?q?ating=20user=20until=20after=20the=20packet=20containing=20the?= =?UTF-8?q?=20request=20has=20been=20fully=20parsed.=20Reported=20by=20Dar?= =?UTF-8?q?iusz=20Tytko=20and=20Micha=C5=82=20Sajdak;=20ok=20deraadt?= MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit OpenBSD-Commit-ID: b4891882fbe413f230fe8ac8a37349b03bd0b70d
2018-07-12upstream: treat ssh_packet_write_wait() errors as fatal; ok
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: f88ba43c9d54ed2d911218aa8d3f6285430629c3
2018-07-10upstream: sshd: switch authentication to sshbuf API; ok
OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 880aa06bce4b140781e836bb56bec34873290641
2018-07-03upstream: Improve strictness and control over RSA-SHA2
In ssh, when an agent fails to return a RSA-SHA2 signature when requested and falls back to RSA-SHA1 instead, retry the signature to ensure that the public key algorithm sent in the SSH_MSG_USERAUTH matches the one in the signature itself. In sshd, strictly enforce that the public key algorithm sent in the SSH_MSG_USERAUTH message matches what appears in the signature. Make the sshd_config PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes and HostbasedAcceptedKeyTypes options control accepted signature algorithms (previously they selected supported key types). This allows these options to ban RSA-SHA1 in favour of RSA-SHA2. Add new signature algorithms "" and "" to force use of RSA-SHA2 signatures with certificate keys. feedback and ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: c6e9f6d45eed8962ad502d315d7eaef32c419dde
2018-06-07upstream: switch config file parsing to getline(3) as this
static limits noted by gerhard@; ok dtucker@, djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 6d702eabef0fa12e5a1d75c334a8c8b325298b5c
2018-06-01upstream: make UID available as a %-expansion everywhere that
username is available currently. In the client this is via %i, in the server %U (since %i was already used in the client in some places for this, but used for something different in the server); bz#2870, ok dtucker@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: c7e912b0213713316cb55db194b3a6415b3d4b95
2018-03-03upstream: switch over to the new authorized_keys options API
remove the legacy one. Includes a fairly big refactor of auth2-pubkey.c to retain less state between key file lines. feedback and ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: dece6cae0f47751b9892080eb13d6625599573df
ssh_free checks for and handles NULL args, remove NULL checks from remaining callers. ok djm@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: bb926825c53724c069df68a93a2597f9192f7e7b
Drop compatibility hacks for some ancient SSH implementations, including <=2.* and OpenSSH <= 3.*. These versions were all released in or before 2001 and predate the final SSH RFCs. The hacks in question aren't necessary for RFC- compliant SSH implementations. ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 4be81c67db57647f907f4e881fb9341448606138
revert stricter key type / signature type checking in userauth path; too much software generates inconsistent messages, so we need a better plan. OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 4a44ddc991c803c4ecc8f1ad40e0ab4d22e1c519
include signature type and CA key (if applicable) in some debug messages OpenBSD-Commit-ID: b71615cc20e78cec7105bb6e940c03ce9ae414a5
pass negotiated signing algorithm though to sshkey_verify() and check that the negotiated algorithm matches the type in the signature (only matters for RSA SHA1/SHA2 sigs). ok markus@ OpenBSD-Commit-ID: 735fb15bf4adc060d3bee9d047a4bcaaa81b1af9
typo in comment Upstream-ID: a93b1e6f30f1f9b854b5b964b9fd092d0c422c47
add a "quiet" flag to exited_cleanly() that supresses errors about exit status (failure due to signal is still reported) Upstream-ID: db85c39c3aa08e6ff67fc1fb4ffa89f807a9d2f0
Move several subprocess-related functions from various locations to misc.c. Extend subprocess() to offer a little more control over stdio disposition. feedback & ok dtucker@ Upstream-ID: 3573dd7109d13ef9bd3bed93a3deb170fbfce049
refactor authentication logging optionally record successful auth methods and public credentials used in a file accessible to user sessions feedback and ok markus@ Upstream-ID: 090b93036967015717b9a54fd0467875ae9d32fb
make sure we don't pass a NULL string to vfprintf (triggered by the principals-command regress test); ok bluhm Upstream-ID: eb49854f274ab37a0b57056a6af379a0b7111990
Switch to recallocarray() for a few operations. Both growth and shrinkage are handled safely, and there also is no need for preallocation dances. Future changes in this area will be less error prone. Review and one bug found by markus Upstream-ID: 822d664d6a5a1d10eccb23acdd53578a679d5065
switch auth2 to ssh_dispatch API; ok djm@ Upstream-ID: a752ca19e2782900dd83060b5c6344008106215f
switch auth2-pubkey.c to modern APIs; with & ok djm@ Upstream-ID: 8f08d4316eb1b0c4ffe4a206c05cdd45ed1daf07
switch from Key typedef with struct sshkey; ok djm@ Upstream-ID: 3067d33e04efbe5131ce8f70668c47a58e5b7a1f
revise keys/principals command hang fix (bz#2655) to consume entire output, avoiding sending SIGPIPE to subprocesses early; ok dtucker@ Upstream-ID: 7cb04b31a61f8c78c4e48ceededcd2fd5c4ee1bc
fix deadlock when keys/principals command produces a lot of output and a key is matched early; bz#2655, patch from jboning AT Upstream-ID: e19456429bf99087ea994432c16d00a642060afe
When a forced-command appears in both a certificate and an authorized keys/principals command= restriction, refuse to accept the certificate unless they are identical. The previous (documented) behaviour of having the certificate forced- command override the other could be a bit confused and more error-prone. Pointed out by Jann Horn of Project Zero; ok dtucker@ Upstream-ID: 79d811b6eb6bbe1221bf146dde6928f92d2cd05f