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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-08upstream: Remove comment referencing
2021-07-03Remove some whitespace not in upstream.Darren Tucker
2021-06-04auth_log: dont log partial successes as failuresVincent Brillault
2021-04-03upstream: highly polished whitespace, mostly fixing
2021-02-18prefer login_getpwclass() to login_getclass()Damien Miller
2020-12-22upstream: move subprocess() from auth.c to
2020-12-21upstream: load_hostkeys()/hostkeys_foreach() variants for FILE*
2020-10-18upstream: use the new variant log macros instead of
2020-10-17upstream: LogVerbose keyword for ssh and
2020-08-27upstream: support for requiring user verified FIDO keys in
2020-02-01upstream: Add a sshd_config "Include" directive to allow
2020-01-23upstream: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper
2019-12-20upstream: strdup may return NULL if memory allocation fails.
2019-11-25upstream: add a "no-touch-required" option for authorized_keys
2019-10-16upstream: potential NULL dereference for revoked hostkeys;
2019-10-02upstream: remove some duplicate
2019-09-06upstream: lots of things were relying on libcrypto headers
2019-07-05upstream: When system calls indicate an error they return -1,
2019-04-03Remove "struct ssh" from sys_auth_record_login.Darren Tucker
2019-02-22Revert "[auth.c] On Cygwin, refuse usernames that have differences in case"Corinna Vinschen
2019-01-20last bits of old packet API / active_state globalDamien Miller
2019-01-20remove vestiges of old packet API from loginrec.cDamien Miller
2019-01-20upstream: convert auth.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: convert servconf.c to new packet
2019-01-20upstream: begin landing remaining refactoring of packet
2019-01-17upstream: include time.h for time(3)/nanosleep(2); from
2018-12-13Don't pass loginmsg by address now that it's an sshbuf*Kevin Adler
2018-11-16upstream: use path_absolute() for pathname checks; from Manoj
2018-09-12upstream: log certificate fingerprint in
2018-07-12upstream: s/wuth/with/ in
2018-07-10Adapt portable to legacy buffer API removalDamien Miller
2018-07-10upstream: sshd: switch authentication to sshbuf API; ok
2018-06-07upstream: permitlisten option for authorized_keys; ok
2018-06-01upstream: make UID available as a %-expansion everywhere that
2018-05-25upstream: Do not ban PTY allocation when a sshd session is
2018-03-14upstream: add valid-before="[time]" authorized_keys option.
2018-03-03upstream: switch over to the new authorized_keys options API
2016-03-08auth_get_canonical_hostname in portable code.Darren Tucker