path: root/auth-pam.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2001-04-23 - (stevesk) auth-pam.c: use PERMIT_NO_PASSWDKevin Steves
2001-04-23 - (stevesk) pam_start() doesn't use DNS now for sshd -u0.Kevin Steves
2001-04-20 - (stevesk) set the default PAM service name to __progname insteadKevin Steves
2001-03-27 - (djm) Reestablish PAM credentials (which can be supplemental groupDamien Miller
2001-03-21 - (djm) Don't loop forever when changing password via PAM. PatchDamien Miller
2001-03-21 - (djm) Make sure pam_retval is initialised on call to pam_end. PatchDamien Miller
2001-03-01 - (djm) Force standard PAM conversation function in a few more places.Damien Miller
2001-02-27whitspaceDamien Miller
2001-02-15 - (djm) Clean up PAM namespace. Suggested by Darren MoffatDamien Miller
2001-02-14 - (djm) Don't try to close PAM session or delete credentials if theDamien Miller
2001-02-11Oops - missed a bit of previous diffDamien Miller
2001-02-11 - (djm) Set PAM_RHOST earlier, patch from Andrew BartlettDamien Miller
2001-02-07 - (djm) Much KNF on PAM codeDamien Miller
2001-02-05 - 2001/02/04 08:32:27Kevin Steves
2001-02-04NB: big update - may break stuff. Please test!Damien Miller
2001-01-22Hopefully things did not get mixed around too much. It compiles underBen Lindstrom
2001-01-19 - (djm) Merge patch from Tim Waugh (via Nalin Dahyabhai <>)Damien Miller
2000-12-20 - (djm) Workaround PAM inconsistencies between Solaris derived PAM codeDamien Miller
2000-12-03 - (djm) Added patch from Nalin Dahyabhai <> to enableDamien Miller
2000-10-14function prototype and definition consistency cleanup.Kevin Steves
2000-10-14 - (stevesk) ~/.hushlogin shouldn't cause required password change toKevin Steves
2000-10-14 - (djm) Big OpenBSD sync:Damien Miller
2000-10-14 - (djm) Don't accept PAM_PROMPT_ECHO_ON messages during initial authDamien Miller
2000-10-07 - (stevesk) Print PAM return value in PAM log messages to aidKevin Steves
2000-09-16 - (djm) Add Steve VanDevender's <> PAMDamien Miller
2000-08-30 - (djm) Quieten the pam delete credentials error messageDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Fix pam sprintf fixDamien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) Only enable PAM_TTY kludge for Linux. Problem report fromDamien Miller
2000-07-08 - (djm) Fix bad fprintf format handling in auth-pam.c. Patch fromDamien Miller
2000-06-22Add explanation of PAM_TTY kludgeDamien Miller
2000-06-18 - (djm) Add summary of configure options to end of ./configure runDamien Miller
2000-06-12 - (djm) Glob manpages in RPM spec files to catch compressed filesDamien Miller
2000-05-31 - Cleanup of auth.c, login.c and fake-*Damien Miller
2000-04-30 - Merge HP-UX fixes and TCB support from Ged Lodder <>Damien Miller
2000-04-20 - Merge fixes from Debian patch from Phil Hands <>Damien Miller
2000-01-27Add const to suppress compiler warningDamien Miller
1999-12-30 - Removed most of the pam code into its own file auth-pam.[ch]. ThisDamien Miller