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2018-07-31Remove support for S/KeyDamien Miller
Most people will 1) be using modern multi-factor authentication methods like TOTP/OATH etc and 2) be getting support for multi-factor authentication via PAM or BSD Auth.
2018-04-10Many typo fixes from Karsten WeissDamien Miller
Spotted using
2016-09-29Remove portability support for mmapDamien Miller
We no longer need to wrap/replace mmap for portability now that pre-auth compression has been removed from OpenSSH.
2016-08-17Remove now-obsolete CVS $Id tags from text files.Darren Tucker
Since -portable switched to git, the CVS $Id tags are no longer being updated and are becoming increasingly misleading. Remove them.
2004-12-06 - (dtucker) [TODO WARNING.RNG] Update to reflect current reality. ok djm@Darren Tucker
2004-02-11Remove password expiry from TODODarren Tucker
2003-11-21 - 2003/11/21 11:57:03Damien Miller
[everything] unexpand and delete whitespace at EOL; ok markus@ (done locally and RCS IDs synced)
2003-06-11Fix typos in comments.Darren Tucker
2003-05-18 - (djm) Tidy and trim TODODamien Miller
2003-01-13moreDamien Miller
2003-01-10 - (djm) Enable new setproctitle emulation for Linux, AIX and HP/UX. MoreDamien Miller
systems may be added later.
2002-09-05 - (djm) Merge openssh-TODO.patch from Redhat (null) betaDamien Miller
2002-06-2520020626Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) moved aix_usrinfo() and noted not setting real TTY. Patch by
2002-06-25More privsep notesBen Lindstrom
2002-06-25More notes for Privsep issues.Ben Lindstrom
2002-06-25 - (bal) Started list of PrivSep issues in TODOBen Lindstrom
2002-01-22moreDamien Miller
2001-10-29 [TODO defines.h loginrec.c] Change the references to configure.inTim Rice
2001-10-08Cleaned out dead entries.Ben Lindstrom
2001-09-25Possible sia cleanup opportunityDamien Miller
2001-07-22 - (bal) Starting the Unicossmk merger. File merged TODO,,Ben Lindstrom
myproposal.h,, and openbsd-compat/ Added openbsd-compat/bsd-cray.c. Rest will be merged after approval. Selective patches from William L. Jones <>
2001-06-15 - (stevesk) update TODO: STREAMS pty systems don't call vhangup() nowKevin Steves
2001-03-27more detail about krb4/-lcrypto conflictsDamien Miller
2001-03-21todoDamien Miller
2001-03-1964-bit builds on HP-UX 11.XKevin Steves
2001-03-05moreDamien Miller
2001-02-17Removed 'build out of tree' line since it does. =)Ben Lindstrom
2001-02-13 - (bal) Cleaned out bsd-snprintf.c. VARARGS have been banished andBen Lindstrom
I did a base KNF over the whe whole file to make it more acceptable. (backed out of original patch and removed it from ChangeLog) This has been a long time coming. If we decide that we need VARARGS support we should do it at a higher level, since no where else do we support VARARGS in the code base.
2001-02-12 - (bal) added NeXT work around for bsd-snprintf.c in bsd-nextstep.h.Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) added TODO item to clean up and sort out 'varargs' from 'stdargs'
2001-02-09 - (djm) Add CVS Id's to files that we have missedDamien Miller
2001-02-08Add replace test -SDamien Miller
2001-02-06* Remove HP/UX ssh2 signal comment.Ben Lindstrom
* Added Todo item to verify groupaccess truly works under NeXTStep before enabling it since it is enclosed around POSIX wrappers.
2001-02-04NB: big update - may break stuff. Please test!Damien Miller
- (djm) OpenBSD CVS sync: - 2001/02/03 03:08:38 [auth-options.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c auth.c canohost.c] [canohost.h servconf.c servconf.h session.c sshconnect1.c sshd.8] [sshd_config] make ReverseMappingCheck optional in sshd_config; ok djm@,dugsong@ - 2001/02/03 03:19:51 [ssh.1 sshd.8 sshd_config] Skey is now called ChallengeResponse - 2001/02/03 03:43:09 [sshd.8] use no-pty option in .ssh/authorized_keys* if you need a 8-bit clean channel. note from (pr/1659) - 2001/02/03 10:03:06 [ssh.1] typos; ok markus@ - 2001/02/04 04:11:56 [scp.1 sftp-server.c ssh.1 sshd.8 sftp-client.c sftp-client.h] [sftp-common.c sftp-common.h sftp-int.c sftp-int.h sftp.1 sftp.c] Basic interactive sftp client; ok theo@ - (djm) Update RPM specs for new sftp binary - (djm) Update several bits for new optional reverse lookup stuff. I think I got them all.
2001-02-01Updated to do and removed entry for the reordering non-openbsd code.Ben Lindstrom
2001-01-08Updated TODO to reflect that sftp-server should be fixed to supportBen Lindstrom
32bits int if 64bits don't exist.
2000-12-2820001229Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) Fixed spelling of 'authorized_keys' in ssh-copy-id.1 by Christian Kurz <> 20001228 - (bal) SCO patch to not include <sys/queue.h> since it's unrelated header. Patch by Tim Rice <> - Updated TODO w/ known HP/UX issue - (bal) removed extra <netdb.h> noticed by Kevin Steves and removed the bad reference to 'NeXT including it else were' on the #ifdef version.
2000-12-18 - (bal) split CFLAGS into CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS in and Makefile.Ben Lindstrom
Suggested by Wilfredo Sanchez <>
2000-12-03 - (djm) Added patch from Nalin Dahyabhai <> to enableDamien Miller
PAM authentication using KbdInteractive. - (djm) Added another TODO
2000-12-0220001203Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) OpenBSD CVS updates: - 2000/11/30 22:54:31 [channels.c] debug->warn if tried to do -R style fwd w/o client requesting this; ok neils@ - 2000/11/29 20:39:17 [cipher.c] des_cbc_encrypt -> des_ncbc_encrypt since it already updates the IV - 2000/11/30 18:33:05 [ssh-agent.c] agents must not dump core, ok niels@ - 2000/11/30 07:04:02 [ssh.1] T is for both protocols - 2000/12/01 00:00:51 [ssh.1] typo; from - 2000/11/30 07:02:35 [ssh.c] check -T before isatty() - 2000/11/29 13:51:27 [sshconnect.c] show IP address and hostname when new key is encountered. okay markus@ - 2000/11/30 22:53:35 [sshconnect.c] disable agent/x11/port fwding if hostkey has changed; ok niels@ - 2000/11/29 21:11:59 [sshd.c] sshd -D, startup w/o deamon(), for monitoring scripts or inittab; from and; ok niels@
2000-12-02Added in Linux's select issue to TODO. Which may have to do with theBen Lindstrom
shell/sshd not sending a -TERM/-HUP to the grandchildren at the right time in the exiting process.
2000-12-0120001202Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) Backed out of part of Alain St-Denis' loginrec.c patch. - (bal) Irix need some sort of mansubdir, patch by Michael Stone <> Also removed a finished entry in TODO, and changed my address in the CREDITS file to match my new home address.
2000-11-2120001122Ben Lindstrom
- (bal) Minor patch to ensure platforms lacking IRIX job limit supports are compilable. - (bal) Updated TODO as of 11/18/2000 with known things to resolve.
2000-10-14Add support for GNU rx library for those lacking regexp supportBen Lindstrom
2000-08-29 - (djm) NeXT tweaks from Ben Lindstrom <>Damien Miller
2000-08-23 - (djm) Pick up LOGIN_PROGRAM from environment or PATH if not set by headersDamien Miller
- (djm) OpenBSD CVS updates: - 2000/08/18 20:07:23 [ssh.c] accept remsh as a valid name as well; - 2000/08/18 20:17:13 [deattack.c crc32.c packet.c] rename crc32() to ssh_crc32() to avoid zlib name clash. do not move to libz crc32 function yet, because it has ugly "long"'s in it; - 2000/08/18 20:26:08 [scp.1 scp.c] -S prog support; - 2000/08/18 20:50:07 [scp.c] knf - 2000/08/18 20:57:33 [log-client.c] shorten - 2000/08/19 12:48:11 [channels.c channels.h clientloop.c ssh.c ssh.h] support for ~. in ssh2 - 2000/08/19 15:29:40 [crc32.h] proper prototype - 2000/08/19 15:34:44 [authfd.c authfd.h key.c key.h ssh-add.1 ssh-add.c ssh-agent.1] [ssh-agent.c ssh-keygen.c sshconnect1.c sshconnect2.c Makefile] [fingerprint.c fingerprint.h] add SSH2/DSA support to the agent and some other DSA related cleanups. (note that we cannot talk to's ssh2 agents) - 2000/08/19 15:55:52 [channels.c channels.h clientloop.c] more ~ support for ssh2 - 2000/08/19 16:21:19 [clientloop.c] oops - 2000/08/20 12:25:53 [session.c] We have to stash the result of get_remote_name_or_ip() before we close our socket or getpeername() will get EBADF and the process will exit. Only a problem for "UseLogin yes". - 2000/08/20 12:30:59 [session.c] Only check /etc/nologin if "UseLogin no" since login(1) may have its own policy on determining who is allowed to login when /etc/nologin is present. Also use the _PATH_NOLOGIN define. - 2000/08/20 12:42:43 [auth1.c auth2.c session.c ssh.c] Add calls to setusercontext() and login_get*(). We basically call setusercontext() in most places where previously we did a setlogin(). Add default login.conf file and put root in the "daemon" login class. - 2000/08/21 10:23:31 [session.c] Fix incorrect PATH setting; noted by Markus.
2000-07-11 - (djm) Misc NeXT fixes from Ben Lindstrom <>Damien Miller
2000-07-09 - (djm) More NeXT compatibility from Ben Lindstrom <>Damien Miller
Including sigaction() et al. replacements
2000-06-03Removed an old entryDamien Miller
2000-05-09 - Moved all the bsd-* and fake-* stuff into new libopenbsd-compat.aDamien Miller
2000-04-06todoDamien Miller