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2000-04-30clarify requirement for egdDamien Miller
2000-04-03 - Wrote entropy collection routines for systems that lack /dev/randomDamien Miller
2000-03-07add warningDamien Miller
2000-02-02 - Documentation fixes from HARUYAMA Seigo <>Damien Miller
2000-01-06Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-12-30 - Merged Dante SOCKS support patch from David RankinV_1_2_1_PRE23Damien Miller
1999-12-29 - Rename helper.[ch] to (more appropriate) bsd-misc.[ch]Damien Miller
1999-12-28 - Portability fixes for Irix 5.3 (now compiles OK!)Damien Miller
1999-12-27 - Automatically correct paths in manpages and configuration files. PatchDamien Miller
1999-12-14 - Some older systems don't have poll.h, they use sys/poll.h insteadDamien Miller
1999-11-23 - Added SuSE package files from Chris Saia <>Damien Miller
1999-11-22 - Fix EGD problems (Thanks to Ben Taylor <>)Damien Miller
1999-11-19Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-19 - Renamed BSD helper function files to bsd-*Damien Miller
1999-11-19 - Merged PAM buffer overrun patch from Chip Salzenberg <>Damien Miller
1999-11-18TypoDamien Miller
1999-11-18 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changesDamien Miller
1999-11-17 - Merged OpenBSD CVS changesDamien Miller
1999-11-16Clarify mailing list detailsDamien Miller
1999-11-15Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-15- Split subpackages further based on patch from jim knoble <>V_1_2_PRE12Damien Miller
1999-11-15ThinkoDamien Miller
1999-11-15typoDamien Miller
1999-11-13 - Added shadow password patch from Thomas Neumann <>Damien Miller
1999-11-12Documentation updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-12Added INSTALL documentationDamien Miller
1999-11-12Added mailing list infoDamien Miller
1999-11-11Doc and spec updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-09doc updatesV_1_2_PRE9Damien Miller
1999-11-09Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-11-09 - Autodetection of SSL/Crypto library location via autoconfDamien Miller
1999-11-08Doc fixesDamien Miller
1999-11-08Lots of changes:Damien Miller
1999-10-30Merged latest OpenBSD changes:Damien Miller
1999-10-30Renamed README -> README.YlonenDamien Miller
1999-10-27Initial revisionDamien Miller