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2020-09-27Restore first section title of INSTALLHARUYAMA Seigo
2020-09-18libfido2 1.5.0 is recommendedDamien Miller
2020-09-11New config-build-time dependency on automake.Darren Tucker
2020-08-07Document --without-openssl and --without-zlib.Darren Tucker
2020-05-27Document that libfido2 >= 1.4.0 is needed.Darren Tucker
2020-02-21fix some typos and sentencemkontani
2020-02-18Fix typos in INSTALL: s/avilable/available/ s/suppports/supports/HARUYAMA Seigo
2020-02-11Minor documentation update:Darren Tucker
2020-01-23zlib is now optional.Darren Tucker
2019-12-18Mac OS X has PAM too.Darren Tucker
2019-12-09Describe how to build libcrypto as PIC.Darren Tucker
2019-12-09Recommend running LibreSSL or OpenSSL self-tests.Darren Tucker
2019-11-15Add libfido2 to INSTALL.Darren Tucker
2019-11-15libcrypto is now optional.Darren Tucker
2019-09-19Privsep is now required.Darren Tucker
2019-05-16Add OpenSSL 1.1.1 to the supported list.Darren Tucker
2018-10-28Update required OpenSSL versions to match current.Darren Tucker
2018-07-31Remove support for S/KeyDamien Miller
2018-06-08Remove ability to override $LD.Darren Tucker
2018-02-15Remove extra newline.Darren Tucker
2018-02-15OpenSSH's builtin entropy gathering is long gone.Darren Tucker
2017-12-11Add autogenerated dependency info to Makefile.Darren Tucker
2017-12-09Portable switched to git so s/CVS/git/.Darren Tucker
2017-11-24fix incorrect range of OpenSSL versions supportedDamien Miller
2017-07-07typoDamien Miller
2016-12-20Re-add missing "Prerequisites" header and fix typoDarren Tucker
2016-10-21Update links to https.Darren Tucker
2016-10-21Update host key generation examples.Darren Tucker
2016-08-17Fix typo.Darren Tucker
2016-08-17Correct LDFLAGS for clang example.Darren Tucker
2016-08-17Remove now-obsolete CVS $Id tags from text files.Darren Tucker
2016-08-17Add a section for compiler specifics.Darren Tucker
2016-08-02update recommended autoconf versionDamien Miller
2016-07-14OpenSSL 1.1.x not currently supported.Darren Tucker
2014-09-0920140908Darren Tucker
2014-08-26 - (djm) [INSTALL] Recommend libcrypto be built -fPIC, mention LibreSSL,Damien Miller
2014-08-19 - (djm) [INSTALL contrib/caldera/openssh.spec contrib/cygwin/README]Damien Miller
2013-03-07 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Bump documented autoconf version to what we'reDarren Tucker
2011-11-04 - (dtucker) [INSTALL LICENCE openbsd-compat/Makefile.inDarren Tucker
2011-05-05 - (djm) [ WARNING.RNG aclocal.m4]Damien Miller
2010-02-12 - (djm) [INSTALL README.smartcard scard-opensc.c]Damien Miller
2007-08-17 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Link to tcpwrappers.Darren Tucker
2007-08-17 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Give PAM its own heading.Darren Tucker
2007-08-17 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] the pid file is not Tucker
2007-08-17 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Group the parts describing random options and PAMDarren Tucker
2007-08-17typoDarren Tucker
2007-04-06 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] prngd lives at sourceforge these days.Darren Tucker
2007-04-06 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Update the systems that have PAM as standard. LinkDarren Tucker
2007-03-02 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Update to autoconf-2.61.Darren Tucker
2006-09-17 - (dtucker) [INSTALL] Add info about audit support.Darren Tucker