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2002-03-07 - (djm) Update RPM spec files with new version numberV_3_1_P1Damien Miller
2002-03-07 - 2002/03/06 00:25:55Damien Miller
[version.h] OpenSSH_3.1
2002-03-07 - 2002/03/06 00:24:39Damien Miller
[compat.c] compat.c
2002-03-07 - 2002/03/06 00:23:27Damien Miller
[compat.c dh.c] undo
2002-03-07 - OpenBSD CVS SyncDamien Miller
- 2002/03/06 00:20:54 [compat.c dh.c] compat.c
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/02 09:34:42Kevin Steves
[LICENCE] correct copyright dates for scp license; ok markus@
2002-03-05 - (bal) Added contrib/aix/ to support BFF package generation providedBen Lindstrom
by Darren Tucker <>
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/04 19:37:58Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c] off by one; thanks to
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/04 18:30:23Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keyscan.c] handle connection close during read of protocol version string. fixes erroneous "bad greeting". ok markus@
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/04 17:27:39Ben Lindstrom
[auth-krb5.c auth-options.h auth.h authfd.h authfile.h bufaux.h buffer.h channels.h cipher.h compat.h compress.h crc32.h deattack.c getput.h groupaccess.c misc.c mpaux.h packet.h readconf.h rsa.h scard.h servconf.h ssh-agent.c ssh.h ssh2.h sshpty.h sshtty.c ttymodes.h uuencode.c xmalloc.h] $OpenBSD$ and RCSID() cleanup: don't use RCSID() in .h files; add missing RCSID() to .c files and remove dup /*$OpenBSD$*/ from .c files. ok markus@
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/04 13:10:46Ben Lindstrom
[misc.c] error-> debug, because O_NONBLOCK for /dev/null causes too many different errnos; ok stevesk@, deraadt@ unused include
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/04 12:43:06Ben Lindstrom
[auth-passwd.c auth-rh-rsa.c auth-rhosts.c] unused include
2002-03-05 - 2002/03/01 13:12:10Ben Lindstrom
[auth.c match.c match.h] undo the 'delay hostname lookup' change match.c must not use compress.c (via canonhost.c/packet.c) thanks to wilfried@
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/28 20:56:00Ben Lindstrom
[auth.c] log user not allowed details, from; ok markus@
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/28 20:46:10Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.8] -u0 DNS for user@host
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/28 20:36:42Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.8] DenyUsers allows user@host pattern also
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/28 19:36:28Ben Lindstrom
[auth.c match.c match.h] delay hostname lookup until we see a ``@'' in DenyUsers and AllowUsers for sshd -u0; ok markus@
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/28 15:46:33Ben Lindstrom
[authfile.c kex.c kexdh.c kexgex.c key.c ssh-dss.c] add some const EVP_MD for openssl-0.9.7
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/27 21:23:13Ben Lindstrom
[canohost.c channels.c packet.c sshd.c] remove unneeded casts in [gs]etsockopt(); ok markus@
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/26 20:03:51Ben Lindstrom
[misc.c] use socklen_t
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/26 19:06:43Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1] no, look closely. the comma was highlighted. split .Ic even more
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/26 19:04:37Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1] > Ic cannot have that many arguments; spotted by Last Ic on the first line should not have a space between it and the final comma.
2002-03-05 - 2002/02/26 18:52:32Ben Lindstrom
[sftp.1] Ic cannot have that many arguments; spotted by
2002-02-26correction to sig_atomic_t testTim Rice
2002-02-26correction to Bug 123 fixTim Rice
2002-02-26 - (bal) Imported missing fatal.c and fixed up Makefile.inBen Lindstrom
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/25 16:33:27Ben Lindstrom
[ssh-keygen.c sshconnect2.c uuencode.c uuencode.h] more u_* fixes
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/24 19:59:42Ben Lindstrom
[channels.c misc.c] disable Nagle in connect_to() and channel_post_port_listener() (port forwarding endpoints). the intention is to preserve the on-the-wire appearance to applications at either end; the applications can then enable TCP_NODELAY according to their requirements. ok markus@
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/24 19:14:59Ben Lindstrom
[auth2.c authfd.c authfd.h authfile.c kexdh.c kexgex.c key.c key.h ssh-dss.c ssh-dss.h ssh-keygen.c ssh-rsa.c ssh-rsa.h sshconnect2.c] signed vs. unsigned: make size arguments u_int, ok stevesk@
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/24 18:31:09Ben Lindstrom
[uuencode.c] typo in comment
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/24 16:58:32Ben Lindstrom
[packet.c] make 'cp' unsigned and merge with 'ucp'; ok stevesk@
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/24 16:57:19Ben Lindstrom
[sftp-client.c] early close(), missing free; ok stevesk@
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/24 16:09:52Ben Lindstrom
[sshd.c] use u_char* here; ok markus@
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/23 17:59:02Ben Lindstrom
[kex.c kexdh.c kexgex.c] don't allow garbage after payload.
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/22 12:20:34Ben Lindstrom
[log.c log.h ssh-keyscan.c] overwrite fatal() in ssh-keyscan.c; fixes pr 2354; ok provos@
2002-02-26 - (bal) Update sshd_config CVSIDBen Lindstrom
2002-02-26 - 2002/02/15 23:54:10Ben Lindstrom
[auth-krb5.c] krb5_get_err_text() does not like context==NULL; via google; ok provos@
2002-02-26 - (stevesk) openbsd-compat/base64.h: typo in commentKevin Steves
2002-02-26Bug 12 [] add sys/bitypes.h to int64_t testsTim Rice
based on patch by (Tim Mooney) Bug 45 [] modify skey test to work around conflict with autoconf reported by (Michael Nolan) patch by Pekka Savola <> Bug 74 [ defines.h] add sig_atomic_t test reported by (Dave Dykstra) Bug 102 [defines.h] UNICOS fixes. patch by [] link libwrap only with sshd based on patch by Maciej W. Rozycki <> Bug 123 link libpam only with sshd reported by (Pavel Kankovsky) [ defines.h] modify previous SCO3 fix to not break Solaris 7 [acconfig.h] remove unused HAVE_REGCOMP
2002-02-25 - (bal) Last AIX patch. Moved aix_usrinfo() outside of do_setuserconext()Ben Lindstrom
since we need more session information than provided by that function.
2002-02-24[loginrec.c session.c sshlogin.c sshlogin.h] Bug 84Tim Rice
patch by (William Knox). [sshlogin.h] declare record_utmp_only for session.c
2002-02-24 - (bal) Part two.. Drop unused AIX header, fix up missing char *cp. AllBen Lindstrom
that is left is handling aix_usrinfo().
2002-02-24 - (bal) Drop Session *s usage in ports-aix.[ch] and pass just what weBen Lindstrom
need to do the jobs (AIX still does not fully compile, but that is coming).
2002-02-21- (bal) Minor session.c for cygwin. mispelt 'is_winnt' variable.Ben Lindstrom
2002-02-19 - 2002/02/16 00:51:44Ben Lindstrom
[session.c] typo - (bal) CVS ID sync since the last two patches were merged mistakenly
2002-02-19 - (bal) OpenBSD CVS SyncBen Lindstrom
- 2002/02/15 23:11:26 [session.c] split do_child(), ok mouring@ Compiles under Redhat 7.2.. I cannot give any promises.. but I spent a good hour and half ensure all the right bits are in the right spots.. and it does seem to help out quite a bit for readiblity.
2002-02-19 - (bal) Migrated AIX getuserattr and usrinfo code toBen Lindstrom
openbsd-compat/port-aix.[c] to improve readilbity of do_child() and simplify our diffs against upstream source.
2002-02-19 - (bal) Migrate IRIX jobs/projects/audit/etc code toBen Lindstrom
openbsd-compat/port-irix.[ch] to improve readiblity of do_child()
2002-02-19 - 2002/02/19 02:50:59Damien Miller
[sshd_config] stategy is not an english word
2002-02-19 - 2002/02/18 17:55:20Damien Miller
[ssh.1] -q: Fatal errors are _not_ displayed.