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2000-03-14*** empty log message ***Damien Miller
2000-03-11 - IPv6 workarounds from Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <>Damien Miller
2000-03-08 - Configure fix from Hiroshi Takekawa <>Damien Miller
2000-03-03 - Don't permanently fail on bind() if getaddrinfo has more choices left forDamien Miller
us. Needed to work around messy IPv6 on Linux. Patch from Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <>
2000-02-03Add apologyDamien Miller
2000-02-02 - Documentation fixes from HARUYAMA Seigo <>Damien Miller
- Added URLs to Japanese translations of documents by HARUYAMA Seigo <>
2000-01-23 - AIX patch from Matt Richards <> and David RankinDamien Miller
2000-01-23 - OpenBSD CVS:Damien Miller
- [packet.c] getsockname() requires initialized tolen;
2000-01-21 - NetBSD patch from David Rankin <> andDamien Miller
Christos Zoulas <>
2000-01-18 - Fixed --with-pid-dir optionDamien Miller
2000-01-17 - Patch from Christos Zoulas <>Damien Miller
- Try $prefix first when looking for OpenSSL. - Include sys/types.h when including sys/socket.h in test programs
2000-01-17 - Fix --with-ipaddr-display option test. Fix from Jarno HuuskonenDamien Miller
2000-01-16 - Compilation fix from Kiyokazu SUTO <>Damien Miller
2000-01-07 - New config.sub and config.guess to fix problems on SCO. SuppliedDamien Miller
by Gary E. Miller <>
2000-01-07 - Better KrbIV / AFS detection, based on patch from:Damien Miller
Holger Trapp <Holger.Trapp@Informatik.TU-Chemnitz.DE>
2000-01-06Doc updatesDamien Miller
1999-12-29 - Merged AIX patch from Darren Hall <>Damien Miller
- Cleaned up defines.h
1999-12-27 - Automatically correct paths in manpages and configuration files. PatchDamien Miller
and script from Andre Lucas <> - Removed credits from README to CREDITS file, updated.