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2002-07-28 - (stevesk) [CREDITS] solarKevin Steves
2002-04-13 - (djm) Add KrbV support patch from Simon Wilkinson <>Damien Miller
2002-03-05 - (bal) Added contrib/aix/ to support BFF package generation providedBen Lindstrom
2001-12-24HARUYAMA Seigo has changed addressDamien Miller
2001-11-12 - (djm) Makefile correctness fix from Mark D. Baushke <>Damien Miller
2001-04-16 - (djm) Convert mandoc manpages to man automatically. Patch from Mark D.Damien Miller
2001-02-09 - (djm) Add CVS Id's to files that we have missedDamien Miller
2001-01-05Jim Knoble has changed his email addressDamien Miller
2000-12-20 - (djm) Workaround PAM inconsistencies between Solaris derived PAM codeDamien Miller
2000-12-12change my e-mail to a portable one.Kevin Steves
2000-12-0120001202Ben Lindstrom
2000-11-29Fix Haruyama-san's email addressDamien Miller
2000-10-28 - (djm) fix select hack in serverloop.c from Philippe WILLEMDamien Miller
2000-10-25 - (bal) Added USE_PIPS defined to NeXT since scp hangs randomly.Ben Lindstrom
2000-10-14- (djm) Add workaround for Linux 2.4's gratuitious errno change. PatchDamien Miller
2000-10-07 - (stevesk) Fix detection of pw_class struct member in configure;Kevin Steves
2000-09-30Forgot to commit changelog from loginrec changesDamien Miller
2000-09-30forgot thisDamien Miller
2000-09-29 - (djm) Merged big SCO portability patch from Tim RiceDamien Miller
2000-09-29 - (djm) Another off-by-one fix from Pavel KankovskyDamien Miller
2000-09-23 - (djm) Redhat spec and manpage fixes from Pekka Savola <>Damien Miller
2000-09-16 - (djm) Shadow expiry check fix from Pavel Troller <>Damien Miller
2000-09-05 - (djm) Merge cygwin support from Corinna Vinschen <>Damien Miller
2000-08-31 - (djm) Workaround SIGPIPE problems on SCO. Fix from Aran CoxDamien Miller
2000-08-30 - (djm) NeXT patch from Ben Lindstrom <>Damien Miller
2000-08-18 - (djm) Add Solaris package support from Rip Loomis <>Damien Miller
2000-08-15 - (djm) Fix AIX limits from Alexandre Oliva <>Damien Miller
2000-08-15 - (djm) More SunOS 4.1.x fixes from Nate Itkin <>Damien Miller
2000-08-09 - (djm) utmp direct write & SunOS 4 patch from Charles LevertDamien Miller
2000-07-11 - (djm) ReliantUNIX support from Udo Schweigert <>Damien Miller
2000-06-28 - (djm) Added patch from Chris Adams <> to add OSF SIADamien Miller
2000-06-28 - (djm) Patch from Michael Stone <> to add support forDamien Miller
2000-06-26 - (djm) Account expiry support from Andreas Steinmetz <>Damien Miller
2000-06-26 - Better fix to aclocal tests from Garrick James <>Damien Miller
2000-06-23 - OpenBSD CVS Updates:Damien Miller
2000-06-18 - (djm) Started merge of Ben Lindstrom's <> NeXT supportDamien Miller
2000-06-13 - (djm) Fix short copy in loginrec.c (based on patch from Phill CampDamien Miller
2000-06-13 - (djm) Fixes from Andrew McGill <>:Damien Miller
2000-06-09 - (djm) Patch from Kenji Miyake <> to disable utmp usageV_2_1_1_P1Damien Miller
2000-06-07 - (djm) Warn user if grabs fail in GNOME askpass. Patch from Zack WeinbergDamien Miller
2000-05-31 - Fix EGD read bug by IWAMURO Motonori <>Damien Miller
2000-05-17 - Detect OpenSSL seperatly from RSADamien Miller
2000-05-17 - RSAless operation patch from kevin_oconnor@standardandpoors.comDamien Miller
2000-05-17 - Several patches from SAKAI Kiyotaka <>Damien Miller
2000-05-01 - Merged bsd-login ttyslot and AIX utmp patch from Gert DoeringDamien Miller
2000-05-01 - Include missing headers for OpenSSL tests. Fix from Phil KarnDamien Miller
2000-04-30 - Merge HP-UX fixes and TCB support from Ged Lodder <>Damien Miller
2000-04-23 - Define __progname in session.c if libc doesn'tDamien Miller
2000-03-15 - Configure fix from Bratislav ILICH <>Damien Miller
2000-03-14*** empty log message ***Damien Miller